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"Well, I'm nothing but trouble, babe
Not since the day that I was born
Well, I'm as good as it gets
Give you something you won't forget…"

I Got Trouble-- Christina Aguilera

Chapter 6: Front Page News

Harry didn't bother following the other and sat there for a few moments wondering just what it was he was going to do now. He couldn't seem to do anything right by the other man; Every time he thought he saw what he had seen that bloody night within Draco, it was snatched away by some comment he would make or whatever it was that held the blond back.

"Dammit!" He snapped to himself and slammed a hand on the table. He cursed again at the pain and shook his head. "What the hell is wrong with me?"

What was wrong with him? Why was he torturing himself whit this silly idea that he could ever be anything more then an enemy with one Draco Malfoy? This was dumb. So very very stupid and he was done with even trying.

The brunet stood and walked out of the Great Hall, not bothering to try and even eat anymore. Just as he rounded the corner to make his way up the stairs he slammed into another body and they both went stumbling backwards.

"Bloody hell Ron!" Harry yelled from his position on the ground and stood, brushing off his clothes. He looked at the other Gryffindor and stopped what he was going to say at the expression that was on the others face.

"Harry …tell me that my sister has lost her mind and she did not see you kissing Malfoy."

The brunet gave him a guarded expression. "Your sister has lost her mind and she did not see me kissing Malfoy." He told him flatly.

"She did?! Mate …what the-" He stopped suddenly and looked at the other, shock crossing his features. "Did he drug you? Charm you? Tell me he tried to do something …threatened your livelihood-"

"My livelihood?"

"Harry I'm serious!"

"So am I!"

Ron looked confused, "What?"

"Exactly!" Harry moved away, hoping that he had confused his best friend enough to slip away.

"Harry James Potter!" A voice shrieked. Shit. So much for that. Harry was fairly certain that he wouldn't out smart Hermione by saying a few words to throw her off. "Sit down!" The brunette continued, "And don't open your mouth except to say 'yes' or 'no'. Understand?"

"Yes." Harry managed and sat down on the hard stone, wondering just how the hell he was going to get out of this. Of course he knew he could just tell Hermione to sod off but he liked keeping his head on his shoulders. It had it's uses, every once in awhile. For thinking and kissing people he shouldn't for his well being kiss.

"Good. Have you and Malfoy kissed?"


Both his best friends blanched, "Why?!"

"What do you mean 'yes'?!"

"Because …" Harry stammered "Well because! And yes as in not no!"

"Harry! Why would you kiss him of all people?" Hermione nearly screamed.

"What do you mean 'yes'?!" Ron yelled again.

"Stop yelling!" Harry screamed. "Just …just let me think." He shoved his hands through his hair and groaned. How was it he was supposed to explain to them that he had feelings for his rival when he was busy trying to convince himself he didn't have feelings for his rival.

Hermione sat down finally and motioned for her boyfriend to do the same. After a few moments of hesitation Ron did, still floundering at the brunet.

"Stop looking at me like that Ron! God …"

"Well I'm sorry Harry but I just found out that my best friend snogged the guy he is supposed to hate!"

"Maybe I'm not supposed to hate him!" Harry stood, glaring down at the red head.

"Maybe you've gone off the deep end!" Ron followed suit and stood as well, trying to intimidate his best friend with his height.

"Maybe the both of you need to shut the hell up!" Hermione yelled, standing up herself.

Both men turned to the bushy haired woman, surprised by her words. "Ronald! Let Harry explain why he was …kissing Malfoy! Harry! Explain! Now!"

"Alright! I kissed Malfoy because I might sorta, maybe, kind of, perhaps, possibly …like him. A little."

"You what now?"


"I like him! I don't know why! Well …I do …know why. But I don't know why."

"What the hell does that mean Mate?"

"What does that mean Harry?"

The savior of the Wizarding world groaned into his hands and shook his head. "Alright …" He took a deep breath and then proceeded to explain what happened the night before, leaving out the whole seeing Malfoy naked part.

"So he was nice to you once and now you want to date the creep!?" Ron finally said, obviously exasperated.

"No! Maybe!" Harry shook his head. "Look I told you what happened. You wanted to know so I explained. I don't know why I like him but I do and that's all there is!" He turned, stomping up the stairs and slamming the door behind himself.

As expected there was a soft knock on the door and before he had a chance to answer the door opened and Hermione walked in, closing the door behind herself.

"Look Harry …I'm sorry." She reached over and set a hand on his own, sitting down on his bed. "This is just …a bit of a shock. But I trust you and your judgment. If you believe that …Malfoy isn't as bad as he was …or whatever it is you believe then I trust you."

Harry looked at her for a moment, "Really?"

She nodded. "Yes. I trust you. You got us through the War. I'll trust your judgment in the matters of your own heart."

"Thank you."

"Of course Harry. And just let Ron come around to the idea."

Harry snorted, "I'm sure that will happen." He murmured sarcastically.

"You never know Harry, did you ever think you would want to date Malfoy?"


"Then who's to say Ron will never come around to the idea?"

Harry shook his head, laughing slightly as he watched his best friend leave his room.

"Only every ounce of my being.."

"Draco, you should tell the boy what's going on."

"There is nothing to tell Kingsley."

The Minister came around the table and leaned against the desk, looking the young man in the eye. "Yes there is."

The blond looked away, suddenly interested in the fire that danced in the hearth.

"You care for him don't you?"

"Yes." He said quietly, so quietly Kingsley had to strain to hear it.

"Then why not tell him?"

"Because I don't want him."

The dark man sighed and dropped to Draco's level, taking the young man's hands. "You deserve to be happy Draco. Even if just for a moment. Let him make you happy."

Tears glittered in Draco's silver eyes, "I can't."

The blond was pulled into a hug as Kingsley stood. "Draco, when Harry told me your were dating I was thrilled, albeit a bit scared for you and him, but I was happy. Happy to know you could have some semblance of normal in your life if just for a moment."

"I don't want the semblance of normal at the cost of …" He trailed off, eyes downcast.

"The cost of what?" Kingsley asked. When no response was given he placed a dark hand under the boys trembling chin. "The cost of what Draco?"

"Harry's happiness!" The blond yelled, tearing himself away. He stalked across the room and pressed his tearstained face against his hands. His shoulders shook with dry sobs and gentle fingers settled on his neck, turning Draco around and pulling him into Kingsley's arms.

"I'm so sorry Draco." The Minister whispered and Draco shook harder, pressing his face into the elder's chest. "So very sorry."

"How is it it got out then?!"

"I have no idea Harry!"

"Well only three people know about it!"

Hermione eyed him and Harry shook his head in disagreement. "No Hermione don't start with that. Draco-"


"Fine, Malfoy was the one who kept pushing me to inform the Minister that we weren't a couple." The brunet shook his head and lifted a hand to rub his temple. "He said, that I was to tell Kingsley anything, anything at all to convince him that I lost my bloody mind when I told him Draco and I were dating. And, I quote, tell him 'your brain fell out of your skull. Or Riddle came back to life and told you he was planning on becoming a drag queen.'"

For a moment the witch looked baffled and then she promptly burst out laughing. Harry rolled his eyes and felt his mouth tighten, "Mione this is really not the time to be cracking up."

"Well, he may be a jerk but to his credit he is sometimes quite funny."

Harry's frown deepened. "Really Mione …now is not the time."

She waved a dismissing hand, "It will be fine."

"Oh? And when Dra-Malfoy kills me you'll see how not fine it is."


The door slammed open and in rushed the red head, breathing like he had just run three kilometers. "Mate …you should run."

"What?" Harry looked at him.

"Run. Now. He's crazy."

"Who is?" Hermione asked, the same confusion painted across her face that was on Harry's.

"Malfoy!" Ron glanced at the door. "He read the bloody paper at breakfast and bloody hell, I'd never seen him get so mad so quick. He came at me like some bat outta hell!"

Harry shook his head and removed his glasses, "He's gonna kill me."

Ron nodded in agreement. "Probably."

"Get your arse out of that room Potter and face me like a man!" A voice screamed.

"Ah young love." Ron sing-songed, batting his eye lashes mockingly.

"Shove it Ron."

"I think it would be wise if you just …as they say …'face the music'." Hermione advised.

Harry shook his head and stood, taking as much time as possible to cross the room. He reached the door and gripped the knob. "If he kills me …say I died doing something heroic …again." And he opened the door, praying that the blond wouldn't hex him on sight.