Stories Aren't Real! Or Are They...?

By: Hakai

A/N: This is the sequel to Read Me a Story, Trunks. By Anime Angel, my sister. She's been busy writing WERH (When Evil Reveals Herself, another story of hers.), so she asked me to write this fic for her. She really wanted to, but didn't have enough time. I hope I do good! *Caution, I use quite a few Japanese words (sorry, but I speak Japanese at home sometimes, and well this is anime...). Don't worry, I have a definition for the less common words.

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"Once upon a time, there was a prince. He was very handsome, even for his early thirties. He was also the richest man in the world. All the women of the Kingdom wanted to be his bride. But he didn't want any of them, not one. He was waiting. Waiting for the girl of his dreams."


"Mr. Briefs. Please sign these papers before you leave." Trunks' latest secretary (whom also had a not-so-secret crush on him.) explained. She was very pretty, a fairly tall women with reddish-orange hair. She had blue eyes and a preppy smile. But that's why Trunks would never want to go out with a girl like her, way too preppy. A couple years ago he might have, but his tastes had changed. "Oh, and the workers in the lab had a difficulty with the machinery today. You might want to check it out."

"If that's all, you can go. In fact. You can go home. I've got a major headache." The purple haired man said while grabbing his head with his hand. And it was true, lately Trunks had been getting some pretty serious headaches.

"Baka okaasan! Why'd you have to make me the C.C. president!" Trunks muttered walking over to his desk and retrieving some asprin for the severe pounding in his head.

As he began walking towards the Tech room, several workers and fan girls were flirting with him. This only made Trunks' headache worse. By the time he reached the Tech room, his head was throbbing much worse then before. And, to make matters worse, the machine didn't seem to even want to be fixed!

He finally got the machine fixed, (after several hours) and went home. When he got home, Bulma gave him a late night dinner. Trunks was so tired he just gobbled his food down and stuck his dishes in the sink. After taking a quick shower and walking almost blindly to his bedroom, he collapsed on his mattress and fell a sleep...


...The purple haired half-Saiyan blinked his eyes open. "W-where am I?"

"where am I....where am I.... am I....I....?" His voice bounced off of the emptiness. It was almost exactly like the ROSAT (Room of Spirit and Time).

"You're in the Dream Realm." A kind voice told him "Please, state your wish."

"My wish?" Trunks was confused. What was going on?

"And do hurry please. My time is quite short."

"O-ok." Trunks closed his eyes. The first thing that came rushing into his head, was those stupid fan girls whom were forever stalking him. How about wishing them away!? No, but he didn't want to be lonely! "I wish... for the perfect girl."

"In your standards?" Trunks nodded, and was about to tell what kind of girl he wanted, when the voice made her last comment. "Very well. Your wish has been granted. C'ya!"

"But who is she?!" Trunks yelled at the voice. But, it had already disappeared. Trunks sighed, so much for that wish.

Trunks looked up. In the emptiness that surrounded him, he saw a lone tree that he hadn't seen there earlier. In fact, in till just now this whole dream realm- or whatever she had called it- was just emptiness. It wasn't a very beautiful tree, yet, it wasn't ugly, just plain. But, what really got Trunks breath caught in his throat, wasn't the tree, but the female figure standing in it's shadow. From what he could make out, she was beautiful! Yet, she wasn't one of those real feminine girls who glomp him 24/7.

"Who are you?" Trunks called. The girl opened her eyes to reveal the most gorgeous eyes that the young half-human had ever seen. She smirked at him, as if to tease him into coming over. Which Trunks happily obliged to. He took a step, right foot, left foot..., right foot, and-

Beep! Bee-ep!

Trunks reached out his hand to shut his alarm off. "It was a dream." he muttered to himself as he wiped his face.

His bedroom door opened, and in walked his 20 1/2-year-old sister, Bra. "Trunks! You're going to be late for work."

"Tell okaasan I'll go in this afternoon, and stay later."

"Whatever." Bra shrugged leaving the room.


Trunks had walked into his office and 2:31 p.m. that day. And now it was nearly 10. He was the only one left in the Capsule Corps. building. His secretary was still there, but not for long. Since he'd gone in late, he had a lot of work to do.

"How in the world did Mom and Grandpa ever handle this job." Trunks grumbled typing away on his computer.

"Their company wasn't as big then."

"Wha-?! Who's there!?" Trunks called jumping out of his seat into a fighting stance.

"Just little o' me. Ha ha." He laughed menacingly as he leaped off the window to stand right in front of Trunks.

"AHHH~!!" a female screamed dropping the coffee she was supposed to give the President


Now, he didn't want just any old girl. Nope, this prince was a picky one. He wanted her to be spunky, unafraid, willing to stand up for herself, not letting others walk all over her. He wanted her to be the independent type of girl, for his work wouldn't leave much time for him to be with her. But when he was home, he was sure that they would have the time of their lives together.

"Well, one day, while he was in his office, busily working out problems of the kingdom, an evil man dressed in dark green took him away. One of his servants came in later that day to bring him his tea. When she got there, he was of course, gone. She dropped the tea and screamed for help. Immediately, his mother put an ad outside of the palace. It proclaimed that the next day, she would hold a tournament, and whoever won would be sent out to look for the prince. A very high honor indeed.


A young women with long black hair tied up into a ponytail sparred against herself. Near her was a very clear waterfall leading into a pond. The pond was so clean, you could drink it. The reason it was so clean was the fact that it was so high on the mountain side. She was sweating and her eyes were closed as if she was in deep concentration. But it was quite the opposite. She was very well relaxed in her self-sparring. It was like a dance to her. Pure instincts.

"Training hard, Pan-chan?"

"Of course, mom." Pan replied stopping her work out to look at her mother. "The Tenka'ichi Budokai's in 2 days."

"Yes, I know."

"Hey! I've go an idea, why don't you enter too?"

"Me? I don't think so. I might, if my father didn't know it was me fighting."

"Then why don't you go as the.... GREAT SAIYAMAN 2!" Pan declared striking a rather stupid pose, but, too Videl's embarrassment, very "Great Saiyamanish".

But, Videl had to laugh. Gohan had done the exact same pose when they were younger.

"I'm gonna go to C.C. I wanna see if Trunks wants to train with me. Training alone isn't as helpful, or fun."

"Ok. Just be home by dinner." The blue-eyed women called after her daughter's retreating figure.

"Now mother. Would I ever miss dinner?" Pan asked turning her head around.

"Of course not. Have fun!" Pan gave her mom a thumbs up and flew off.

"Saiyans..." Videl mumbled to herself with a shake of her head.


"Bulma-san!" Pan called at the door of Capsule Corps. "Is Trunks here."

"Nuh-uh." Bulma replied shaking her head. "He went to work late in the afternoon yesterday. He probably had a lot of work to catch up on and stayed over night. He's done that before."

"Ok." Pan sighed. She began to walk away disappointed.

"Hey brat!"

Pan turned around. Standing next to Bulma in the doorway, was none other then the Saiyan no Ojisama himself... Vegeta.

"Vegeta-san." Pan greeted. She was a bit shocked. He was usually locked away in his gravity room all day long, except for meals, of course.

"If it's training you've come for.... I'll train you."

"Really?" Pan asked happily as she jumped up and hugged him. Vegeta nodded, slightly blushing. He wasn't used to this.

"That's really nice of you." Bulma commented smiling as the two made their way to the Gravity room. Vegeta gave her a rather pleasant grin back.


"Gohan! Dinner time!" Videl called. Gohan came into the kitchen and gave his wife a peck on the check, right before gobbling down his food ("Itadakimasu!"[means: let's eat]). Videl giggled to herself before she set her own plate of food on the table.

She had just picked up her chopsticks when the door banged open. Videl turned her head. "Oh Kami-sama!" This made Gohan stop mid-bite and look up too.

There in the doorway stood a beat up young woman. She was leaning on the doorframe to support her weight. She was bloody, bruised, and her clothes were torn up...basically she was one big mess.

"Pan!" Gohan shouted dropping his bowl of rice to run over to his only daughter.

"Hey otousan." Pan greeted. Right before she passed out into her fathers strong arms.


"Is she ok?"

"I-I think so." Gohan replied carrying the raven haired girl upstairs to the bathroom. After cleaning up the blood and bandaging her cuts they set her in her room to sleep.



"N-nani?" Pan asked sitting up. "Itee!" She gasped grabbing her head.

"Oh, Pan-chan!" Videl called coming into her room. "You're awake."

"Who's Otousan yelling at?"

Videl laughed. "Vegeta-san."

"Naze, why?"

"Because he was going to yell at Trunks for beating you up so bad, but then he found out you were sparring with Vegeta."

"That sucks. The one time Vegeta-san's 'nice' to me and let's me train with him, dad's gotta screw up the whole deal and yell at him like that. He'll probably think I'm a 'daddy's girl' and not let me train with him or Trunks anymore. This bites."

"Did Vegeta transform on you?"

Pan nodded. "Super Saiyan 3, don't ever mess with that." She smiled, letting her Saiyan side show her mother how much fun that challenge had been. Sometimes, Videl worried about that girl and her fighting.

"Well, that's awesome that you pushed him that far, ne?"

"Uh-huh! He even told me that I'm almost as strong as a Super Saiyan 2! He also told me that it was a shame that I'm only 1/4 Saiyan, otherwise I probably would be a Super Saiyan 2!" Videl smiled. At moments like this when Pan got worked up about fighting, it reminded Videl of when she was 4-year-old and had entered the Tenka'ichi Budoukai. She'd been so excited!

Pan's door opened, and in walked a very pissed off Gohan. When he saw that Pan was awake he immediately bombarded her with questions. "Are you feeling ok now? Is anything broken? Are you hungry? Why were you sparring with Vegeta?! Does your head hurt? I'm gonna kill that piece of-!"


"Yes, sweetie?"

Pan rolled her eyes. "I'm ok. See." Pan removed all of her bandages to emphasize her point. "But, I am hungry. On the second thought, make that starving!" Gohan smiled. He should have known better, his daughter had always been a tough girl.


The purple haired half-human opened his eyes. "W-where am I?"

"On the floor."

Trunks looked up. "It's you!"

"None other. Ha ha ha! You in big trouble Mr. Briefs!" His kidnapper taunted him as he struggled to get whatever was holding him to the floor off. "And don't try to get out of that. It's no use. I've dealt with you kind before."

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