Summary: Kyouya loves fishing...

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Fishing Haruhi

By: Raposa do Deserto-Desert Fox

Ootori Kyouya loves fishing, but he still didn't know that until yesterday…When the blonde king found out this and others common activities.

- Hey! Listen to me! I have something to say! – a blonde-haired guy called Suoh Tamaki cried out.

- What do you want to say, tono? – the twins asked.

- I have a list with many common activities that each of us will do today. – he smiled while read the list.

- Hell… - the shadow king thought when he read the paper that Tamaki gave to him. Fishing? What the hell is it?

Kyouya left the third room with a bad mood. Everybody is excited with these stupid activities...

The twins and Tamaki are playing a game called Twister while Mori and Hunny are playing Hide and Seek. He doesn't see the funny of this, but…It seems more interesting than fishing! However all this activities are stupid! So stupid, that not even Haruhi wanted to play these sucker things.

When he arrived at the lake he sat down and read the instructions that the idiot king did:

1- Sit down;

2- Read this instructions;

Kyouya felt his anger rising, but he said to himself that he wasn't going to do anything about it. Did Tamaki think he was that idiot?

3- Take the fishing rod;

4- Put the bail on fish hook;

5- Put the fish hook under water and wait.

The cool type did what was wrote there and felt very weird. This activity is so calm; bring a sensation of peace and relaxation.

After some time he got many fish, although he didn't know what do with it. Suddenly he had an idea. What is Haruhi doing?

Haruhi was studying to her exam next week when she heard a strange noise. She looked for the noise and found out a thing that she loves a lot…Ootoro. Haruhi looked in all directions and tried to take the ootoro, but the food was moving! She waited a minute and tried again, and not she knows… She was following the food to out the school.

When the hosts came back to the third room they found out a paper with instructions.

1- Look out the window;

They did that and saw an innocent Haruhi following an ootoro moored on the fishing rod. And waiting for her was a black car, but before they could do something she get in the car.

After that, they read the last instruction…

2- Say good bye to her.

Kyouya looked at Haruhi who was eating her ootoro and smiled. He found out that he loves fishing.


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By: Raposa do Deserto-Desert Fox