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Track 1: Twas the Night Before…

"Hiro! Suguru! Help me find something for Ryuichi!" The members of Bad Luck were at the mall trying to look for something to buy for Ryuichi's birthday, which was tomorrow. They didn't mind all the stares they were receiving, although it was getting pretty annoying. There was something that Shuichi didn't know about what was going to happen by tomorrow, but with him worrying about a lot of other things now, he wasn't aware.

"Ooh! What about this CD of the album we just released?" Hiro pointed out as we walked past a music store.

"No…" Suguru responded. "It's too… not right." They continued on and kept making suggestions as they walked past numerous stores.

"How about we buy him a novel? Written by… MY HUSBAND!" Shuichi exclaimed when they got to a bookstore. Shuichi had meant Eiri Yuki, his husband whom barely showed any affection towards him until an important event occurred that forced Yuki to marry Shuichi.

"NO!" Hiro and Suguru shouted in unison. "Besides," Hiro started, "I don't think Ryuichi even reads books!" This was a hard mission to accomplish. Fifteen minutes passed when Shuichi finally found the perfect gift.

Shuichi had seen a stuffed bunny when he and the other guys went in the toy store. It looked exactly like Kumagoro, except that it was purple, not pink.

"This is perfect! We could buy this for Ryuichi! And I also bet Kumagoro needs a best friend to play with, right?" The three laughed. Hiro and Suguru agreed to buy the purple stuffed bunny. After they exited the store, then the mall, they headed towards the NG building.

As they were on their way to the studio, Shuichi's cellphone rang.

"Hello? …Yeah…uh-huh….When are you coming back? …Oh, alright… Ok, drive safely! Bye, honey! Luv ya! OH! One more thing. DON'T DRINK TOO MUCH!! You know what happens when you drive drunk!" While Shuichi talked on the phone, Shuichi's fellow band members instantly knew who he was talking to. As soon as Shuichi hung up his cell, they wanted to know what happened.

"What's up with Yuki?" asked Hiro.

"Oh, he's just gonna be out for the night, that's all."

"When's he coming back?" asked Suguru.

"Why are you asking me these questions? It's none of your business!"

"Sorry, we were only curious."

"Don't worry. Anyway, he'll be back at around midnight. I don't wanna be late! giggle Midnight… the perfect time for" Hiro knew exactly what Shuichi was about to say, and he had just arrived at the NG building.

"OKAY! WE'RE HERE!!" Hiro screamed. Shuichi glared at him, thinking that it isn't his fault he's… well… you know cough.

Shuichi ran into the building, followed by Hiro and Suguru. He ran up the stairs to the floor they were usually on when they recorded their music. When everyone finally entered the room, they worked on wrapping Ryuichi's present, then sat down and chatted.

"So Shuichi, how're things between you and Yuki?" Suguru asked.

"We're good, like always… gasp OH MY GOD!" Both Hiro and Suguru jumped in surprise when Shuichi yelled.

"What? What happened?" asked Hiro, freaking out.

"Today's our one year anniversary!!" said Shuichi. "I totally forgot about it when I was busy doing basically everything today! What am I going to do!?" his voice broke, and he was on the verge of tears. Shuichi usually became emotional about little things. Yuki wouldn't get mad at the fact that his pink-haired husband forgot their half year anniversary, right?

"Well… maybe when you get home before Yuki, you can set something up and make a surprise celebration!" Hiro calmed Shuichi down and got him a box of strawberry pocky, which always made him at least a little happy.

While that was happening, Yuki was in the hallway heading towards Bad Luck's room. As he was walking, Ryuichi appeared from the corner of the hall and saw Yuki walking.

"Yuki!" yelled Ryuichi. He ran down and stopped when he was at least 4 feet away from him.

"What do you want?" asked Yuki, annoyed. After he had married Shuichi, Yuki started to smoke and drink less, and he became more warm-hearted. But sometimes, he would go back to his old self and act cold to people.

"Um… can you help me with something?" Ryuichi asked.

"…Sure… with what?" asked Yuki, wondering if this is a trick.

"I want you to help me pull a prank on Shuichi for April Fools Day?"

"Dude, we're in Japan, not America."

"Oh c'mon! Let's just trick him, for the fun of it. On my birthday, I wanna get to see the look on Shuichi's face when he finds out that… well… I'll tell you what I'm planning on doing later."

"Sure, whatever…"

Yuki and Ryuichi walked together towards Nittle Grasper's room. While he was walking, he ran into the guys from ASK.

"Hey, Tacchi!" Ryuichi shouted. Tacchi and the other guys turned around and saw Ryuichi, followed by the blonde novelist. "Wanna help me with something? The other guys can come, too."

"Uh, sure, but not with him" Tacchi responded and pointed to Yuki.

"Well, it's too bad. You're going to have to deal with him, even if it means… ah, never mind."

"Even if it means what?"

"I said never mind, just follow me."


Yuki, Ryuichi, and everyone from ASK entered Nittle Grasper's room, which was surrounded by light green walls. Ryuichi sat the guys down on his black leather couch, ignoring the noise Noriko was making while on the internet. She was totally rapt in what she was doing, so she wasn't listening to the conversation.

"So, whaddaya want us here for?" asked Ken, another member of ASK.

"Well, I want you to help me pull a prank on Shuichi," said Ryuichi.

"Oh, that fag from the amateur band?" laughed Tacchi.

Yuki glared at him with those eyes that look like he could kill someone with them, which apparently scared the hell outta Tacchi.

"Okay, okay! S-sorry!" Tacchi stuttered.

"Watch it," Yuki said, sounding dangerous.

"Oookay then! Let's discuss what I'm planning, shall we?" Ryuichi butted in.

"Fine," said Yuki, monotonously and coldly. Ryuichi had told them what was going to happen, and everyone thought it was a perfect prank, while Yuki thought that it would make Shuichi suicidal, but he was still going to be involved in it.

In Bad Luck's room, Shuichi was going to go home, unaware of what was to happen later on.

"Honey, I'm… oh wait, I forgot he's not home. Hehe!" Shuichi took off his shoes when he entered his apartment and sat down on the couch.

"Hmm…. What am I going to do with this stuff??" Shuichi asked himself. Apparently, he had stopped by a store that was open until midnight and bought things to decorate the house for their anniversary. Shuichi then came up with an idea and started decorating the house according to what he was planning. Soon, the edges of the ceilings were covered in pink and blue ribbon. On the top of the entrance of the dining room was a banner that said "Happy Anniversary!" on it. Shuichi waited for Yuki until 2 in the morning, and then got worried. He called Yuki's cell phone, but he never picked up. He then went to sleep, thinking Yuki must be stuck in traffic, and that his cell phone was turned off.