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Helona 25th, 22 BBY

Kaminoan Launch Pad K-125A - J

John looked over the launch pad, as hundreds of thousands of clone troopers – no, shock troopers – walked up to the ramp of the ships. Every single one of the trooper is in black armor. All of them are armed to the teeth with new weapons – not the DC-15, those were way too large to handle, but the smaller DC-28 Blaster Rifles. These blaster rifles were lighter, and more versatile, but also more costly. He looked over the specifications that Cortana uploaded to his HUD:

//starting transmission//

Grand Army of the Republic – Legion overview #G102519-S51293

102nd Shock Trooper Legion, System Army Theta

Classification: α-0 - Top Secret

Commander: John Johnson



DC-28 Infantry Combat Weapon

V-108 Portable Munitions System

S-98 Anti-Infantry Rifle

DC-20 Personal Defense Weapon


Portable Bacta Dispenser

Recovery Beacon

Recharging Energy Pack

Long range communication radio

Modified Katarn Armor

Tactical Protection Shield Unit

Fusion Cutter

Rapid Insertion Pods (deployment due with new ship class)

(Planned and Current) Vehicular Support:

VAS-X105A Advanced Tactical Starfighter (under development)

VAS-X105B Advanced Tactical Bomber (under development)

VAS-X105I/R Advanced Tactical Interceptor/Recon (under development)

Delta-7 Aethersprite (more commonly known as the Jedi Starfighter)

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)

Mobile Command Base (under development)

TAU-G01 Heavy Assault Tank (Under Development)


TAU-G02 Reconnaissance Vehicle (Under Development)

TAU-GX01 Ultra Heavy Assault Walker (Under Development)

TAU-A01 Aerial Reconnaissance Vehicle (Under Development)

TX-130 Saber-class Fighter Tank

Versatile Engagement Swift Tactical Insertion General Enforcer (VESTIGE) Gunship (Under Development)

Overview: The 102nd Legion is created under the orders of Supreme Commander, John Johnson, as a response to the slow deployment of the troops and the fact that due to the slowness of the LAAT many troops were lost just trying to be deployed. Using the VESTIGE Gunship, which is faster, more heavily armored, and with about four times as many guns and nearly ten times the missile amount, the troops have a higher chance of surviving until landfall. Also, with the introduction of drop pods which would be fielded, the troops could lessen their time into the battlefield.

The 102nd Legion has a newer variety of weapons designed as a smaller package for insertion operations where space is at a premium. For example, the standard combat weapon, the DC-28, is barely half the size of the DC-15, and similarly powerful. This makes it so that there would be a smaller profile and easier usage of weapons, as well as the capability of carrying more into the battlefield. In addition, they do not wear the standard clone trooper armor but rather a special version of the Katarn Armor which is favored by clone commandos, but feature less plating and losing the rear backpack for mobility.

Vehicle-wise the VAS-X105A advanced fighter is designed to complement the troop's augmentations and more independent thinking and thus allowing the fighter to have more powerful engines and an inbuilt mission transponder system. This would allow the clones to, based on relative experience and current situations, to change mission directory partially – however discretion is advised on this.

*note: legion has not been field-tested. First test will commence after rendezvous with the Discovery battle group.

//End Transmission//

Cortana spoke up after he closed down the feed, "After reviewing the specs, I changed thing a tiny bit… ok a lot, do you want to hear it?"

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"Fine, I won't say anything then, I'll surprise you. I'm actually surprised by what the Kaminoans came up with myself…" John phased the conversation into the back of his head as he watched the clone troopers head into the ships. He reviewed his first assignment for the troops: Intelligence office had pinpointed that the droid army was re-garrisoning Geonosis, thus, John issued this order: Eliminate all remaining Separatists on Geonosis and the complete destruction of all droid factories. After he thought it over, he head inside the command ship Discovery. The intercom blared over the entire ship, and every ship ready to launch was also broadcasting.

"All personnel, prepare for launch. Repeat, all personnel prepare for launch."

It's time for battle.

Melona 1st, 22BBY

Geonosis System, Outside detection range of Separatist radar facilities on planet

John watched as the ships maneuvered past the asteroids and closer to the planet, with the units below readying themselves for the battle. The newer clone troopers, despite having the same physical conditioning, were more trained mentally, having nearly the experience of what a veteran of years would have thanks to flash memory.

"Sir, all preparations are complete. Awaiting orders," A clone trooper said as he ran up and saluted John. John returned the salute, and walked over to one of the transports and loaded on. He checked all his gear – a DC-28 in case of medium ranged combat where he cannot attack with his lightsaber, his sniper rifle with the orbital beacon, dual pistol, simply because it looks cool and for rapid-fire in close combat, lightsaber. Yep, he thought, everything seems to be ready for me. John gave the signal to Cortana who saw it through the security cameras in the hanger.

"All dropships, you are cleared to launch. Pilots and troopers, your objectives have been uploaded to your Heads-Up Display. Additional details would be given once more information has been gathered on the ground," Cortana announced over the loudspeakers in the hanger, as the atmosphere began to vent, and catapults moved the dropships into position. As the launch bay doors opened, the dropships launched, and hurtled out the hanger bay into the darkness.

John went over all current objectives in his HUD. First order was to establish a beach head where they could rest and attack. The primary area of choice was a plateau situated roughly 10 kilometers away from the main Separatist stronghold. However, the arena that the Jedi had fought in was also an option. Once gathered, all units would be given additional orders on formations before charging in randomly and slaughtering everything in sight, mind the clones, details, and gore – as cleaning the armor is a real pain. As the dropship began its descent sequence, he suddenly heard the pilot speak, "Shit! Geonosian starfighters and Vultures coming in at 12 o'clock! Brace for maneuvering!" and the ship lurched to the right and jolted to the left at random intervals, and strobes and arcs of deadly light danced past their vision. John turned to one of the monitors, and activated the radar map. He scrutinized the map for a while, then decided to take action.

"Form up into a delta formation, first three gunships point your guns straight forward and keep shooting, second to fourth row fire to each side, all gunships in the center fire upwards and downwards, and all the rest form a perimeter with fire," he ordered, and all the gunships moved into formation. Lasers hit each other and detonated, and lances of fire shot out in every direction from the formation, obliterating those who were in the line of fire. One Geonosian starfighter took a shot to his cannon as he was about to fire, and the resulting backlash from the power accumulated in the cannon ripped the ship apart. A dropship went under a hail of fire before any of the other dropships could react, and was blown apart. A stray shot from John's gunship hit a droid starfighter in the torpedo bay, and the resulting fire blew the ship apart, and the torpedoes went flying in every direction. Debris was strewn about.

There was a sudden explosion, as if something had impacted, and it definitely wasn't a proton torpedo. He could hear the pilot scream, "Fuck! Our engines have been hit by a kamikaze starfighter! We're losing contr-" There was a flash of light in the front, and the pilot's vitals flat-lined. John frowned. Without the jetpacks or maneuvering capability, none of the clones in his dropship would survive unless he could slow them down enough with the Force, but he doubted his capacity for such power. A lot.

"Sir, you best jump now, we're lost now, but your armor will allow you to safely descent into the atmosphere without too much damage. We'll make sure the rest of this doesn't hit any other gunship, and we'll try to delay the enemy fighters," one of the troopers said. John looked back, nodded, and jumped back. As he turned, he saw the flaring shields of the troops as they leaned out and fired with their weaponry at full power as the dropship veered away out of the formation. As he watched, six droid starfighters converged, and fired on the crippled dropship, one of the shots pierced through the dropship, and ignited the ammunition inside.

The dropship exploded into a fireball, and the resulting debris took four out of six fighters with it. John turned back, and activated his jetpack, firing to control the stability, as his shields flared in the battle for dominance over the reentry heat. He quickly realized that he would need a grip on something, or the heat will eventually breach the armor and cook him inside out. Hmm, finely grilled Spartan at 5,000 something degrees Celsius… nah let's not try that, thought John as he neared the hull of an LAAT, and managing to latch on, hanged on for dear life as the atmospheric turbulence tossed him about. As he scrambled towards one of the doors, there was a sudden explosion behind him as another Geonosian Starfighter exploded, and the shockwave hurtled him out to the leading edges of the wings.

Fortunately luck, or the Force, was on his side, and no sooner had he managed to grip the edge more firmly was the turbulence cleared, and they descended through the stratosphere, and stable enough for him to attempt a jet-assisted and force-assisted landing. John let go and free-fell through the air, and scanned the total area that he was suppose to attack, and was not pleased. There were thousands upon thousands of battle droids – go figure – but also a couple hundred tanks. What the… where'd all the tanks come from? As he wondered, he started gathering Force energy to slow his descent, but stopped as he saw the remnants of his gunship. Cortana's absence? Check. Five over five for craziness? Check. Style? Not really, but check. A guarantee distraction? Definitely checked. Spartan style? Oh hell yeah. He boosted over to the flaming wreckage as he activated his jetpack on full, pushing the wreckage forward, meanwhile continuing to gather Force energy for a massive push – ahem, jump.

"Sir, you are dropping faster than we are, at this rate you'll be facing the enemy almost a whole minute faster than we can respond!" a captain, John forgot his name, reported.

"Relax, and prepare for hard landing. Once you land, spread out and give suppressive fire," John ordered.

"Yes sir," the radio went dead as John check his altimeter. 5000 feet to go. John began to overdrive his jetpack, and aimed for the largest goddamned group of tanks or infantry that he could find – scratch that, tanks. A beep sounded on his HUD – he has reached his terminal velocity. He slightly adjusted his angle so that the remnants can go even faster, and silenced his alarms. He had to make sure everything was alright, and it required his full concentration. 4000 feet…3000 feet…2000 feet…1000 feet…500 feet… The droids looked up.

John used all of the gathered energy to jump to soften his own landing and to push the flaming remnants as hard as possible. He wondered whether the clones would be proud to know how much droids their funeral pyre killed..

The wreckage landed, and, unknown to every single one of the combatants participating, the warheads in the launchers were still miraculously intact. And they have a very high yield. The wreckage crumbled as it hit the ground, started to produce a shockwave, just as one of the 60 warheads got breached.

A loud explosion signified the breaching of successive warheads as they reacted, and the heat traveled with the shockwave, spreading out in a dome of fiery death unopposed by anything. John tried to veer out of the way, to no avail. He was hit with nearly the full force of the blast, and was forced upwards, slamming into the hull of a dropship which dented, knocking him unconscious. Luckily, he dented the plates of the LAAT so much that he was stuck there. The LAATs scattered, trying to avoid the impending blast, as turbulence took hold of the carriers once more.

Finally, as the explosion dimmed, John stirred, and as he tried to get out, he won't budge. What the hell? Where am I? John thought as he tried to get out, only to hear groaning metal. He looked up, and breached the deck plating, already weakened from the explosion and his crash. His head poked up, looking at the clone troopers. And his body followed the course of gravity, dragging him down.

"Whoa!" was all John could exclaim before he fell through, leaving clone troopers staring at the most random thing they ever saw in their short lives. For John, thankfully his jetpack was still operating, and he activated his pack and landed safely. The gunships landed all around, discharging clone troopers. They knew what to do.

It was show time.

Azure Angel, in hyperspace route approaching Geonosis

Anakin watched as the multitude of stars began to revert to their pinpoint lines, as the began to approach the fleet of ships exchanging fire with one another. He saw one of the enemy Coreships disintegrating under the combined fire of several ships, and the venting of several decks' atmosphere on the Discovery as it was relentlessly pummeled by enemy turbolaser blasts. He decided to join in the fray, and activated his boosters, rocketing towards the battle.

He announced his arrival eagerly by launching several torpedoes into the exposed reactor of a Recusant-class destroyer, causing the core to detonate in a bright flash, encompassing two other ships. They were not destroyed, but their shields flared, then dissipated, allowing batteries of turbolasers and scores of proton torpedoes to swarm the two ships, destroying them.

"Commander, what are your orders?" Discovery's captain radioed to Anakin, "We are outnumbered nearly 10 to 1 and we have already lost the Emperor's Wrath and the Overlord, sir."

"Scatter, try to group the Separatist ships in, then converge fire inwards," Anakin ordered, I guess, he thought, not knowing much about commanding despite being in the war for 3 months already. He abruptly turned around and fired all his cannons forward, unleashing a flurry of laser blasts into the swarm of Vulture starfighters, crippling many and destroying others. One fired a missile as Anakin dodged.

It sealed the fate for Discovery as it screamed into one of the breaches and detonated, destroying several critical support units for the reactor.

"Aw shit," Anakin muttered as Discovery began to turn towards a concentration of enemy capital ships and flared its engine on full power, trying to divert the power away and prolong their life as long as possible. Moments later, as the ship reached the small group, several escape pods were jettisoned, and within a few moments Discovery detonated, the explosion of hypermatter taking out all 8 ships. He contacted the remnants of the flagship, trying to raise someone who is a high commanding position. "Discovery crew, Discovery crew, do you read, over?" Anakin said into his comlink. Moments later, a clone replied, "Yes commander, no casualties from the resulting explosion of the ship, which ship will be the flagship now though?" Anakin looked at the list for a moment while dodging numerous laser blasts. As he weaved between the ships and explosions, he decided, "Artoo, pick a ship for them goddamnit. I have to keep my eyes on here now because its getting too hectic." Artoo beeped as he started looking at the ship list. Artoo looked at the status and names of the ships, deciding which one would be better for the operation right now. After due consideration, he highlighted the Venator-class star destroyer Peacekeeper, and sent the data over the system wide link, CIS channels excluded. All the ships began to regroup, as the commander that belonged to Discovery began to update and start rallying the remaining ships against the Separatist fleet. As Anakin was shooting Vultures left and right, he suddenly got an idea. "Commander, ready all your remaining starfighters, when I give the word launch them to attack the fleet while you give support fire by trying to breach their hull and shields. When you launch them, give their command to me," Anakin ordered. There was silence on the other side, presumable the clones relaying the order, then, "Roger that, they're ready." Anakin smirked, then rushed forward, all his guns blazing. Not at the capital ships, no, but at the Vultures. He realized that the reason they lost the capital ships was because of the fact that the Separatist ships have heavy lasers rather than a more balanced mixture of weapons, and relied too much on Vultures to keep starfighters away. Well, when he destroys most of the Vultures, there goes the fleet.

Anakin rolled his fighter to the side as 5 missiles screamed at him from the front, then began to track him. He stared straight ahead, firing at any Vulture Droids stupid enough to go near his laser cannons' range. As he screamed past 3 fighters, he rolled dodging the lasers, but his action caused the missiles to roll-

-and slammed into the 3 fighters. The other two missiles continued to follow him. Anakin looked back, and thought of an idea. He began to roll, faster and faster, and true to his prediction, the missiles rolled as well, and after a short while smashed into each other and blew up. As he looked ahead, he remembered a few things. Namely, the designs of recent and old Core ships. Noticeable, there was a Lucrehulk with numerous quad lasers, which were not in the more recent versions.

"Artoo, scan the Vultures, see if they have communiques with that cruiser," Anakin ordered as Artoo complied, scanning, and a while later replied with an affirmative. In fact, nearly all the rest of the Vultures are the older version. "Commander, focus all firepower on that Lucrehulk," Anakin ordered highlighting the different Core Ship. The Republican ships complied, and fired, destroying the central antennae of the Core ship. Most of the Vultures shut down, and caused many to crash into inert fighters.

"Now! Launch all fighters!" Dozens of Torrents and LAATs' began to emerge from the holding bays of the ships, and began strafing all the ships while the capital ships provided covering fire. True to Anakin's prediction, many of the ships and inadequate point-defense weapons, and could not easily target the smaller and more agile fighters. The fight was over, as the V-19s unleased a torrent of proton torpedoes into the hull and engines, crippling all the ships. They have won the space battle. Now, it was on to the surface.

Helona 27th, 22BBY
Surface of Geonosis, Deployment Plateau

Hundreds of clone troopers began to move, supported by various vehicles and gunship support. John surveyed the entire battlefield, and read it along with a miniature map that they had scanned prior to deployment. They had only light vehicles that the gunships could hold, so no walkers or any tanks above a Saber-class. He scanned the enemy forces again. Despite the insane stunt, they did not gain much of an advantage; that explosion only took out some Spider Walkers, several Hailfire droids, and a couple of what appears to be melee units, with long staff-like things that spark with purple lightning. Overall, they did not gain much of an advantage, because several of their gunships were shot down, and many of them contain the heavy munitions.

"All units, change of plans. Gather up your forces and divide yourself up into three groups. I want the heavy units around the center of your formations and assault units surrounding them. The people with the arm-shields, take position at the front of the formation. Snipers," John instructed, thinking for a bit, "Get onto that plateau." John said as he highlighted a cliff edge a few hundred meters away from the drop point but significantly closer to the battlefield. "Snipe anything that is not clones or me, have fun." The clone acknowledged and moved out, moving into companies and then reorganizing themselves. John looked over, and waved three ARC troopers over that he brought with him, due to the fact that Geonosis still had a lot of droid foundries that were simply deactivated, not destroyed. ARCs would do the job of commanding or infiltrating and destroying quite nicely in his opinion, so he brought them. Now, they had to command the troops until they could get to the fortress of the enemy.

"Alpha 03, you're leading that battalion, "John said, highlighting one of the groups, "head from the left side and engage the enemy flank. Try a spear formation and see if you can simply burst through and wreak havoc inside. Alpha 23, you will command that battalion," John highlighted yet another battalion, "and try to attack directly center. I will get you some additional ammunition, and make sure your formation doesn't fall apart. Try to engage at a distance; Their super battle droids will tear you apart, literally, if you get too close. ARC 45, you will take the last group and engage from the right flank; you will get additional sniper support because you are the closest from that cliff, so use that wisely and hit as hard as possible. Your objectives are not the destruction of all droid forces, and the complete destruction of the droid foundries and capture the person responsible for this droid forces. All of you, try to engage at a distance; only close in if there are no other choices, there are potential melee units on the battlefield, understood?"

"Yes sir." The ARCs said and left. John turned around, and studied the entire battlefield, as the units began to march forward. He waved the tank captain over. "Captain, focus you tanks for long range attacks on the enemy walkers, one at a time." John instructed as the captain saluted and left with his tank forces. John turned, unslung his sniper rifle, and aimed.

"Discovery, requesting orbital support, we need some firepower, Discovery?" John asked through his comm.

"Negative, we have engaged the enemy fleet, we will contact you when we have clearance."

"Understood." John said grimly and cut off. Without a primary orbital strike, the battle would be significantly harder. He simply shrugged, slung his sniper rifle, and took out both his lightsabers, connecting them into the saberstaff. Taking a last look around, he took off leading his forces into battle, running ahead of his troops until the enemy fired.

He started dodging or blocking the shots as they passed, and from almost 50 meters away he jumped high with the Force, and spun his saber as he landed, decapitating droids around him in a circle (A/N: Darth Maul's Jump attack from BF II), followed up by several slashes taking out droids behind him before they could process the fact that John was in their midst. When they did, John began to wreak havoc, as he started slashing and taking out droids. His lightsaber flashed as he twirled it around, slashing two battle droids in half, deflected two laser bolts from a Super Battle Droid before proceeding to stab his saber into said droid's torso, before ripping it out and tearing the Super Battle Droid apart, exposing the reactor before throwing his lightsaber up, drawing one of his blaster pistols, shooting the core, and jumped back recalling his lightsaber as the reactor detonated, taking out another dozen battle droids. Blaster fire stuttered from everywhere, blue and red alike. Rockets detonated against the hull of a Hailfire, while disintegrated under the firepower. A Spider Walker fired its massive laser, incinerating a file of clone troopers, but was immediately taken out by Fighter Tanks.

A warning suddenly screamed itself through the Force, and acting on instinct he disengaged the lightsabers, his blue one falling onto the ground, as a laser suddenly passed through where the hilt once was. With only one saber, John knew he was at a disadvantage, as he fought to parry all of the laser bolts coming his way while trying to kill the droids and get closer to his lightsaber. He couldn't spare his concentration right now; Djem So is not as good for deflecting laser blasts as Soresu, and he noted to himself to study Soresu later if he survived. He noticed that his shield is approaching the red limit, and just as he deflected another bolt, a heavy laser struck him from behind, hurling him forward and dropping his shields to zero. Using the time spent flying, he pulled his saber back to him, but the explosion had damaged his jetpack, rendering it inoperable, but now he had two sabers for deflecting. He began his movements, even though still raw, he was able to deflect most of the bolts back, with the rest dissipating against the Cortosis armor plating. He noticed, however, that the weight is still affecting his mobility, and knew that there were still work to do with his armor. He'd get Anakin to fix it later.

As John was starting to get overwhelmed, several blaster bolts whizzed by and destroyed many droids, courtesy of ARC 03 and his battalion. John nodded, and charged again, followed up by several wide sweeps whenever he passed a group of droids, destroying many before they could even process his location. He was in the process of launching a saber throw when his got hit by something, completely wiping his shield clean. He jumped up, and retrieved his saber, looking around. It was one of those... droids that had a staff thing. Looking at the thing up close, though, he realized that it was scarred, for one reason or another. He would think about that later... after he dismantled the droid with his saber. However, just as he was about to slice through the droid and its weapon, the droid brought up the staff, bristling with purple electricity, and blocked the shot!

John stared at the staff for a while before remembering that there were material which did resist a lightsaber strike... most notably phrik, like his joint armor. Oh crap, he thought, as he dodged one strike after another, unable to retaliate because of the droid's insanely fast reflexes and how the other battle droids were also firing on him. As he back flipped and sliced through the joint of the strange droid's left elbow, he was suddenly engaging yet another of those melee droids. He cursed as his shield was drained by a blaster shot, and was forced to jump as the two melee droids attacked in unison, and right after he landed a couple meters away, one of them threw the lightning staff at him. He could dodge, but it would place him in a disadvantageous position, but if he didn't, he'd be dead. Only one option then. The staff hit him as John turned

And John promptly detonated. There was a pause as every being processed the explosion of the clone's general, before two beams of light were shot from the cloud, one slashing right through a melee droid in the center of the torso, igniting the volatile maintenance oil and the power core, causing the droid to blow up, and the other one slashed across the droid, passing through multiple droids, before both beams came back to the cloud, and out strode John.

John's option was very simple: using his damaged jetpack as a decoy, he would have enough time to launch an attack with his sabers using the Force to throw and guide him. At the precise moment the staff reached him, he ejected his pack, causing the staff to strike it and detonate, creating a cloud, and appeared as if he had been killed. While they were processing this, John aimed both his sabers with the Force, and threw them as hard as possible. One struck dead center on a droid while the other slashed through from shoulder to hip. As Johnson would have said, Oo-rah!

There was no pause after though, as a heavy laser shot hit him square in the chest as he staggered from the dizziness of his jetpack blowing apart in such close proximity, and the explosion sent him flying, with pieces of metal flying across the place. John landed heavily, knocking the wind out of him, before rolling and avoiding a laser bolt that was aimed at his now unprotected chest, the cortosis plate having suffered too much damage and had broken off. He decided to just give it up right there and then; he ejected the rest of his armor plates, greatly increasing his mobility, and set his reactor to timed detonation, as he ran like a bat from hell, out of what would be hell in a few seconds. The countdown reached zero.

The pack detonated with a loud bang, shock waves traveling through both the Republican and Separatist forces alike, ripping through droids closest to the firestorm and turning the others to scrap from the force traveling through the frail body. The clones were tossed about, but most survived and began to launch a heavier attack, trying to recover their leader, who kept running even when the pack blew up. He jumped over an AAT and stabbed down, slashing through and slowing his descent, and kept running to his own forces, knowing that he was very vulnerable right now. He realized, there and then, that he was over-reliant on his armor, and resolved to train more so that the loss of his armor would not become as big a reliability as this battle. He knew that the clones could win; his stunts caused a load of dead droids. What he didn't expect, was a few more torpedoes tearing through the enemy's remaining tanks and walkers, blowing them up. As the troopers and John looked up, they saw Anakin, and behind him his fleet and an entire squadron of Torrents. Oh yeah, today was a great day.

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