Chapter Two : And what about him?

A day later at our lovely Konoha, Tsunade sat at her lovely desk, in her lovely Hokage tower, with a lovely bottle of even lovelier sake. Sake! How lovely!

Just to annoy her Kakashi of course had to come right now, as she was in the glorious act of opening the seasoned bottle of finest Fire country's 99.2 vol. Sake called „The demonic breath".

He slowly walked into the office. „Tsunade-sama, do you know anything about Naruto? I mean, we should have a mission today, since Sasuke is ready for active duty…."

Tsunade looked at him lazily. „Naruto has been suspended for six months from active ninja duty. It was decided by the council… anyhow, I haven't seen him since. I am sure that anything that is going on inside his head… well he will get over it. I mean, he always does."

„I agree, Tsunade-sama… well, if he isn't in our team anymore… will I get a replacement?"

„Oh, yes… sorry Kakashi. Here is a folder with possible candidates for your team." She said, blankly, as she handed him the said folder.

„And if you find Naruto… just tell him to get over it…"

„I am sorry, Tsunade-sama… since he is no longer in our team I'll have enough work with the new member as it is."

„Okay then…" And Kakashi dissapeared through the window.

-- Somewhere totally else

„Kukukukuku… kuku… cough… ku… so Naruto-kun has left Konoha… Kukukuku…"

Chapter Two Part Two : Where is she?

Karei ran into Hiro's room, where Hiro was just working on some sealing techniques. She came to stop and slowly, as she catched breath, she spoke out.

Hiro-kun have you seen Kiyomi-chan? I am looking for her for about an hour… she disappeared…" Her voice was worried, desperate.

I haven't seen her… does anyone know anything?" This made Hiro worried too. She was very young… just five hundred years old… and to just dissapear…?

( Demon's aging system in my fic is very different and individual. Naruto aka Kyuubi is about ten thousand years old, however his mind and appearance are set in human twelwe year old's manner. Karei is about forty five thousand years old, but looks like twenty-five, and her mind is set in early thirties. Kiyomi is five hundred and looks and behaves like a four year old. The meaning of time in demon's terms is very different. Although it may seem as a long time, for them it is purely normal. Age in the demon world, except for the first twenty thousand years is more or less irelevant, since because by then they are quite experienced enough… and from then their appearance is set to the age as they see themselves. Oh, and they are immortal. for some people do this – dont mix immortal and invincible together. Immortal is to live forever and invincible is to be unable to get killed, but not necessarily live forever. ).

No… nobody has seen her today…"

„… I'll go and look for her… You stay here, and calm down, ok mom?" She nodded. He left… and didn't come back. He didn't return after a day. After a week. After a year… he returned twelwe years later in a terrible condition, turned into a human and tortured countless times near death and psychical breakdown. And also, he returned without his sister…

She didn't blame him though. If it was for family, the demons were very benevolent beings. It seemed that he did his best to get her back. He probably got in clash with some kind of kidnappers but it seemed to be too much even for a prodigious demon like himself. He was still a kid after all, even though his power was very well developed.

Anyhow, he didn't master those nine tails, so he would get his but handed by any regular eight tailed demon, since of their vast experiences in demonic arts and so on…

That didn't mean he was weak or something of course. He was the leading character of the Rookie Nine in the makai. ( demonic realm )

So back to the story. Karei didn't blame her son. She was sad of course. But now she was also happy, that at least one of her offsprings has returned… she could only wonder what would happen now, when his memory and previous experiences has returned… Would he be sad? Would he be angry? Will he go and crush somebody? Did he find out where did his sister go? Did he find someone responsible for the entire thing?

She laid on the bed, and thought the entire thing that was happening over and over. It was… confusing.

AN :

This chapter is supershort, sorry… Its just that this was what I wanted to say in here and I don't want to mix several themes in one chapter… well you know.

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