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Warning: To those of you who are not religious and hold a strong thing against any and all religions please be warned that this story contains the true meaning of Easter, religion is a strong subject and I feel I must warn you of this.

This is a sort of a continuation to 'First Mulder Christmas' You don't have to read it to understand it, but it kinda makes sense, but I think I did a good job at writing this one so it's not really needed.

Please enjoy the story.

It was early that Friday morning that William was woken by the constant laughing the entered his room from outside the door. Though it was early he carefully made his way out of the room, down the stairs and into the kitchen. He smiled foolishly at the sight of his parents in the kitchen working away. His mother had her long red hair tied back in a pony tail while she cooked something over the stove while his father stood behind her placing soft kisses on her neck and making her giggle.

He stood there and thought about how lucky he was to have his family. Less than a year ago he had been part of another family, one that was nowhere as loving as these two were. Something had reunited him with his birth parents and, unlike before, life was normal, as if they had never left his side. Christmas had been that turning point, they were constantly spoiling him rotten and smothering him with kisses.

A soft nudge at his leg had him focus his gaze to the floor where the half grown, black Labrador puppy sat wagging his tail and looking up at him with curious eyes. After Christmas they had moved into a two-story home and the puppy had been one of his many gifts.

"Not now, Spooky." He whispered and went back to watching his parents. His mother was now facing his father and holding onto him while placing a passionate kiss on his lips. Most kids would find it disgusting, but he didn't mind, it was a constant reminder that his parents loved each other and him. Out of nowhere Spooky gave a loud bark, pulling the two apart and having them look to their son standing behind the wall.

"Well, well, well, looks as if we have a little spy on our hands." Scully said walking over to where William stood. She picked him up and gave him a small kiss on the cheek before passing him over to his waiting father.

"Well, he does take after his mother." Mulder said smiling before kissing his son on the cheek and placing him on his hip.

"Mulder. Shut up." She said mock seriousness, getting a laugh from their son in his father's arms. For some strange reason he always got a kick out of it when his parents called each other by their first name.

"Scully, I'm hurt." He said, making Will laugh even more. Mulder put his son down and watched as he walked into the living room with the puppy. "Why do you think he enjoys us calling each other by our last names so much?" Mulder asked once his son was seated out of ear shot.

"Well, for one, you're not calling me by my last name, your using my maiden name." She said and smiled as Mulder mouthed an apology and placed a kiss on her lips. "And second," She said pulling away to look him in the eyes. "I don't know." They laughed together before she went back to her task.

"I'm going to get him ready so we can just eat and be gone." He said heading to the living room where Scooby-Doo played an old rerun. "What time do we meet your mother?"

"The service starts at noon, I hoped to be there by ten thirty so we could let Will play with his cousins before we leave together." She called back.

"Damn it." Mulder mumbled looking to his watch. It was almost nine already. He picked Will up and started to carry him up the stairs to his room when…

"MOMMY! Daddy said a bad word!" William yelled.

"Fox! What have I told you about swearing around our son?" She asked entering the living room, spatula in hand, a bit of egg hanging from it.

"Sorry." He said giving Will a look that read 'Traitor'.

"Don't apologize to me." She said motioning to the child in his arms, in so doing she dropped the dangling egg to the floor and quickly Spooky was at her feet kicking it off of the floor.

"Sorry buddy." He said and smiled as Will brought his hand to his father's check and patted it before saying 'It's ok'. they walked out of the living room and up the stairs, leaving Scully behind to continue her cooking and spooky behind to clean up her mess. "Come on, buddy, I thought we were friends, how could you turn me in like that?" He asked his son as he helped him change.

"Sorry daddy, but mommy said…" He was cut of by Mulder.

"Mommy says, mommy says." He mocked the boy. "Do you always do what your mommy says?"

"Yes." He answered honestly, his face straight as a line.

"Good." Mulder said picking him up off the bed and to his feet on the floor. "Pack a few toys." Then he walked out of the room.

"Are you and daddy not going to work?" William asked later over breakfast.

"Nope." Scully said taking a bite of her eggs. "Is that alright?" She asked once she had swallowed.

"Yes." William said his face lit up with joy.

"We're going to go to church." Mulder said handing the boy a napkin.

"Why? It's not Sunday."

"It's Friday, you're right, but it's good Friday." Scully answered.

"What's so good about a Friday?" Mulder smiled at his sons question.

"Well, as you may know, this Sunday is Easter, but it's just not all about eggs, bunnies and candies, Will. There is more meaning behind it and in order to understand what it is you have to go to church on Friday and Sunday so they can tell you."

"Ok." He said taking the explanation and a bite of his bacon. "Mommy?"

"Yes baby?"

"What is the real meaning behind Easter?"

"Jesus." Mulder answered for her due to the fact her mouth was full.

"It's the day he died, huh?"

"How did you know that?" Scully asked softly.

"Grandma told me on Christmas, she said that he died for our sins."

"Well, grandma is right." Mulder said smiling.

Later that day Mulder, Scully and William pulled into the driveway of Mrs. Scully's and were welcomed by Mrs. Scully and the rest of the family. The adults talked for a while and let the kids play before leaving for church at eleven thirty.

As they arrived and took their seats in the large church, William looked around aimlessly. This wasn't the same church he normally attended every Sunday with his parents, but he had attended this one several times in the past, mostly on the weekends he was with his grandma and cousins. The only difference was that this time the church was full of people and children.

As the service started, the people in the choir sang along to songs he knew and some he didn't know. As a person or two approached to sing a solo, he would look to his family. Occasionally he would see a tear or two roll from the eye of a person, so a soft sniffle here or there, but when his eyes rested upon his mother, his heart sunk. To his right hand side his mother sat, tears rolling from her eyes as she clutched a white tissue in her hand. He wondered as to why his mother cried like she was at church and watched as his father took her hand and brought it to his lips to place a soft kiss on her hand. He looked over to his father and received a small smile from him, he than placed a small hand on his mothers knee and received a kiss from her.

"I love you." She whispered taking him from his seat and placing him in her lap, while there he wiped away a few tears and listened as the priest spoke.

The man talked of a day, 32 A.D., a town of sad, confused and angry people. About how a man was beaten, and crucified. About how he was mocked by having a thorn crown around his head, forced to carry the cross from which they nailed him to and how the only thing he asked for was for his father to forgive them, it wasn't long for William to come to the conclusion that they were speaking about Jesus.

"They has him carry his cross down the Via Dolorosa and up to mount Calvary. There they hung him, on the cross, nailed his feet and hands to it, and placed a sign above his head that read. 'Jesus. King of the Jews'." The priest spoke on. "the other two men that hung on crosses to his sides asked him that if he truly was the son of god, why didn't he just ask to be taken down? He only answered that this was his destiny that he was meant to die here. One of the men looked to him and asked if he would remember him. And Jesus' only reply was 'In paradise.'

"About a quarter to noon, he uttered one thing form his lips 'I thirst' and one of the guards placed a sponge drenched in vinegar to his lips. The cruelty. The people who wanted to see him die shouted from the streets 'Hail! King! Crown of Jews.' And at noon the sky went dark, the sun disappeared. The people were left confused. Because this could not be an eclipse for the moon was clear on the other side of the world and at approximately three that afternoon, Jesus opened his mouth and spoke 'Oh father, why hast thou forsaken me?'

"Now the people were confused, why would a man asking only hours before asking for forgiveness to these people ask his father why he has forsaken them? And only now did the light bulb in their heads go off that Aimus spoke of this in Psalm and that the answer to being forsaken was in Psalm 22. That Aimus had spoken of God word, how his hands and feet were to be pierced and how the bright sunny sky would turn dark. Here was the word of god actually happening and Jesus looked ot the heavens and asked that they not be charged with sin, and that it were to finish. There, at that moment, his body went limp and he died on that cross." William lowered his head to his mother's chest where he heaved openly.

Scully noticed William's reaction and quickly embraced him tightly to let him know she was there. He cried into her chest, soaking her shirt, but she didn't care. Her son was too smart for his age and understood it all, the boy could only take so much.

"And this story is to be continued on Sunday morning." The priest said, receiving a small chuckle from all the teary-eyed people in the pews. Scully hugged William tightly until he stopped heaving.

"Is he alright?" Mrs. Scully asked leaning over to whisper in her daughters ear. Scully nodded smiling as William emerged from her chest and looked to the woman. His eyes all read and puffy.

"It's ok buddy, he comes back." Mulder answered taking his son from Scully to his own lap. As Communion went around and wafers and 'wine' was passed on William listened in again.

"This is a symbol of his body, a promise of life." He said holding the wafer up and everybody bowed their heads in prayer. Ten everybody ate the small thing. "And this, a symbol of his blood, a promise of a new covenant." They all prayed again and drank from the small cup of grape juice that was to serve as wine. Soon everybody stood up and sang along.

Crucified, laid behind a stone,

You lived to die, rejected and alone,

Like a rose trampled to the ground,

You took the fall and thought of me,

Above all.

After church William sat in the car with his dad while his mother talked to his grandmother. He sat there in silence looking to the small cross necklace his mother had left him wear for the time being. He had been clutching it in his hand the whole service and wouldn't let go of it until she placed it around his neck. He looked to the solid gold symbol and then to his father.

"You alright, bud?" Mulder asked looking back to him.

"Yeah." He sighed.

"Ok, just don't loose mommy's necklace." He said looking to the solemn child.

"Fox is it ok if we take my mom home, she wants to talk to William." Scully asked popping her head into the car from the drivers door.

"It's fine with me." He said smiling.

The drive home was quiet and little was spoken, all William did was think about the pain and suffering Jesus had gone through just for him. He finally looked to his grandma and as the car came ot a stop he spoke up.

"Why did they kill him?"

"Because, baby, they had to." Mrs. Scully spoke stroking his hair back softly.

"But why?" He asked again as she unbuckled him and carried him into the house. His parents following closely behind.

"Because baby, that's why God put him here, to die for our sins. He was the messiah, the son of God, the king of Jews and the kind didn't want him around. If he became the king, then he would loose his followers and could not collect their money, he would loose his title and he didn't want that. Plus God put his son here to die for man kind because when he died he washed away all the sins of people that Adam and Eve brought upon the earth when Satan tempted them into eating the apple. Man was born sinned and could not enter heaven, and he wanted his people there. So when he died he let all the people who believed in him into heaven when they die and that's where paradise is."

William looked to his grandma and nodded his head.

"Don't worry baby, he comes back." She said placing a soft kiss on his head.


"On Sunday. Sunday you'll come back here, we'll go to church again and have another service and than we'll have an Easter egg hunt. Is that ok?"

"Is Matthew and my other cousins going to be here?" He asked smiling.

"Everybody will be here." She said and hugged the boy as he gave her a hug.

After another hour of talking Mulder and Scully put William in the car and drove home with the promise of returning on Sunday. Before they had left though William had returned his mother's cross back to her neck.

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