Hi, there!

Right, as stated to a few of you people out there, some of these drabbles in particular have much larger plot lines running away in my head. And so, here I am, asking all of you if any of you would like me to expand on any of them. Some are only little one-shots, some are fully chaptered fics, and some shall never be anything but drabbles, but I never know what I'll do with any of them until I'm given motivation by you peoples!

And so, here is the list of the drabbles that currently have larger plots in my head:

Chapter Two: Bullet

Chapter Three: Cigarette - Both this and Bullet intertwine so asking for one is pretty much like asking for the other.

Chapter Seven: Gender - This one is many chaptered and will probably come anyway (full version will be called 'For You To Love Me'), but I'm still not sure about it.

Chapter Ten: Jealous

Chapter Fifteen: Obsession - This one will be a very strange and probably disturbing one-shot, just to warn you.

Chapter Eighteen: Rain

Chapter Twenty-One: Undone

Chapter Twenty-Three: Wave - This one will be a Seven Seas short-story with two/three parts hopefully

Chapter Twenty-Four: X (Marks the Spot)

Chapter Twenty-Six: Zoom-lens

Chapter Thirty: Patch

Chapter Thirty-Four: Oath

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Gamble

Chapter Fourty: Unlucky

Chapter Fourty-Eight: King

Chapter Fourty-Nine: Testosterone - What? I like my Uke!Yami

Chapter Fifty: Vengeance - I wasn't planning on including this but it was so popular (something I really didn't expect it to be) that I'm considering it

There are others too that I might be pursuaded to write for, such as Flesh, Keepsake, Macabre, Ace, Youth and Veil (and Queen if I get poked enough, I'm not too good with the humour so I'm unsure about writing a long version of it). But only if people are really interested, because some are only meant as shorts, but you never know where my mind will go with a bunny so hey, ask for whatever you want basically (within reason lol), and I'll see what I can do.

Thank you, everyone, and don't forget to drop your suggestions on the way out!