A Gun In Your Hand

In the firing range she stood and he had still felt a creep of uneasiness everytime he saw her with a gun in her hand.

"Bones, put the firearm down."

She turned on spot with her gun raised, albeit in another direction to himself.

"I'm allowed to, now or have you forgotten that?" She said smiling.

Booth racked his brains for any memory of Bones being allowed to handle a gun again and found nothing. "Bones, I haven't forgotten because you're not allowed."

"Didn't you get my messages? I left you a couple of them because you weren't picking them up."

Booth searched his pockets for his phone. She was right. A list of missed calls showed clearly on his screen and all from the same number. And all remained unanswered because he had forgotten to put his phone off silent again.

"A couple?" Booth began, showing her his phone, "There's twenty of them!"

"What?" For a moment she looked innocent but that was soon replaced with a stoic expression as she shrugged, "I was a bit excited. I mean it's not everyday you get to shoot guns legally again. It's perfectly natural for humans to feel the need to protect themselves incase danger may arise."

"Bones, you're a danger yourself. You know all that karate stuff, you don't need a gun." He said waving his hands in an attempt to recreate a style of kung-fu.

"And what if I need to shoot something?"

"You can shoot whatever as long as it's not me!" He said, holding up his hands. As he was turning to leave he stopped, "Or possible witnesses. Or unarmed people. Or...you know what Bones you should probably just stick to shooting down here so that you don't have your gun taken away from you. Again."

Despite her back being turned he could sense she was rolling her eyes at him. Before Bones could turn around and reply, he was gone and she was left with a gun in her hand and a witty retort that he might have found funny. She shrugged.

It was his loss.