All day Saturday William had been quiet and less active then normal. He would only speak if spoken to, or if he really needed something, other than that he did nothing but sit in the living room watching TV or coloring. He even rejected Spooky for one of their little games of 'Doggie Football', which he rarely did. Mulder and Scully could do little about it though, even after his talk with his grandmother he was still hurting from the things he had learned at church, all his parents could do was wait until Sunday morning and hope his mood changed.

It was early that Sunday morning when William was pulled out of his bed by a pair of strong arms. When he opened his eyes and looked out the window of his room, he found the sky still a dark blue with no light at all. He rubbed his little eyes before giving a soft moan of rejection into his father's chest.

While he tried to go back to sleep his mother and father worked around him, dressing him up in extra warm clothes and grabbing a few blankets before they dragged Spooky into the car with them. As William sat in his car seat half asleep he stole a peak at the digital clock on the radio, the time on the light green screen read, 3:47. He gave a soft yawn before titling his head ot the side and falling back asleep.

As the car came to a stop in the driveway a small yelp from the back seat sounded, causing Scully to place her hand on the dogs head to scratch behind his ears before he had a chance to bark anymore and wake their son.

"You sure it was such a good idea to bring Spooky?" Mulder asked looking to his wife who sat in the passengers seat.

"Mulder, if you didn't want to come all you had to do was say so." She said getting a fake laugh from him before he leaned over the seat and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

Once they got out of the car, William firmly in Mulder's grip still fast asleep and Spooky on a leash attached to Scully's hand, they walked up to the house and knocked on the door. There was a moment of muffled sounds from behind the door before it was opened and the bright lights and voices escaped from the house. The woman who had opened the door had a smiled on her face and looked wide wake.

"Morning." She said placing a kiss on her daughter and son-in-laws cheek. "How's my little grandson doing?" She asked motioning to the sleeping boy.

"He's been in a funk since Friday." Mulder said entering the living room to place him on the couch next to his sleeping cousin Michelle.

"I'm sure today's service will pull him out of that." Mrs. Scully said leading them into the kitchen where a few of the other adults sat talking over coffee.

Bill and Charlie stood in the corner talking about some Parade they wanted the kids to see, while Tara sat talking to Charlie's wife, Sarah, about where they were going to place the eggs for the hunt later on in the day. Off in the conjoined room Matthew sat with his two cousins watching a movie about Peter Cotton Tail.

"Morning Hailey, morning Amy, morning Matthew." Scully said poking her head in through the door to see her nieces and nephew parked in front of the TV. Hailey and Amy were Charlie's and Sarah's daughters, only three years apart. One at the age of seven and the other at the age of four.

"Morning Auntie Dana." They all said at once, then greeted Mulder as he poked his head in as well. "Morning Uncle Fox."

"Morning Girls, morning Matthew." He said smiling as their faces lit up with joy once their eyes rested on Spooky. The dog went crazy and was soon by their side watching the movie as well.

About forty minutes after Mulder and Scully had arrived everybody packed their things and got loaded back into their cars. After a fifteen minutes drive they pulled into the park and parked their cars. Once their things were gathered, they all began the small journey to the middle of the area where a stage sat and other people were sitting in chairs that were settled around the stage. Easter morning had always been place outside to sing in the glory of the Lord as the sun rose over the horizon, however, there was still sometime before the sun rose.

As William woke up and stirred inside the bundle of blankets he was faced to the look of his mother looking out in the distance and as he listened in he heard the singing and rejoicing of the choir. When he pulled the blanket back he took in his surroundings and found that his whole family was seated around him. His mother and father were sitting next to each other, to his father's side was his grandmother. Both his uncles and aunts were in front of them and to the right of his mother, off in the middle of the steps, but still out of the way for people to walk were Spooky and his cousins. His eight year old cousin, Matthew and his little sister at the age of five, Michelle. Next to Michelle were Charlie's and Sarah's girls Hailey and Amy.

William grabbed his mother's attention and without uttering a word showed her he wanted down. Scully placed her son on the floor and handed him his blanket. Once his feet were on the ground he walked over to his cousins and took a seat next to them, offering some of his spaceship blanket to Michelle. She gladly took it and thy bundled up to the other.

Once the rejoicing was over and the songs and prayers were done, the priests took his place at the podium and spoke.

"On Friday we talked of his death, his crucifixion and how he died on the cross. On Friday I saw many people leave with sad faces. But today, today we rejoice, for today he has risen." As he spoke the people in their seats clapped and cheered, a few even called out 'Amen'. William sat wrapped in his cousins embrace and continue to listen on. "Around this time, all those years ago. Two women were walking towards his tomb, they were talking about him and how he had died. One of these women was Mary Magdalene and she was very anxious to get to the tomb, but as she approached it, she found the stone rolled back and open. Assuming the body had been removed she turned and rushed back into the city in search of John and Peter." William gave his cousin a soft kiss on the cheek before leaving her with the blanket and returning to his mother's embrace. Scully held William close and placed a soft kiss on his forehead.

"The second woman who had stood behind entered the tomb and we greeted by two angels. One at the head of where Jesus laid and one at the foot. And as she looked to them, they spoke. 'Woman, why seek the living among the dead? He has risen.' As Peter and John made there way to the tomb, Peter ran ahead and as he entered the tomb, he saw the shroud, unmoved, almost as if it still was wrapped around the body. Mary looked into the tomb, but looked away weeping, she could not believe the body was gone."

Scully looked down to William and found that small tears had formed in the corners of his eyes and she smiled softly, knowing that he would be happy with the end of the story of truth.

"Now when she turned she saw a figure standing there looking to her, but because her vision was so blurred from the tears she had cried she believed the man to be the gardener. But as he called her by her name, she immediately hugged him in a tight grip. 'Don't cling to me.' He said, 'I have not been to my father yet, but tell them I have risen'. And so today, when people are greeted by others they greet them by saying. 'He is risen'. And the others respond. 'He has risen indeed.'" As the priest finished the story and the choir set out singing songs of joy, Mulder took a peak to his son sitting in his mother's arms.

"He's alive?" William asked softly, unsure of what to make of the story.

"Yes, buddy. He's alive and in your heart." Mulder said taking the body in his arms and as William looked up to the sky he smiled, sometime along the service the sun had risen as well and painted the dark sky in a soft shade of blue and yellow and birds could be heard singing as they flew by.

Lord we lift your name on high

Lord we love to sing your praises

You came from Heaven to Earth

To show the way

From the Earth to the cross

My debt repaid

From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky,

Lord we lift your name on high.

Later that day after service and a breakfast at the local diner, they all headed back to Mrs. Scully's house. William's moos had lightened up a lot more and he was finally back to enjoying life. After the kids had awoken from their nap they found the house decorated with Easter baskets and little eggs around the house.

Each basket was passed out to each child. Every basket color coded with peeps, candies, toys, chocolates and each with it's very own special gift. Matthew got a new soccer ball, Hailey got a Barbie with clothes, Amy got a small jewelry kit so she could make her own, while Michelle got a stuffed pet cat and William got a small bible. The book was called 'My First Bible' and was willed with many pictures and words that were easy to understand for him. He smiled brightly and hugged his grandmother lovingly.

After the adults had given other little gifts to their children and to each other, the kids were let loose into the backyard where they all went crazy after the eggs and such. The Parents sat back in the chairs and watched as the kids roamed around aimlessly looking for any eggs, a few of them were hidden in the trees and if they found them they had to call an adult to help them get it down.

This had become a rule once Michelle had spotted the first one in the tree and tried to climb up to get it, but fell in scrapped her knee. She had quietly and calmly approached Scully and spoke.

"Doctor? Can you fix my bobo?" Scully had looked down to the badly scrapped knee and called a timeout in the hunt while she cleaned and bandaged Michelle's knee back up before giving it a kiss and sending her back off to hunt.

After the hunt the kids and playing the backyard with Spooky all the kids made their way back into the living room where they sat watching TV and a few movies that had to do with bunnies, the whole time the adults would rotate off from watching the kids to helping with dinner.

Later that night they all sat around the dinner table and just before digging in William was asked to say grace.

"Dear Jesus, thank you for dieing on the cross to forgive us of our sins and coming back to life to protect us and help us making wiser decisions. Also thank you for the food we are to eat, Amen." Everybody repeated the Amen and they all began to eat their dinner.

As night came and Mulder and Scully entered their house, they dressed their sleeping son and placed him into his bed. As they kissed him goodnight and let Spooky on the bed to sleep next to him, they made their way into their own room where they changed and crawled into bed together.

"Thank you." Mulder said into Scully's hair that night as she lay in his arms.

"For what?" She asked softly breathing in his scent.

"For opening my eyes to believe in more than I thought I could. For our son and for a chance at a normal life."

"Your welcome, and thank you for everything you have done, including getting William back." She said placing a soft kiss on his lips before they fell into a deep sleep.

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