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Nathan walked into his house scared as ever tonight. Don't mistake his emotions. He loved last night; he just preferred to be in control. Damn Haley and her damn puppy dog eyes. No, he didn't mean that. He loves Haley; he just sometimes doesn't like what she does to him.

"Why hello, my hot sexy slave of a husband," Haley said, her voice growing husky just at the sight of her husband.

"Oh, so I'm your slave now, am I?"

"Well, I don't know. I am the Queen of the Bedroom, now aren't I?"

"I swear this is a bad idea. I should've known that my kind, sweet wife can turn into a power bitch when she gets any kind of control in the bedroom."

"I wouldn't be calling me a bitch. You see, if I remember correctly, you're my bitch."

"Details, honey, details," Nathan said and laughed. He loved how good his wife had got at flirting. It was totally hot to hear, but it also got Nathan to do Haley's every will. Damn, he was whipped. The two stood in their living room for a moment of comfortable silence. Then, Haley broke the silence.

"So, take this robe," Haley said throwing a white cloth robe at Nathan, "get naked, put the robe on, and be ready on the bed by the time I'm in the bedroom, okay?" Nathan immediately nodded his head and took off for their bedroom. He didn't want to mess with a very demanding Haley; he valued his life too much. Haley meanwhile began to prepare for the experience she was about to have. This would definitely be unforgettable.


About five minutes later, Haley opened the door of their bedroom a slight crack to make sure that Nathan had followed orders. Sure enough, she discovered that he was lying, robe-clad, in their bed. Seeing this, Haley opened the door fully, mustered up all of her confidence, and sauntered into the bedroom.

Haley and Nathan may have been married for a while now, but that didn't mean that Haley couldn't get self conscious every once and a while. She still was a little unsure of herself in the bedroom sometimes, but she needed to be cool, confident, and in control tonight. Otherwise, Nathan could use comforting her as an excuse to take charge. That was definitely not happening.

"Uh oh, what crazy plan have you devised?" Nathan asked, a little fearful of the look his wife had on her face."

"Oh nothing," Haley said and pulled out a jar from behind her back. Nathan's jaw dropped to the floor. He saw what looked to be a heated up container of hot fudge. His wife had definitely just taken the kink to a new level.

"What exactly do you want us to do?" Nathan asked.

"We aren't going to be doing anything. You are going to walk around, at my beck and call, while I watch T.V. and eat hot fudge sundaes." Nathan nearly died of shock when he heard his wife say this. Was she seriously going to make the mood all sexy like this, and then leave him with nothing but a hard-on and the need for a cold shower?

"Oh honey, the look on your face," Haley said and burst into a fit of laughter. Apparently, she wasn't serious. However, Nathan didn't want to totally kill the mood; he wanted to know what his wife had up her sleeve.

"So, what are we really going to do?" Nathan asked, tugging at the buttons on Haley's blouse.

"Exactly what I want. So, you mister are going to let me get up, remove your robe, and lay on your back," Haley commanded. Nathan felt himself harden when Haley uttered those words. He was the type that liked to be in control in the bedroom, but when Haley talked like that, he couldn't help himself.

"Is something the matter, or do you just want to piss your wife off? Because you're doing a damn good job of it, baby," Haley said.

"N-no," Nathan mumbled and worked hard to muster up any self control he might have left. Then, he stripped off his robe and climbed onto their bed. Haley wasn't shocked when she saw her husband's rock hard cock. She figured it out when he spaced after she ordered him onto the bed. But she couldn't help but smirk at the evidence of the power she had over him.

"Are you going to stare all day, or are you actually going to do something?" Nathan asked, a smirk adorning his face.

"Well, I am the queen, so I could do that. But now that you mention it, I do have a better idea," Haley said and started to spread the hot fudge all over Nathan's stark naked body. Nathan jumped a little at the feel of it on him, but he eventually got used to it. More than got used to it actually, he felt like he might come right then and there. Then, Haley reached for the spray-on whip cream. That's it! Nathan needed to do something.

He stopped Haley's hand with his. Both of them stared into each other's eyes for a second. "What?" Haley asked, looking at Nathan curiously.

"Babe, you gotta take some of your clothes off. I'm dying here," Nathan said, pointing to his erect penis. Haley looked at Nathan's pitiful eyes and couldn't help but feel a little compassion for him. That's when she got her best idea yet.

"Tell you what. If you can hold out while I finish applying the food and lick it all off of you, then I'll get completely naked for the rest of the night. But if not, I guess it's just you and your hand tonight."

"Babe, that is absolutely no fair," Nathan whined.

"Are you backing down?" Haley said, challenging him.

"No, I'm not," Nathan said. He was a Scott, and Scotts don't back down.

"Then, where was I?" Haley asked and started applying the whip cream on Nathan. She had applied the hot fudge in a trail from Nathan's neck all the way to right above his pubic hairline. Now, Haley used the whip cream to form a bikini like structure around Nathan's penis and other surrounding areas. She finished off her Nathan sundae with a cherry on top of Nathan's hard cock.

Nathan had quite a time holding out. When Haley put the cherry on his penis and let her hand linger on Nathan, he felt that gurgling in his stomach that was always a tell-tale sign of an orgasm. But he just barely held out. But how would he do this when Haley licked this stuff off of him?

Haley interrupted Nathan's thoughts by beginning to lick the fudge off of Nathan's neck. She then moved slowly down Nathan's neck, down to his chest and continued her path. Nathan's eyes nearly rolled all the way back in his head. Haley was without a doubt the best lover he'd ever been with. Haley eventually reached Nathan's bellybutton and licked a little circle around it. Then, she finished off the little remainder of hot fudge that was left. Now, it was onto the whip cream.

Haley started licking the whip cream off of Nathan. She somehow got all the whip cream around Nathan's cock off without him coming. But not a second after she began on his cock, Nathan came hard and quick. Haley knew what she had to do; she took the cherry off of Nathan's penis, ate it, and discarded it.

"Guess you lost the bet babe. Looks like you'll have to take a really cold shower because it's going to be an early night for us," Haley said with a smirk. Nathan dejectedly got up and went towards the shower where he took the coldest shower possible. Eventually, he was calm and composed enough to return to Haley. But all the composure he had mustered up went out the window when he walked into their bedroom.

Haley, clad in nothing but a lacy and racy underwear set, laid on the bed with a huge smirk. Nathan couldn't believe his luck. Had Haley honestly changed her mind?

"Wh-what's this?" Nathan asked, shocked.

"Did you honestly think I would waste the perfect night for mind-blowing sex with you?" Haley asked.

"Well, yeah," Nathan said. After all, Haley had sounded pretty adamant before.

"Oh, honey. Clearly, you don't know me well enough. I never waste time, including the night," Haley said and undid the towel Nathan wore around his waste and pulled him on the bed. Let's just say, they made perfect use of the perfect night they had.


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