Stories Aren't Real! Or Are They...?

By: Hakai

Ever After

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"...I love you."

Pan stared at her long time friend, Trunks Briefs. She felt woozy and off balance. Something in the back of her head was saying 'Trunks has gone insane.'

"Are you feeling ok, Trunks?" Pan asked worried. "I mean, that was some blow to the head that Kori gave you. Maybe you should lie dow-"

"No Pan. I'm fine." Trunks said. "But I won't be fine if you don't answer me... Will you... be my girlfriend, Pan?"

Pan was dumbstruck She tried to tell him that he was crazy, that maybe he was the one who should be lying in a hospital bed. Maybe he'd been worried about her and hadn't got much sleep. That could cause temporary insanity. She tried, tried with all her might and will to tell him to shut up and get some sleep! But it came out as "Yes, Trunks."


No, she thought. "Yes." She said aloud.

"Great. Why don't you meet me at the park tomorrow and we can go get dinner or something." Pan could do nothing but nod blindly as Trunks smiled and walked out the door. She saw flowers on her bed side table. But she was feeling faint, and so went back to sleep. Had she read the tag, she would have found that it said 'To Pan, hope you get well. -Trunks'


"A date with Trunks Briefs!" One of Pan's school friends squealed. "You are so lucky. I'll help you get ready. You'll need a dress, some hair supplies, shoes, make-up. The whole works! This is so exciting."

"Yeah." Pan sighed. "For you or for me?"


Trunks was late, and he knew it. It was well past the time that he was supposed to meet Pan. He would have been there sooner, had he figured out what he was going to wear sooner. He'd finally decided (with the help of Bulma-san) on black slacks and a collared shirt.

Along the way Trunks had envisioned how Pan would look most of his thoughts were filled with skimpy showy dresses, a seductive smile...etc. But that just wasn't Pan. unless, he thought, one of her friends had gotten a hold of her...

But when he finally got to the park. There was Pan. Wearing baggy jeans, t-shirt, and her infamous orange bandanna. That was Pan. Plain and simple. What had he been thinking! Skimpy clothes and make-up! *snort* Had she been wearing that, she'd had lost her best quality... being herself. And that was what he loved about her. That she remained true to herself.

"Sorry I'm late." He apologized. "Shall we go?"

"Yes." She said excitedly. "I'm starved. My friend made me skip lunch going shopping with her. Only to find that I would never in a gazillion years wear the outfit she had picked out." Trunks grinned. That was just like Pan. Simple as that.

And they lived happily ever after...

~The End

Moral: Hey! I have a moral to this story! (sorta...) ::sits back in chair, puts on glasses, and gets into "intelligent" mode:: *ahem*

'Always be yourself and don't let anything other say or do change you.'


'Sometimes love is right under your nose, and you just don't realize it.'

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