Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated with Twilight

Disclaimer: I do not own anything affiliated with Twilight.

Summary: Bella only gets to see her two best friends from her childhood one time a year: New Years. But this time, Rose, Alice, and Bella make a New Year's list of things to get done before 2008 is over. First on their list is to make out with someone random. But for Bella, this kiss is amazing. What happens when almost a year later she actually moves to Forks and comes face to face with the man who gave her the kiss she's dreamed about? And what happens if he happens to be the school's biggest player? All human.

Chapter 1: The List

Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter were important holidays, so I was always forced to spend those with my family. St. Patrick's Day and Halloween weren't too important, but there was never enough time off to go and visit my two best friends, so those holidays were out of the question, as well.

That left New Years. We were already off because of Christmas, so every year I would travel from Phoenix to Forks, and meet up with the two people I loved most in the world: Alice and Rose.

I had lived in Forks until I was 10. After that, my mom wanted me down in Phoenix with her. I left, but not completely. I still visited, and every year seemed to pick up where the last one left off. It seemed as if nothing had changed.

But this time after I got off the plane and walked into the airport, two stunningly beautiful people greeted me.

"Rose?!" I shrieked. "Alice?! Oh my God, you two!"

We ran, screaming toward each other. Everyone in our way was a goner, as we only saw each other as the finish line. Rose and Alice were always pretty…so much more than me, but this year they had matured. They looked like models. Rose with her now silky blonde hair, was toned, and Alice, that spiky little black-haired pixie, was still short, but definitely had some rather…nice…assets.

"Damn, you guys!" I laughed. "I guess I missed the memo about coming back a year later and looking hot!"

"Bella," Rose rolled her eyes, "you're beautiful, so stop it."

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. "And besides," Alice chirped, "it's nothing that shopping can't fix!"

I literally shuddered at that.

"You guys promised that the first thing we would do when I got here, would not be shopping."

"We know," Rose chuckled, a glint in her eye.

I shook my head. Whatever these two had planned was going to be just as bad—if not worse—than going shopping. And I called them my best friends.

"Let's go get your bags and get out of here."

I smiled at them. I would only be here for three days, but I'm sure it would be three of the best days of my life.

"So, ladies?" I prodded. "Any boy toys?"

They laughed, rolling their eyes. I stared, opened mouth at them. How could they not have anyone?

"Alice does kind of have a thing for my brother," Rosalie admitted, earning a glare from Alice.

"Fine, play dirty, just now payback is a bitch, Rose," Alice sneered, causing us to erupt into a fit of giggles. Alice could be vicious when she wanted to, but she would never purposefully inflict any harm on us…well, permanent harm that is.

After gathering my measly one bag—which is plenty for only three nights—and earning a disapproving look from Alice, we made our way out of the airport and into the parking garage where Alice's yellow Porsche sat.

The Cullen and Hale family, as far as I knew, where the most affluent ones in the town of small and rainy Forks. They never waved it around, though, which was a good thing, because I doubted I'd be friends with them if they did. As much as I loved my girls, throwing cash in peoples' faces just to make them aware of what they didn't have, was extremely disgusting and uncalled for.

"What will we be doing?" I asked cautiously, knowing that since I banned them from shopping, I had to give into whatever plan they had come up with.

"Making a list," Alice squealed.

"A list?" I questioned.

Rose nodded her head, somehow still being able to apply massacre at the same time.

"We thought it could be a list of things to accomplish before 2008 is over."

"Oh," was my only response.

"We also thought it would get you to come out here and visit us more," Alice added.

"Why would a list make me do that?" Alice looked hurt, so I quickly stumbled together a sentence to make everything right in the world. "I mean, I would, you know…I don't need a list…I would come voluntarily, without some list," I finished pathetically.

Alice looked into the rearview mirror back at me. "We know," she grinned, "but this list changes everything."

My eyes narrowed into slits. Whatever they had planned, I was sure not to like. "And why is that?"

"Because we're going to be putting you out there," Rose beamed.

"As in?"

"As in making you a little sex kitten."

"What?!" I shrieked. My first thoughts were of a mantra, singing 'no' over and over again, and then finally my thoughts flashed to Charlie, but instead of looking happy to see me, he held a gun in his hand, threatening me to get off of a pole. Why the hell was I on a pole? And why the hell was Charlie seeing me on a pole? "I'm not becoming a stripper!" I blurted out.

This caused Rose and Alice to burst into laughter and for my pale face to earn back its title as most colorful, turning a bright shade of red.

"We would never make you strip. I don't think…" Alice pondered, glancing at Rose.

"It's far too early for that," Rose finished.

"I'm right here, and I can make up my own damn mind. I'm not stripping and Charlie is never going to see me on a pole."

They both whipped their heads around toward me and I blushed furiously. "What? It was a daydream!"

This only caused them to look at me like I was growing two heads. "Oh, God, no! It wasn't a dream like that. Oh, come on. Now you guys are just being perverts! Seriously." I shook my head, trying to banish the images they brought back to life. It wasn't a daydream; it was a nightmare.

"How exactly do we come up with this list?" I asked, wanting to change topics.

"Together," Alice and Rose said in unison.

"Meaning when I try and veto something, you two make damn sure it actually does happen. Seems fair," I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

We pulled up to Alice's house and got out. I took my bag up to her room, completely ready to relax, but Alice and Rose had different plans.

"So we were thinking that the first thing on the list should be to try and find boyfriends." I shrugged. In three days time I would be back in Phoenix, and if they ever asked, I could make up a perfectly acceptable boyfriend, and when the time came for them to meet him or talk to him, I could say we broke up. Simple. Easy as pie. I actually smiled.

"The next would be to buy a pregnancy test."

I stopped in mid-thought. "I agreed to a boyfriend, not to bedding the guy. Besides, I don't want a child. Not now anyways."

Rose and Alice laughed. "Okay, I get it! It's make-fun of Bella while you can, but seriously, I'm not agreeing to that. I just can't."

They laughed some more until Alice finally found the breath to explain. "It's not because we're having sex with anyone; it's purely to see people's reactions to us buying a test. And if their reactions are half as funny as yours are, I won't have to worry about trying to pee on the strip, I'll be peeing in the middle of the store."

"Nice visual, Alice," I grumbled. "So moving on, what's next?"

"It's your turn. Rose and I have already chosen something to go on the list."

I sighed, contemplating with how easily I could get away with saying we had to buy a book…The odds weren't high. "We have to write a note to our secret crush."

"Bella, that's lame."

"Seriously! At least try to be more creative than third graders."

"Wounded ego, you two. Beyond repair."

They rolled their eyes, so I tried to come up with something better. "Okay, we have to give a love letter to someone we don't know, just to see the reaction on their face."

Alice and Rose exchanged a knowing glance. "We can work with that," Rose piped up.

"We are just going to change a few parts of it."

"Do I even want to know?"

"Instead of a note," Rose smirked, "it has to be a kiss."

"What! I draw the line. The boyfriend thing will be because I want it. The pregnancy thing is just your sick minds at work. But kissing a guy I don't know? That is out of the question!"

Unfortunately when I looked back up at them after I was done ranting, the impending deed was already written on the list.

I sighed. There was no way I was going to win this.

"So is this all of the list?" I asked.

Again, they grinned wickedly. "Number one is a long term goal," Alice explained.

"But numbers two and three can be done tonight," Rose finished.

I was gawking at this point. I thought I would at least have time to prepare for something like this. Apparently not.

"So, tonight we go and get some action, and them tomorrow we go and buy the tests. The order of events makes perfect sense," Alice smiled.

I smiled weakly at them. "And after those two things are crossed off the list?" I asked, fearful.

"Well, tomorrow is New Years. We have to add more to the list, then seal it up, opening it next year to make sure we've done everything we've promised ourselves we would."

"Or else?"

"Or else you become Bella Barbie for a whole week."

I stared at them, not amused, and eyebrows raised. "You two seem so confident that you will accomplish everything on the list."

"Bella!" Rose yelled in disbelief. "Have you looked at us lately? We're hot!"

"Maturing hasn't helped your massive ego, Rose."

"Oh, shut up. I was talking about you, too!"

"So can we please get this over with now?"

They grinned wickedly at me. "Not before we all get dolled up."

I groaned. "Fine."

Alice and Rose made me keep my eyes closed the entire time they were primping me. I could feel them knotting through my hair, which hurt like hell, and then curling it, only to straighten it again, before deciding that waves would look nice.

While Alice was finishing up with that, Rose quickly did my make-up and then both of them helped me into a dress. At least it had straps, because I was not feeling much coverage near my thighs and there seemed to be a slit in the most inconvenient place—in between my two legs, in the front of my dress. That just screamed 'I'm open for business, come play with me.'

I groaned before I suddenly felt Rose's hands. "God, Rose, get your hands off of me! Why are you groping my breasts?"

"I'm not, Bella, I'm being nice and attempting to give you some cleavage, now shut up like a good girl."

"Well, when you say it so sweetly…"

"Done!" Alice squealed. I went to open my eyes, but they had already shoved me out of the bathroom.

"No looking. We know you too well and we know you'd be self-conscious through the whole fiasco."

Alice was right so I sighed, giving in.

For the second time that day, we made our way over to the yellow Porsche…my carriage to hell.

Alice and Rose had miraculously done me up, while getting ready themselves, and they looked like the mother of all goddesses.

"Um, how do you two expect me to get even a peck on the cheek? The guy will look at me, then look at you two, and feel like he is being gypped."

"Bella," Alice said seriously, "you look so sexy, it's ridiculous. Just wait until we walk into that mall. All heads will be turning your way."

I ignored her comment with a wave of my hand.

Alice found a parking spot and then tree of us got out, walking into the mall. I caught a reflection of myself in the glass on the doors and immediately stopped walking. Shit! Was that seriously me?

I stood there, gaping at the work my two best friends had done, when I felt something hard bump into me.

"Sorry," a smooth, velvety voice whispered right into my ear. "I didn't see you standing here."

I slowly turned around, my breath catching in my throat. I was staring into the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen, and I could see my reflection shining back in them. Maybe I wouldn't lose this New Year's list bet after all.