Note: Welcome to the ride, kiddies. This is a vampire romance/mystery idea of mine I'm trying to develop featuring my own characters, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. All characters and ideas except for vampirism belong to me. Any characters alikeness to any real vampire or woman is just a coincidence. Thank you.

Introduction – The Lockett Curse

For centuries, there has said to have been a curse on the royal family of the Lockett's. The family was known for having success in the areas of financial and military leadership; the small country the family ruled had never seen debt or had been taken over by another country in its history. The family name could not be lost in marriage, just as blood could not, and since this name could not perish when a daughter married outside of the family, the line was sure to never die out. But once the curse was set into play, no matter who married, whether it be the daughter or son of a Lockett; every male who held the name Lockett and had one healthy child was the victim of this curse. Every male Lockett with that criteria mysteriously died, disappeared, or was murdered.

Nobody is exactly sure what happened to cause such a curse to be set upon the family, but what each person's story has in common is one thing; a vampire. The first man to die after having one healthy child was named Stephan Lockett IV. The story changes slightly depending on who is asked, but the general idea I heard whispered in my ear was that Stephan wanted to marry the most beautiful woman in the small country. After searching and interviewing for months, he finally found the maiden he was looking for, a young woman named Courtney with soft and curly honeysuckle blonde hair and the most intense blue eyes. The night before the wedding, it's told Courtney revealed that she was a vampire and tried to kill her fiance, but Stephan managed to fight her off. After that night, she fled and was never seen again, and Stephan and every male after him since that day, after having their first child, died too soon.

After several generations of this happening, it was difficult for the Lockett family to keep the throne just because of lack of heirs. Sons of the Lockett's refused to marry, less they end up like their father before them. Lockett daughters refused to marry and have children in fear that their partner would die. Without arranged marriages and the strong-willed nature of the family, the bloodline would have been wiped out early in the 18th century. No matter the trouble the family faced, however, the bloodline survives with the throne and the country till this very day. No true culprit has ever been caught, but the people of the country have their suspicions. With the repetition of male deaths, people thought of it as a curse; and the story whispered in each ear about Sir Stephan and the vampire Courtney became a legend.

My name is Allison Mary Lockett. I am the only known child born under Mary and David Lockett, the rulers of the country in the legend. My family name and bloodline is that of royalty and I am the last known living heir to the throne of my country. Rightfully, I should claim the throne I was born to claim and lead my country into a new shining age where the curse can be broken. But I chose to hide from my fate and reside not in Europe, but in the United States.

When I was young, my father passed away, a death that could only be blamed on the curse since he died of natural causes, my mother and I fled the country and came across seas to the United States trying a new approach on breaking the curse: running away. After I graduated college and moved out of the house, my mother was murdered. The police investigation was brief and closed quickly without finding a culprit. The only evidence that went into the case box was a report stating the cause of death: blood loss (or drainage) from two teeth-like puncture wounds in the neck; and a fine piece of paper with the word "Vengeance" written in my mother's blood.

Three years later, now an orphan but also an adult free to make my own decisions, I changed my name to 'Ally Lovett' in hopes I could keep avoiding the inevitable of going home and taking claim of my country. In hopes I could keep away from the curse. But mostly in hopes I could catch my mother's killer; and for this, I only have one lead. A lead that has been my past, present, and I am making my future: vampires.