Rustle. Munch. Rustle. Munch.

That was the tune Shikamaru had grown accostumed to since he became a genin. He heard it all the time, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. It all depended on Chouji's hunger...

Rustle. Grunt.

Shikamaru turned from his cloud gazing for a moment to look at his best friend. The chubby boy was frowning as he crumpled up his latest chip bag, which he already emptied. Chouji looked to his friend and offered the last chip of the bag. The black-haired boy took it with no comment, popping it into his mouth and silently munching it. His gaze stayed on his friend as he watched the swirl-cheeked boy shift and lay down next to him.

The two laid there for a while, no rustling or grunting to fill the silence. Shikamaru's gaze had since returned to his clouds, as he determined what each cloud looked like to him. He was almost positive Chouji had fallen asleep until he heard the other speak softly.

"Hey Shika?"


"Does that cloud look like a deer to you?"

He pointed out one that was just as unrecognizable as all the other clouds in the sky. The Nara boy stayed silent for a few minutes before nodding.

"Yeah, I see it..."

Chouji had a slight triumphant look on his face for the next few moments, but it returned to a look of calm quickly. The two laid side by side, as they had done so many times before. It was often just them, as Ino had more "important things to do than just sit around eating chips and staring at clouds."

Shikamaru stands firm on the thought that she's just stalking Sakura. When he first brought it up, Chouji asked if it was to make sure Sakura stayed away from Sasuke, or the other way around. Shikamaru still hasn't come to a conclusion on that.

Watching clouds pass eventually became as tiresome as most things did, and Shikamaru's eyes slowly shut. He lay there silently, his mind on auto-pilot as he rested. Chouji turned on his side and watched his best friend for a minute. His eyes looked over every small detail of the Nara's face.

His thick, long lashes, and his small button nose... His furrowed brow and slight hint of a scowl. The slight puff of his upper cheeks, and the curve of his widow's peak. The very hint of barbeque powder from the chip Shika had recently eaten still on his plump lips.

The larger boy stared intently for a bit, before slowly moving closer. He leaned over Shikamaru and slowly moved towards his face. Their lips met in a gentle touch, and the thinner boy's eyes opened.

He didn't look surprised, but not curious either. Laying still, he let Chouji do as he wished, not seeming to care at all. The plumper boy reeled back after a minute, licking his lips. He got back into the laying position he was before, and stared up at the sky.

"I was getting the last bit of the barbeque."

"I know."

He always gave the last chip to Shikamaru. The Nara smiled lightly, looked to the clouds, and waited for the end of another bag of chips, and the stealing of the last bit of barbeque.