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Linali Lee sighed as she sat down against one of the many white walls of her school. Most students stayed in the commons area before school, so she was alone with her thoughts. If one looked close, they could see the bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. Of course she wasn't the only one; exams were coming up and all the slackers were beginning to cram non -stop.

Except she wasn't a slacker.

For the past few nights, she'd fought going to sleep because of the nightmares she'd been having.

You'd have nightmares too if you were raped.

I can't even tell my brother. She thought as she tucked her head against her knees, silent tears slipping down her face. No, she'd never tell her brother-it'd break his heart. That and she was ashamed. Linali didn't even know who raped her.

It had been after dark, she had been walking home from work when someone grabbed her from behind and dragged her into and alley way where they then proceeded to rip off her blouse and-

She stopped her train of thought. She didn't want to think about it. Not again. She shook her head in disgust. No matter how hard she struggled she couldn't break free from, from whoever decided to say to themselves that night "Hey I'm gonna be a rape someone tonight because I'm a perverted like that!"

Thankfully her brother had worked overtime and hadn't come until late in the morning.

Still, she couldn't bottle this up. It hurt too much. Someone had to know. Even if they didn't care or thought she was delusional. She didn't care what they thought as long as they didn't know her name or face. She saw how some people treated rape victims like they were glass and she didn't want that.

Linali looked blankly at the wall across the hallway trying to figure out how…

Then it hit her.

Taking a black marker out of her book bag she turned around and slowly dragged it across the wall she had been leaning against.

I was raped and I can't stop the nightmares. Or the shame.

Hearing the bell ring in the distance, she slowly stood up. Capping the marker feeling lighter than before…

Classes had gone by quicker than Linali thought they would. Closing her locker she decided to walk down the hallway where wrote down her secret. When she finally made it to the spot, her eyes widen with shock. There surrounding her secret, where other secrets written in different colors of ink.

I'm tired of living.

She's cheating on me for the second time.

My makeup hides most of the bruises my dad puts on me.

I'm terrified of growing old.

My parents told me tears are a weakness. Now I can't cry no matter how hard I try.

I have this wig in my closet- it's a rainbow colored fro. I'm still looking for a reason to wear it.

He said "I love you" to me for the first time. I could tell he meant it.

I miss my mom- now there's no one to stop him from molesting me.

I pick my nose when no one's looking.

My best friend tried to rape me once. Now I'm planning on becoming a cop to stop people like him. You didn't destroy me.

Linali smiled as tears fell from her eyes. Some were sad and devastating; others were slightly odd and funny.

But they all had one thing in common.

They were all secrets.

Linali took out her marker and wrote one last thing on the wall before leaving.

Thank you


This fic was inspired by the Post Secret project. What this guy did was leave postcards around in public places asking people to anonymously send in their secrets, that only they knew about. I found it inspiring and the last secret on there about becoming a cop was an actual secret sent in. If you're interested in this project, you can learn more at its website.