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Chapter Seventeen

Dean couldn't get the idea of revenge off his mind. He wanted it so bad; to face the men that had humiliated him like they did.

Sam insisted on the taking a break after they had salted and burned Annie and for once Dean didn't complain. In fact he welcomed it. It kept them near to where he wanted to be and he was actually had a chance to recover. He also had time to think about what he was going to do.

At least Sam seemed happier. After their talk he stopped blaming himself over what happened and went back to his normal self. Dean was actually glad he didn't have to deal with his moping anymore but he also realised that there was no way that Sam would want to go back. He wouldn't agree to this.

"Hey Sam," Dean said to get his brother's attention.


"You remember when Annie was trying to kill me?" He asked.

"Yeah, what about it?" Was Sam's reply.

"You remember those guys that beat me up?"

"Not personally, why?"

"I need to go back," as Dean said this Sam looked up from the book he had been staring at.

"Are you sure that's a good idea?" He asked with a worried look on his face. He knew exactly what Dean wanted to do and he didn't like it one bit. "They did kick the crap out of you."

"Only because I was outnumbered and unprepared."

"That doesn't mean you should go back," Sam reasoned but Dean wasn't really listening. "Are you even listening to me?" Sam asked; noticing that Dean wasn't paying attention to anything he had just said.

"I'm listening," Dean replied, "I'm just choosing to ignore it."

"You're going anyway, aren't you?" Sam sighed and resigned himself to Dean's decision. He looked over at his brother who nodded slightly. "Fine," he huffed, "but I don't have to like it."

Danny Hewitt didn't consider himself to be a bad person; it was just sometimes his temper got the better of him and when it did he was unable to stop himself. His wife had left him because it had become so bad he had threatened to beat her when he was completely drunk.

It was always when he was drunk. It was as if he became a different person after several beers and no matter how hard he tried to stop he couldn't. It had become much worse once his wife had left.

But that guy had purely been for pleasure. He had swanned up to him and his friends looking so cocky that he had to challenge him to a game of pool. The man had lost the first game which Danny had expected. He wasn't as good as he thought he was and it made out to be. He was actually surprised when he had suggested another game but Danny was drunk and he wasn't going to turn down the chance to win more money.

Things had turned very quickly and Danny realised he was being hustled. He felt his anger grow to the point where he was about to smash his fist into this guy's face. He had gestured to his friends who grabbed the guy and dragged him into the alley behind the bar and beat the crap out of him.

He had felt a sense of satisfaction when they had finished and left the guy on the ground. He had gone back into the bar and drank several more beers before crawling home. The next morning he had woken up and felt no remorse over what he had done. In fact he smiled.

Danny had never expected to see him again. He sneered to his friends when he saw him walk into the same bar followed by a tall, gangly man. He must be stupider than he looked. He swaggered up to him and stared him in the face.

"You must be stupid to come back here," he menaced. Dean kept his face neutral, there was nothing that betrayed what he was thinking; not even his eyes.

"Really," his voice was calm and emotionless.

"I already kicked the crap outta you once I can do it again."

"I wouldn't be so sure," There was a glint in Dean's eye as he turned and walked out of the bar.

Danny was outraged. He wanted to grab him and punch him. Instead he gestured to his friends and followed Dean out of the bar. He was nowhere to be seen. Danny stared around but he could not see where Dean had gone. Just as he was about to turn around and head back into the bar Dean appeared in front of him. He was alone; the other man had disappeared.

"Where's your friend?" Danny asked; his voice had a sneery tone to it.

Dean smiled. "I don't need anyone to help me fight my battles. He's not gonna hold you down while I kick your ass."

"You're cocky, kid."

"Not cocky, just honest."

Danny grabbed Dean and pushed him against the wall. "Feeling so tough now?"

"Are you? All your little friends have gone," Dean told him, his voice never rising or losing the calm tone he had adopted when he had been in the bar.

Danny turned around and saw that he was indeed alone. "What did you do with them?" He snarled in an attempt to look threatening.

"I didn't do anything," Dean told him as he grabbed his arms and pushed him away. Danny threw a punch which Dean easily avoided, throwing Danny off guard and allowed Dean to gain the upper hand. He grabbed Danny and threw him into the wall. He connected with the wall and the wind was knocked out of him. "This can go two ways," Dean said in a low voice. "You can go home with your pride and your teeth or you can go home with neither."

This scared Danny. He was used to being the bully; pushing people around and getting exactly what he wanted but now he realised that Dean was not a person to be messed with. He had thought he's been an easy target; a little mouthy, yes; but on the whole completely harmless. Now he knew different. There was a look in Dean's eyes that said he meant exactly what he had just told him. Danny felt all the strength and drunken bravery evaporating from his body.

"What's it gonna be?"

Danny pushed Dean away, "It's not over," he told him acting braver than he felt.

"I think it is," Dean said before turning and walking away leaving Danny alone. He walked back to his car to see Sam stood there, leaning against the side.

"How'd it go?" Sam asked.

"Fine," Dean casually replied. "I think he got the message. Did you take care of his friends?"

"Yeah, they're taken care of."

"Great, let's get out of here."

"I'm not gonna argue with you there," Sam said as he pulled the door open and sat in the passenger seat. Dean got in and started the car before pulling out of the car park.

"So, where we headed next?" He asked as they drove out of town.