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Draco straightened his dress robes with a scowl. Well, tried to, at any rate. His shaking fingers and inability to get a grip on the silver buttons had him one frustrated Slytherin. The door opened for the fourth time that evening and he stopped entirely. He wouldn't be able to do anything -- much less focus on the stupid, tiny, irritating, blasted buttons -- until he knew, so it was no use pretending.

He turned to look at Blaise.

The black boy leaned against the dormitory door and raised a perfect eyebrow at the look Draco sent him when he wasn't immediately forthcoming. Damn his ability to be so cavalier when he was a nervous wreck!

"Well?" he finally snapped, not in the mood to play Zabini's frivolous games when his future was at stake. At least it felt that way. If what she said was true…

Blaise pushed off the door, his own dress robes making him look in control and charming and sophisticated and everything Draco couldn't be until he knew.

"She's not in the entrance hall, date or no. No Gryffindor girls know where she is either."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief and half-heartedly glared at Blaise when he had the gall to smirk at his obvious happiness that she hadn't been seen.

Probably hiding in her dormitory, reading a book and rethinking her decision to turn me down.

Poor girl. Thinking she has to play hard to get with me

He turned back to the mirror and started straightening his robes humming a little.

His hands did not shake.