Jones: Holler if you're addicted to the subject matter, I know I am!

"So let me get this straight…" Jack inhaled deeply, staring at Owen with one eyebrow raised, "You press the buttons in the right order and guitar noises come out of the TV?"

Owen grinned.

"It's challenging, improves your dexterity and the track list ain't half bad," Owen summed up, lifting the guitar controller's strap over his head and passing it to Jack.

"It's so structured, there's no room for imagination, the controller isn't even in the shape of a 'strat'," Jack tried the guitar on, tapping his finger on the green button, "Jimi Hendrix would cry at the sight of this monstrosity."

"Using your old boyfriend's opinions 'cause you're scared you might loose at something Harkness?" Owen quipped, plugging another guitar controller into the console.

Jack glared at him smugly, tapping all the coloured buttons in succession.

"I just think you've got an unfair advantage, considering I've never played this before," Jack's eyes turned from Owen's desk where the game was set up to search the rest of the hub.

"Gwen! Tosh! Ianto! Anyone?" Jack's voice echoed through the eerily empty Hub, "Wanna play Guitar Hero?"

The pair's eyes searched the unnaturally empty Hub, listening to Jack's echo reverberate until it was silent once more. Owen turned to Jack and smiled in self satisfaction at his unrivalled future victory against Jack. A clang signaled that maybe that victory was not as close as Owen predicted.

Ianto popped up from behind the rift manipulator, fittingly for this gaming moment like a mole waiting to be whacked by a mallet. He stared straight at Jack, a look of pity on his face.

"The others are out and I don't think you should challenge me so early in your Guitar Hero venture." Ianto said matter-of-factly, disappearing again, monkey wrench in hand.

Jack looked to Owen for an explanation of Ianto's advice, Owen looking at him grim faced.

"Why not?" Jack questioned curiously.

Ianto popped up again, a smirk on his face.

"That is easily explained, sir," Ianto stood up taller, smiling at his own brilliance, "I am a rock star."

"Just because you can play expert doesn't mean you're Jimmy Page!" Owen exclaimed, flicking at the strumming button absent mindedly.

Ianto continued smiling, lowering his gaze to grin knowingly at Owen before disappearing again to continue his work.

Jack and Owen stood in silence for a few seconds, Owen suddenly extremely twitchy.

"He's beaten you, hasn't he?" Jack asked Owen, biting back a smirk.

"Stupid co-ordinated tea-boy." Owen hissed.