She really liked somebody.

She had told her friends her crush and was told to give it up.

They were too strange together, she was told.

He came from a normal family, while she did not.

From afar he seemed exuberant and ready to take anything on. Yet when you got to know him, he would think things through.

From afar she was somewhat timid, and seemed scared to take one step forward. Yet when you got to know her, she was confident and strong.

She was told that they were just too weird together.

Yet she was also told, that her parents were what people thought 'will never to happen'. Childhood years were spent with un-acknowledgment of each other. Someday, in there early adult years, they became a couple.

They were thought to never last.

Soon they had a child, then another, then another. Five children is what they had. She was their first child.

The first child starting the revival of the Uchiha.

21 years later, Hinata Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha were still together.

So perhaps people thought they weren't meant to be together either.

Hikari never did listen to what she was told.

Err... I don't know it suddenly came to me. It's also very short. Confused?

It's through the eyes of Sasuke and Hinata's daughter. Ya they made a lot of babies xD (grins).

I wanted 'Hikari' to be disgusted at the part were she talked about her 'brothers and sisters' but I thought it would destroy the overall mood of the story.

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