Prologue: A Mad Kat's Definition of Peace

On a remote estate some one hundred miles from the huge city-state called Megakat City, a middle-aged Kat contemplated the world's future while having breakfast with a long time friend.

"Gregory, as I watch the news of yet another failed revolution in that miserable little country called Tuneria, the attempted mob takeover in Sandevar Bay, and the recent destruction by yet another omega in Megakat City, I begin to wonder if our world will ever be at peace." He said to his table companion.

"Ah Darius, you are far too sensitive to the occasional conflict here and there in the world. You never seem to see the positive side of things." His friend chided as he drank his coffee.

"Such as?" Darius asked archly as he nibbled on his croissant.

"Well, our planet is not over crowded. There's enough food, clean air (in most places), plenty of room to grow, advancing technology that makes life easier, or countries that are simple and peaceful and are free to be that way just to name a few. The strife you read about in the papers is soon ended and peace resumes fairly rapidly even in omega prone Megakat City. Their protectors handle their problems swiftly so they don't have a chance to spill out to other countries. They also prevented the world from being taken over by no less than two alien invasions. I think that speaks well for our world's ability to handle most things that come our way quickly and efficiently." Gregory said easily.

"What you say is true in some ways but I've been watching world affairs for some time and I see a pattern of escalating violence, ruthlessness, and destruction spreading across the world." Darius said, shaking his head in disagreement. "If we don't nip it in the bud, the despots and wanna be dictators will take over. There's even the possibility of another world war."

"Surely you exaggerate my friend!" His companion scoffed.

"I do not! The danger is very real and getting closer every year. Something must be done!" Darius said firmly.

His friend blinked in surprise at the older Kat's vehemence. "I don't know why you feel so strongly about this but for the sake of argument, how do you propose to solve this so called encroachment of evil?" He asked, curiously.

"One leader! A person that ensures everyone cohabitates in peace, that the world is cleaned up and returned to it once pristine condition, that medical care and technology is available to all, and that corrupt politicians, dictators, and megalomaniacs are eliminated quickly and permanently." Darius said passionately.

"Uh...isn't that what these other megalomaniacs are after too?" Gregory asked skeptically.

The older Kat made an impatient gesture, "Those creatures are after power at the expense of the lives of Katkind. They care nothing for the world and its well being. This leader would only have the world's best interests at heart. No power is involved but what is required to keep a world running well and, above all, peaceful."

"I'm sure you've heard the statement, 'Absolute power corrupts absolutely'." Gregory admonished.

"Of course, but I firmly believe a strong individual can take control without his ego getting in the way and benefit Katkind despite themselves." Darius said firmly.

His friend shook his head and decided to withdraw from the discussion. "Whatever you say, my friend."

The older Kat stared at his friend in disappointment but didn't pursue the subject further. His plans were laid anyway and he would prove to his friend and to the world that he was strong enough to force peace and harmony on Aristal.

By next month his plan would be set in motion. His small loyal army was waiting for his orders to begin Project Peace. In less than a year, the world would be at peace with a benevolent leader that would see to all their needs and make the world a happier place. A smile of anticipation passed over his face for a moment as he dreamed of his perfect utopia.

One month later in the uneasy country of Tuneria...

Dictator Terrence Stanzer was having a meeting with his top aids. He had been laying out some new plans for crushing the continual attacks by revolutionaries.

"I want a stop to this constant strife. I don't care how its done but I want it accomplished quickly. The constant problems by these fools is giving me a bad name in the other countries I'm forced to do business with." He snapped angrily.

"I've received recent intelligence on where the rebel leaders may be holed up. I planned on sending a small hand picked team to ferret them out." General Franberg said bluntly.

"Excellent. Let's hope it isn't another wild goose chase." The dictator said sourly. He was about to dismiss his staff when the doors to his second floor balcony slammed open. The heavy double- panned and security laced doors had crumbled like tissue paper from a small but powerful blast.

Flying into the room, over the wreckage of the ruined doors, was a huge tiger followed by a Kat dressed in black. The tiger charged into the room and slaughtered several Kats with its long deadly claws and fangs before they could get up from the table. The Kat dressed in black suddenly changed before their eyes and a huge bear now stood where the Kat had been.

Screams filled the air as the survivors fired their weapons at the fast moving creatures. Outside the room, the dictator's guards tried desperately to get into the room but the security locks were engaged. They were calling up some heavier weaponry to break in when silence fell on the other side of the door.

Panic strickened, the head of security frantically grabbed the high powered laser rifle from the paws of the arriving back up security team and fired at the door. It took some minutes to burn through the heavy metal door's locking mechanism. The lock was completely burned away when he shut off the laser then kicked in the door.

When the guards shoved their way into the room the scene that greeted their eyes was nightmarish. The walls, floors, and table were covered in body parts and blood. Bodies lay everywhere. Some had been dismembered others had deep claw marks that had ripped them from neck to groin laying them open. Dictator Stanzer had been decapitated and part of his chest had been ripped off. His laser was still gripped in his paw. It was hideous. As they searched the room they could find no sign of the attackers.

The bewildered katizens of the country heard conflicting descriptions of the perpetrators but the stories were so fantastic they had a hard time believing it. The only truth they did know was their cruel leader was dead as were his closest advisors. Though they were happy at the loss of their leader they were now leaderless and chaos quickly followed.

In Megakat City some days later...

"Hey Chance, listen to this..." Jake Clawson shouted to his friend as he waved a newspaper in his paw. He had been catching up on the news before they started work for the day.

"Listen to what, Jake? " Chance Furlong asked as he came in from the kitchen with a glass of milk in his paw.

"Tuneria's nasty leader and his advisor's were recently assassinated. No one knows who did it but the mess left by the deaths is causing riots worse than the revolutions they've had going on." Jake said gravely.

Chance grimaced, "Crud! How can they not know who did it? That Kat was guarded like Fort Knox and with the best security systems developed from what I heard. How could anyone get in without someone seeing them?"

"The descriptions coming out of there say animals did the deed." Jake said with a look of disbelief.

"Animals? Are you sure you're reading that right?" The tabby snorted.

"That's what it says. The security tapes show a tiger and a bear doing the job but no one is buying it. They think the tapes were doctored somehow." The smaller tom said shaking his head.

"Huh! Sounds loony to me. Even though they are better off without that creep of a leader, the mess left behind by his sudden death must be horrible. Someone better take charge soon or there won't be a country left to take charge of!" Chance said sadly.

"You got that right." Jake said unhappily then sighed as he tossed the paper down and got up from the couch. "Well, time to get to work, buddy."

"Yeah, be right out." Chance said as he went to put his glass in the kitchen.

In a secret laboratory miles from Megakat City...

"Excellent work Dr. Welker. This first test was a fantastic success. Now we can move to step two of the plan. Are you ready to handle it?" An older Kat asked his scientist.

"Oh yes sir. Everything is ready for your new recruits." The tall, thin, panther cross male wearing a lab coat said with an eager smile.

"Perfect. Count on them arriving within the week!" Darius said, pleased. Everything was going according to plan. Nothing could stop it now.

In a country bordering Megakat City...

On a quiet street as darkness was falling in the country of Sandevar Bay, a well built gray tom dressed in a military uniform was getting out of his car in front of his home. Out of the shadows a small group of fast moving, black clad Kats surrounded him and injected a narcotic before he could cry out. The now unconscious victim was quickly hustled aboard a nondescript green van that had driven up. The kidnapers piled in after him and the van sped away, disappearing into the night.

Well here is my first attempt to write an epic. I was inspired by Kanto the Slayer's End Game story. It will be a departure from my usual form of writing though Feral will still have a prominent part. (Heh! He is my main character after all. LOL)

Since I love paranormal tales this is a war fought with soldiers who have been involuntarily altered. A mad Kat wants to force peace on the world his way. The SWAT Kats must work with Feral and special forces units to try and stop the rapidly rising death toll as the world is thrown into chaos.

You can expect violence, gore, brutal training, escape attempts, death, maybe a small het romance and, of course, fighting in many forms.

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