Title: The Dragon's Secret

By: Nephitari Champion

Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.

Description: Ash and Misty have a large secret that they have to hide from the world, they are dragons, and the only problem is that they travel with a human. However it is nearing the Mating season and with the Dragon's Child having just reached the age of Mating, his protector needs to get him back to Blackthorn before the end of the week but when they get lost again what will happen to the Child as the first day grows nearer and nearer? Will he and his protector have to spill an ancient and fiercely protected pokemon secret to a human?


Lance handed Ash to Misty before he got out of the hot spring as well. Misty turned away so that Lance could dress in peace. A few minutes later she turned and gave the ailing Ash back to the Dragon Master.

Lance led the way to the to the dragon's shrine in the Dragon's Den. "We must leave him here to recover."

"Should one of us stay here Master Lance?" Misty asked.

Lance shook his head, "The dragons that live here will take care of him and if it becomes extreme we might have to bring the legendary dragons into it…"

Misty nodded sadly. "I hope it doesn't come to that…"

"So do I Misty," Lance agreed. "So do I…"

They left Ash to recover in the Den. A delirious Ash watched them leave. He shivered, why had Lance left him here? Did Lance not want him? Ash curled up and began to cry.


Misty and Lance began to help with the preparation for the Dragon Festival. Lance was helping at one of the game booths and Misty was helping at a food stand. The two went from booth to booth separately and about three hours later the booths were close enough to the Dragons Den that the older Dragons could hear the sound of a young one crying. All of the older Dragons had stopped working and were wondering if it was a baby crying for its mother.

All the dragons had stopped what they were doing to listen. Lance recognized the sound. "Oh no… Ash…"

Lance looked at Misty. "Get everything moving again, we need to be ready for tomorrow."

Misty nodded.

Lance ran in the direction of the Dragon's Den. * Why are you calling for me Ash? * Soon he made it to the Den and walked inside. "Ashura-chan?"

The cries became whimpers as Lance approached. "Shh… pretty one… I'm here now…"

Ash looked up at him, unable to use his voice. Why did you leave me?

"So that you could recover Ash-chan… You are feeling better ne?"

Ash shook his head, no. He didn't feel better at all…

Lance frowned. What could be wrong with Ashura-chan? It wasn't just Freezer Burn was it?

Ash whimpered in pain. He was sick on top of the changes… this had never happened before…

Lance realized just how old Ash was suddenly. …The changes! That had to be it! Were they making him sicker or was it just the pain talking? Was the pain making his little Mate delusional? He hoped not… that would mean that they would need the Legendary Dragons…

Ash tried to move so he could cuddle into Lance's side.

Lance bit his lip; they did need their fathers… What should he do? He couldn't leave Ash but… Lugia and Rayquaza would only respond to one of their calls… how to call his father with Ash like this?

Ash watched Lance closely. Why was his Mate acting this way? His Mate was acting strange…

Lanced tensed. His eyes widened as his form began to warp and change. The change from Human to Dragon was always painful…

Lance's form began to elongate, his face doing the same. His fangs grew larger, sharper. His legs grew together and longer, forming a tail. His hands changed, two fingers fusing together, the fused nails growing in length to become claws. Now, instead of a human, a young, small Rayquaza floated where Lance had stood just a minute before.

Ash watched. He couldn't do that now, it was too dangerous… He whimpered. He wanted to fly too!

Lance curled around Ash before shrieking. Ash flinched but Lance was curled around him and squeezing slightly to reassure him that no, he wasn't going anywhere. Ash relaxed slightly. He didn't think their fathers were required for this…

Lance waited a moment before screeching again. Could his father not hear him? Or was he busy? Nothing was more important then Ash! Several seconds later the call was returned, along with a telepathic question. What is it child?

Father! The Child has Freezer Burn! And he's going through the Changes!


Father? Can you and Lugia-san come back to Blackthorn please? I… I'm afraid….

Alright Lance, don't worry. Lugia and I will be there soon.

How soon is soon? Lance was trying not to let the panic he was feeling be heard in his voice but he was sure his father could tell… Because Mating Season starts tomorrow!

We will be there before tomorrow Lance, don't worry…

Lance slowly relaxed. Thank you father. If I interrupted your work I'm sorry.

Don't be. It's not so important that I can't drop it and come home to deal with your problem. Have you tried the healing springs?

I didn't think about it, I already tried the hot springs father, there was no change…

We will be there in a few hours Lance, in the mean time, take him to the springs.

Yes father.

Lance focused on becoming human again as soon as he stopped the conversation with his father. Let's get you to the Healing Springs Ashura-chan…

Ash didn't say anything. He only cuddled with Lance when the change was finished. Lance smiled down at Ash, pulling the smaller into his arms and against his chest so he could transport him easier.

Ash cooed quietly as his eyelids grew heavy and slid closed over his glazed brown eyes.

Lance smiled down at his young Mate and walked out of the Den. He saw several other Dragons eyes fill with concern as soon as they saw Ash. Lance waved them off. "Get back to work. Everything needs to be ready by tomorrow."

The Dragons nodded and got back to work. They did talk among themselves, hoping that the Child would be alright. Why was the Child sick?

Lance walked passed the spring that he had lounged in before Ash had arrived. He should have remembered that the Healing Springs were not in the same place as the Hot Springs… There was no use complaining though.

Lance knelt next to the spring and stripped Ash to his boxers becoming concerned when Ash shivered violently. Lance quickly stripped and picked Ash up, lowering him into the water as he stepped inside. He leaned against the side of the spring and leaned Ash against his chest. The only part of Ash's body out of the water was his head, which was lying against Lance's shoulder. Lance watched Ash sleep for several minutes before kissing Ash, sealing the air, then dunked them so that Ash could feel the healing everywhere. Ash's body changed instinctively, just enough so that he wouldn't drown in the water. It was an advantage to being a dragon that lives in the water most of the time. Still, Ash's true type was psychic.

Ash began to breathe softly as Lance pulled away and surfaced. At times like this he was kind of jealous of his small Mate, but not much. Lance himself was an air Dragon; it allowed him to be able to breathe easily, even on top of high mountains. But still, he wouldn't trade anything for Ash. All he needed was his Mate…

Lance was careful not to leave the hot spring, otherwise… who knew what Ash would do… besides he had a few very minor injuries that needed healing. So he might as well stay and heal too… one of his ankles had been twisted in a league match just two days ago. His non-dominant wrist had been sprained the day before while watching some of the younger Dragons in Blackthorn. These springs also strengthened Dragons.