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Chapter 1

Lucas stared at the strikingly pretty girl that slept soundly in his arms and couldn't help but smile to himself. Finally, after so much heartache, he was truly and completely happy. Brooke, the girl he loved so much it made his heart hurt, had finally admitted she shared his feelings. That night, the two of them got into yet another uncalled-for fight, and in the midst of everything, Brooke had burst into tears, unable to hide her emotions anymore, and told Lucas that she loved him too. From the instant he saw the tears trickling down her cheeks, Lucas wrapped Brooke's trembling body in his arms, holding on to her as tightly as he could, and didn't let go of her ever since. Lucas kept on holding on to Brooke's figure as the two lay in her bed, and only loosened his grip when Brooke's peaceful deep breaths and tenseless body ensured that she was fast asleep. Only then was he certain that she wouldn't have a change of heart and leave him again.

"I love you, pretty girl", Lucas caressed her cheek gently and kissed her forehead lightly, careful not to wake her up. "I'll never leave you again, Brooke. I promise…"

"Lucas!", Lucas jerked his head off the café table he had been resting it on. He opened his ocean-colored eyes groggily and stared at the source of the voice. It was extremely early in the morning, but he knew he must talk to the man that was standing in front of him at a time in which as few as possible ears could hear their conversation.

Bearing that thought in mind, he rose to his feet quietly that morning, coming out of the warm cozy bed he would have loved to remain in, careful not to wake Brooke up. Lucas looked at her worriless face and smiled. He wished he could have snuck back into her bed next to her and held her body in his arms, but what he needed to do couldn't wait. Lucas tore a page out of one of Brooke's notebooks and grabbed a pen from her desk. He scribbled a few sentences on the paper and placed it in his place, on the pillow he had slept on that night. He gave his girlfriend one last loving glance and left.

"Lucas, are you with me?", Lucas snapped out of his daydream.

"I'm sorry, Andy. How are you?", Lucas greeted his mother's boyfriend.

"I'm fine", Andy sat down and gave Lucas a questioning look, "did you find anything new?".

Lucas surveyed the café carefully, making sure nobody was looking at them before he pulled a black account book out of his backpack.

"He's been hiding this in his ceiling along with a bag full of money", Lucas filled Andy in.

Andy took the book from Lucas and studied it, a frown emerging on his face, "You could bring him down with this. This is major financial fraud!", Andy declared.

"Great!", Lucas exclaimed and let out a joyful chuckle, "He's finally gonna get what he deserves!".

"Are you gonna turn him in?", Andy inquired.

"Better! I'm gonna play by his rules. Now I've got something I could use against him anytime I want. Now I have the upper hand!".

"Lucas, are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I'm leaving for New-Zealand tonight. Are you positive you can handle this alone?", Andy asked uneasily.

"Andy, you've helped more than enough. And besides – as long as I have this account book, there's no way he will do anything to me", Lucas reassured.

Andy and Lucas smiled at each other, laughing happily at what they thought only the two of them knew. Little did they know that at that very moment, the man they were both scheming against was sitting outside the café, watching their every move.

"So you think you've outsmarted your old man?", Dan smirked to himself, "Game on, Lucas, game on…"

"Hey boyfriend!", Lucas felt Brooke's gentle fingers softly touch his neck as she kissed his lips, greeting him that morning in the school yard. "When I woke up this morning and you weren't there, I thought that it was all a dream", Brooke whispered huskily into his ear and then kissed his neck, sending chills down his spine.

"Didn't you see my letter?", Lucas tightened his grip on her body, enjoying the feeling of her touch.

"That's when I knew my dream came true", Brooke looked at Lucas, her eyes flirting with his and her fingers resting on his chest.

"So you liked it?", Lucas smiled, his hypnotizing eyes sparkling.

"I did. Especially because I really like the boy who wrote it", Lucas' smile widened. He took Brooke's sweet, cherry lips in his and gently kissed her. He felt Brooke smile in his lips, and immediately respond. As her lips kissed him back, Lucas held onto Brooke and deepened the kiss, getting lost in his own world, which consisted only of Brooke and himself.

"You guys – get a room!", Brooke and Lucas pulled apart and turned around to see Haley staring at them, and the couple began to giggle.

"I think English class is empty right now. We could go there…", Brooke winked at Lucas playfully, and now all three friends shared a laugh.

"Come on, you two love birds. Class is about to start…", Haley pulled Brooke by the hand, and they all headed to class.

In the parking lot, a smirking Dan Scott clapped his hands together in contentment. He had been sitting in his car the whole time, watching Brooke and Lucas, examining their every move.

Ever since that morning, when he found out how his son was scheming to blackmail him, he knew he had to find Lucas' weak spot. Upon seeing how genuinely happy Lucas had been when Brooke was around him, all of his questions had been answered. Bingo! He now knew how he would hit Lucas hard. With that thought in mind, Dan laughed to himself and turned the engine of the car on, and left the parking lot. It was only a matter of time before Lucas would have the scare of his life…