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Chapter One

"Come on, Annabel, you have to share," Melody cried out to her friend. "You can't keep it all to yourself. Maybe I want to play with that one too."

"I can if I want to," Annabel replied pettily, shaking her head making her long blonde hair fall around her face. "You can't make me share."

Melody Wellington was seven years old and was currently in her bedroom playing dolls with her friend, Annabel Parker.

"Can too, I'll tell my mom if you don't. Besides, sharing is what friends do."

"I'm so scared," Annabel sarcastically replied, "Who told you that anyway, your mommy?" She said sticking her tongue out at Melody; who instantly called out for her mother.

"MOM!" Melody cried loudly, "ANNABEL WON'T SHARE!" Melody's mother appeared in her room a moment later looking more than a little annoyed. She was trying to put her earrings in.

"Melody, sweetheart, will you just put the dolls away and get ready," Eve exasperatedly told her daughter. "We don't want to keep Grandma waiting." Melody's grandmother was eighty years old and suffered from Alzheimer's; they were preparing to visit her in the nursing home.

"Just tell her you don't want to go," Annabel whispered in Melody's ear.

"I don't want to," Melody repeated what Annabel had said to her.

"You have to," she replied, exasperatedly, "it's your grandmother's birthday and we have to visit her."

"I want to stay here and play with Annabel."

"Melody, you are seven years old," Eve told her, becoming angry. "It's time you grew up and stopped believing in things that aren't real. Annabel is imaginary; she's not real so stop talking about her like she is."

"But she is real. She's my friend and I won't stop playing with her, I won't," Melody sounded like a petulant child but she didn't care. She stamped her foot, tucked her mousey brown hair behind her ear and pouted trying to get her own way. Annabel was her friend and no matter what her mother said, she was real.

"I'm not going to argue with you about this; your dad is waiting for us in the car so just put on the dress and let's get going to your grandmother's." With that Melody's mother turned and walked out of the bedroom.

"You're mom's mean. She said I'm not real but I am."

"Yeah, she's mean" Melody sadly agreed. "I wish she would leave us alone. I don't know why she can't see you."

"She'll leave us alone, I promise you."


Melody was bored. Her grandma was old and senile; hardly stimulating entertainment for a seven year old. What was worse though was that Annabel had decided to go walk about and she didn't see her for the entire visit. Sitting in a chair in her grandmother's room at the nursing home, Melody just wanted this afternoon to end and to go home so she could play with Annabel some more. She had sulked for the whole car ride there and had continued to sulk even though her mother told her to cut it out and smile for her grandmother.

She hated that her mother had forced her to come. She loved her grandmother dearly but it just wasn't fun for her. She had loved her grandmother before; when they used to play games and bake but now she didn't even recognise her own children and so their visits mainly consisted of sitting there and her grandmother needing to be reminded of who they were. Melody just wanted to go home.


Later that night Eve Wellington woke with a start, the remnants of a dream fading from her mind. Although she could barely remember what her dream had been about; she knew it hadn't been good. She had this strange feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was very wrong.

Feeling thirsty; she climbed out of bed and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. As she poured herself a glass of water she thought she heard a noise. She quickly turned but there was nothing there. Thinking it was just her overactive imagination but also feeling extremely on edge, she nervously put the water jug back into the fridge and shut the door.

There was another bang. It came from the living room. This time she was sure she hadn't imagined it. Clutching the glass tightly; she felt around for some kind of weapon she could use to defend herself. The first thing she came across was a rolling pin she had been using earlier in the day and had not put back in the drawer. With a glass in one hand and a rolling pin in the other she slowly made her way into the living room. It was completely empty. The noise came again, from the kitchen this time.

"Hello?" She called out; feeling far beyond terrified. "Who's there?" The fear in her voice was apparent as she tried to compose herself and be braver than she actually felt. There was no reply. This unnerved her even more. She walked back towards the kitchen; a frightened look plastered on her face. Once she entered the kitchen she saw a young girl stood in the middle of the room with a large and very sharp knife in her hand. The girl was pretty; with blonde hair tied in pigtails and big blue eyes. She was dressed in a green dress with a lace trim and matching shoes. She looked like any other beautiful young seven year old but on her face was a look of pure hatred.

"You can't stop her from believing," the young girl told her in a sing-song voice; it sounded pleasant but had an ominous undertone to it.

"What?" Eve managed to say; her voice filled with fear. She tightened her grip on the rolling pin and prepared to swing it if needed.

"Melody and I will be together forever."


"You can't stop me," she yelled as she as she gripped the knife tighter in her hand. "You won't stop me," her eyes turned black and Eve could only cry out in shock and horror as the child brought the knife up and slashed it across Eve's throat. Eve grasped her throat as she fell to the floor; she never even had the chance to defend herself against her attacker. The girl stood there and laughed as Eves husband ran down the stairs only be greeted by the body of his now dead wife. He didn't see her as he sobbed and grabbed the phone to call the emergency services.

"You'll never keep us apart," Annabel said menacingly as she walked into the living room. "Melody," she cried out; running towards the stairs, "you have to wake up. Something bad has happened to your mom."