Kurt's Turn:

This is my first fanfiction in a long time. I read them on this site all the time, and I love Kurt. I used to write them all the time when I was in the sixth grade, but I never posted them or kept any of them. They were crappy anyway haha. Well I do intend on writing many more chapters for this fanfic and I hope you enjoy it! If you don't like it, then don't read it and please don't send me any rude comments. And if I got any of the characters out of their cartoon character, I don't really care. It's my little world and just to be safe.. I don't own any of the characters... yet and you all know Kurt has a German accent, just imagine it in your minds. It's easier for me to write without the "VHATS?" and "VHERES?" haha

Anyway, Enjoy!...

Kurt's Turn

They were on the homestretch of finishing high school. No one thought it was possible after the exposure of the Xavier institute and that mutant teenagers were attending Bayville High School with human teenagers. High school is a deadly jungle itself for "normal" people let alone for a mutant. It was a miracle that all the Xavier kids knew but no one seemed to have spoken it to each other. All the mutants had been exposed to Bayville. Their names and their powers displayed to the public through the newspapers and local television stations.

But all of that was in the past. It had been a little over a year since they had been ridiculed and the damage to the Xavier institute had been repaired and life in Bayville was almost as it was before any of the disturbances had ever happened. The hype at school had died down, except here and there when someone would choose to make a snide comment to any of the Xavier or Brotherhood students about their powers. But who cared? The now grade twelve Xavier students were graduating, which Kurt and Kitty were both a part of.


It was mid April. The temperatures were creeping up the thermometer every day, but a steady rain would fall every few days making it difficult to actually enjoy the warm weather. However the "April Showers" were setting a soothing aura upon Bayville gradually making the trees bud, the grass greener and the strange fresh scent of rain in the humid air was enough to make anyone feel calmed and reassured that summer would be coming soon.

"I love spring!" Kitty said as she took in a deep breath of the crisp temperate air.

"Spring began in March in case you forgot."

"Ha he he... you're hilarious. I meant when it actually starts to feel like spring."

Kurt and Kitty were enjoying a sunny Tuesday afternoon sitting on Kurt's balcony that overlooked the lake getting some homework done.

"Yeah, I just wish it was nicer outside…" Kurt said as he grimaced up at the late afternoon sun.

Kitty seemed mildly shocked and confused.

"What the hell do you mean? It's been raining the past few days and we finally have a beautiful sunny day!"

Kurt's blue holographic eyes reflected dully in the sun before he held a hand up to shade his eyes and he sighed and shrugged, "There's a cloud right over there!"

Kitty's confused and furrowed brow slowly smoothed and her lips curled up into a closed mouth smile at the comment. Kurt sensed her smile and his eyes turned to catch a glimpse of Kitty's face that he had become irrevocably in love with during his years at the institute. He especially adored her smiles. Kurt, being the constant joker he was, always stepped it up a notch when he was in her presence just to see her cheeks bubble under her eyes as her petal soft lips would slowly curl up into a closed mouth smile before she showed her flawless teeth.

"Why do you have to make stupid comments like that all the time?"

"Excuse me fräulein Kitty, but I actually need to finish my homework before tomorrow… I don't have time for your little games and stupid comments about how crappy this beautiful day is." Kurt's face looked so serious, although it was all in pure fun, and he awkwardly picked up his pencil in his holographic hands that made him look like he was constantly giving some kind of Star Trek nerd sign.

Kitty smiled one of her little smiles and went back to her sociology homework. A comfortable silence had passed as Kitty glanced up here and there to watch the image of the "human" Kurt look from his binder to his textbook to his calculator.



"Why do you have your inducer on?"

Kurt didn't even stop to look at Kitty. He just kept working on his calculus questions.

"Force of habit I guess."

"Well you'd probably conserve a lot of the battery if you didn't wear it around the institute."

"I don't wear it that much. Besides," he looked at her "I charge it every night."

"Isn't it uncomfortable?"

Kurt had looked down at his work again and Kitty tapped her pen on her book as she waited for a reply. Kurt's head finally perked up and he stared up at the sky.

"Why would it be uncomfortable? It's just like wearing a watch."

"Well I don't know. It's like how whenever I come home from school I just go and put on some comfy clothes."

"Why don't you just wear comfortable clothes to school?"

"Because they don't look as nice. And I'm pretty sure everyone else does the same thing."

"It's honestly not that big of a deal and I'm honestly not that uncomfortable. And besides, I thought random questions were only to be asked by me."

"What do you do with your tail?"

Tail. A word Kurt hated to hear. He didn't know why, but although all of his other physical mutations did bother him, for some reason that animal-like appendage disturbed him the most. It made him feel as far from being human as he could. Although he hid it well, whenever he heard that word, he could swear his blood was boiling. It was almost as if he thought if he ignored it, then no one else would think about it either. But that was just him being hopeless.

A brief awkward silence fell over them. Kitty had blurted out that last question without even thinking and it was obvious that she had hit a nerve.

"Like I said," Kurt's voice broke a bit at the end "I thought I was supposed to ask the random questions."

Kitty decided to play along with Kurt's attempt at turning her foolishness into a joke.

"I'm sorry, you're right. I'll save the random questions for you."

With that, Kitty forced a smile to spread across her face and hoped like hell that he bought it. Kurt returned a small smile in her favor and they continued working as Kitty filled up any silent void with mindless drabble which Kurt would politely contribute to.

Time passed on and Kurt was getting ready for bed. He closed his bedroom door behind him as he walked to his dresser. Pushing his left sleeve up, Kurt admired the porcelain skin that stared back up at him. It looked so soft and real but as Kurt touched it he felt the fur that was always there. After a moment of staring at what could be his arm, he pushed down the button and removed the watch exposing his furry blue wrist. Clenching his hand then releasing it, he put the watch in the cradle of the charger and opened the drawers to put on his sleep clothes. All Kurt slept in was a pair of lounge pants with a hole cut in the back and any old t-shirt. He slipped them on and pulled his tail through the hole and glanced up at his mirror as his true image stared back at him. He thought to himself:

I'll tell you why I don't take my watch off. If I can look

as human as that inducer can make me look, then I'll do it for

as long as I can.

With that, Kurt sighed and walked over to his bed, turned out the light and just like every other night, wished that would be the last time he would have to look back at that refection...

Well, there it was, the first chapter of my first fan fiction on this site! YAY! If you liked what you read I have more coming! Stay in touch!