Title: The Dragon's Secret

Title: The Dragon's Secret

By: Nephitari Champion

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon

Description: Ash and Misty have a large secret that they have to hide from the world, they are dragons, and the only problem is that they travel with a human. However it is nearing the Mating season and with the Dragon's Child having just reached the age of Mating, his protector needs to get him back to Blackthorn before the end of the week but when they get lost again what will happen to the Child as the first day grows nearer and nearer? Will he and his protector have to spill an ancient and fiercely guarded pokemon secret to a human?


The night was warm, slightly muggy, three trainers trudged tiredly through the forest they had been in for two days already. The leader, short but slightly muscular with a red and white cap a red vest with white sleeves over a black shirt and black jeans with a black and red backpack, looked up into the canopy with a grim look on his face. How had they gotten so lost? Dragons were supposed to have a really good sense of direction! He sighed and looked to his companions.

The girl was slightly older and taller then the leader, with bright orange hair tied in a side pony-tail. She wore a yellow tank-top and blue shorts with a red backpack slung over one shoulder. She had blue-green eyes and a Gyarados-like temper; this was his oldest companion, Misty Waterflower of the Gyarados clan. She came from a distant branch of the Dragon Clan but he thought of her as an older sister.

Their other companion was taller and older then both of them, he had a blue backpack and wore a green vest over an orange shirt and brown pants. The Leader and Misty didn't know what color his eyes were because he never opened them enough to see any color, the Dragon and Gyarados suspected that their companion's eyes were blue. His name was Brock Stone and he was just a human.

"We're lost aren't we?" asked Misty.

"I'm not sure, we might be," said the Leader. "Why don't you ask Brock? He has the map."

Misty nodded and turned to their human companion, not that he knew that Misty and The Leader weren't. "Can you find where we are on the map Brock?"

"Let's stop so I can look." Brock replied.

The Leader looked over and shook his head. "Misty and I need to get out of here as soon as possible Brock. There is something special going on at our destination and we need to get there before the end of the week."

Brock nodded and looked at his map. "We should be near the Ice Cave, if we keep walking strait ahead we should get there in five minutes…"

The Leader nodded. "Misty…"


"We need to hurry; surely you can feel the heat rising as well?"

"Yes I can, you will feel the pull and changes more though…"

"Yes, I know that Misty… I am already feeling the pain the changes bring…"

"How are you hiding it from the human?" she asked looking back at Brock. "Child, you know we must get to Blackthorn before Mating Season begins…"

"It's getting harder, and don't call me that! What if the human heard you?"

"I'm sorry…Ash… it's hard not to because you are my superior…" Misty said quietly. "Master told me to protect you so I will…"

"I know Lance told you to protect me but he also said to be discrete right? If you call me by that title you are not doing it very well!" Ask scolded her gently. He turned to Brock. "What's the next town Brock?"

Brock checked the map. "We are almost at the Cave so I'd say maybe a day's walk to Blackthorn… that is if we don't get lost in the cave…"

Ash nodded and began to walk again. "We might have to walk through the night to get there then…"

'This is going to be very painful…' Ash shuddered; the changes had begun the night before so he hadn't gotten much sleep. They really were very painful…

Ash and Misty began to run, glad that for once they hadn't gotten lost; they ran as fast as the fastest humans to get out of the forest. They left Brock behind, but he would catch up in a few days, hopefully…