Hot Shot's girl: Okay I'll be taking down the poll choices once I write the stories so everyone gets a chance to read which type of StarscreamxAlexis they want to read. This was the highest and so I do another one. I've been thinking about this for a while, but couldn't quite finish it. I didn't know what to do with the characters in there like Alexis, but after watching a movie and hearing a certain song I found the perfect idea, well I thought it was perfect you shall see what it is later on. Not sure if this story will be long. Probably not, but if so then it is. I do so hope you enjoy. You all enjoyed Saving Me and so I hope you enjoy Angel Of Steel :) It was inspired, sort of, by a movie I just watched and fell in love with! I'll tell you at the end, or you guys can just guess, but more or likely you won't till the very end or near it :)

Hi, I'm Alexis Chandler a young ballerina . . . heh, like so many. There's nothing really special about me. I'm not a true beauty or do I have the perfect shape of a body. I cannot sing like an angel, but I can sing.

Brown hair, blue eyes, a bit of a curvy body (As is expected of all ballerinas), and a voice that is fair to others. I am no angel you see, but perhaps one day I'd be someone's . . . or they'd be mine.

You see I have being dancing since I was at a very young age. 5 I do believe. It was my father's wish that I dance. My mother was a ballerina and she was very talented.

She was beautiful to the eye and very pleasing to the ears. All the traits I wish to have been from my mother. She was the star of her time she was. I hear so many things about her.

My father always spoke of her and how hard it would have been to win her, but since they were childhood friends and knew each other for so long she easily chose him over the others who wished to win her love with money and jewels. The one thing my father had that they didn't was music. My mother loved music and she loved to dance to it. He was a violinist and very good at that.

When he married her their wedding was full of dancing and music. Nothing more, nothing less. When my oldest brother was born, Aaron, they were the happiest as could be, but my father promised my mother a daughter . . . I never came though. My mother had trouble getting pregnant afterwards.

It had been many years later, 13 to be exact, and so my mother gave birth to Steven, my other brother. They were happy to have him and everything, but my father wanted to keep his promise to my mother. The next year she . . . died giving birth to me. I broke my father's heart.

All my mother had time to do was hold me for a split second and name me. Nothing more, nothing less. I never knew my mother, but again I have heard so much about her. I wished to fill her shoes and that is why I dance . . . to be like her. My brother Steven and I are close, almost like twins and when our brother Aaron died in a car accident at the age of 19 we only grew closer.

Our family began to fall apart after Aaron died. Our father quit music, but then . . . I began to dance. I gave my father a reason to play again. He saw my mother through me even when I could not see it myself.

Steven was also talented in the arts. He played the violin like our father and he was very good. When our father became ill he always asked my brother to play and me to dance. It was . . . his last wish.

He died just last year and now I am a grown woman. I dance for a ballet very well known, but I am still silent. I am just a dancer. The only reason, I believe, I got in was because I was my mother's daughter.

I travel when necessary but so far . . . I like to stay where I am. One reason being my father's home on the beach, where he used to take my mother, which he gave me. I love the place and even though I live alone and far away from the known world it is my home. My brother would often visit on weekends and keep me company, but I am still alone most of the time. I am still alone.

I guess you could call my life normal, but I don't know how anyone could go back to their normal lives after what happened in the city that day. You see I was going to my ballet in Mission city. Just all the other days, but something strange happened that day. That day there was some sort of battle . . . a battle of steel and metal.

These alien robots attacked and killed each other throughout the city. Even I had run into some as I made my way to the studio where I practice shows. I was late and so already dressed in my outfit. Once I got out of the cab before the studio I was almost run over by this young boy running as if his life depended on it . . . later I found out it did.

I was standing on the steps to the studio when it came. A giant alien robot came swooping down from the sky and skidding into some parked cars flipping many of them off the ground. It attacked two other robots that seemed to follow the young boy. It became a battle field right before my very eyes.

I was so scared and in so man ways that I couldn't move. I was struck in awe of this sight. Neither had I seen it or dreamt of it before in my life. It was so new and yet . . . sad.

As I watched these three beings fight for so little I saw it all. My heart is very understanding and even to things such as these. I saw these separate sides. I saw their war, their . . . tiring war.

I felt pity for them like they were . . . human. I saw them shoot each other and my heart ached for their wounds. I saw one fall down and my heart cried out to him . . . hm . . . you see, even I started calling them 'he's'. I couldn't tell though what they were fighting for.

I couldn't tell if they meant us harm or not. In war or battle you could never tell. Still, strange feelings erupted inside me for them, but strangely for a one of certain. I watched him get shot by one and fall to the ground.

He looked in pain and my heart went out to him. Whenever anyone got hurt always a strange sense of compassion would come over me, no matter who or what they were. My brother always made fun of me for that, but I didn't care. I just told him it made me more of a woman and it did.

When he fell to the ground and struggled for a short moment to get back up I gasped and took a step forward hardly knowing the reason why. Then . . . he looked at me. With those red, ruby beams that could pierce through any soul . . . but mine . . . not yet. Even though it was for a split moment in time I could recall the questions.

I am no interpreter, but I do believe he was wondering about me. About why I reacted like so or why wasn't I running around and screaming like everyone else in the city. My guess is he's never seen the individuality of human beings. He was a robot . . . he was used to estimating the most likely response, not randomness.

I guess I was just too random for him. He quickly pushed me out of his mind or mainframe, whatever it was and got up to finish the fight. After a couple more seconds he jumped in the air shifting and changing into some sort of new jet and just took off. I watched him fly off with my breath.

I grasped my heart in excitement. When I turned to finally look at the other two I saw them hurt and the boy they followed . . . he was gone. I tried to catch my breath as the reality of things sunk in, but I couldn't. Soon a very dear friend of mine, Jenny, grabbed me and pulled me inside.

"Alexis!" called the thin blue-eyed-blonde as she grabbed Alexis. "We have to get inside! It's not safe out here!!"

And so I was pulled inside till it all stopped . . . till they left. When they had Jenny bid me stay for the army would soon be here and would want to speak to everyone that saw them. I stayed and told them all I saw. They just told me a bunch of lies saying how it was a military test and that they weren't alien robots, but deep down inside my heart I knew it was not true . . . I knew they were alienic robots . . . I knew.

When the military finally let people inside the city my brother Steven was among the first to get in. He ran to me and made sure I was alright. I told him I was but he wanted to be sure. He made me get tests to make sure nothing was out of place or out of the ordinary.

I don't understand why brothers never do take your word, but oh well. I was fine and so could go if I wanted to. I went back home, Steven took me. They way there I spoke no word; I just wondered things in my mind.

When we got there I told Steven all I had seen and what I thought about everything. He believed me and everything, but when I told him what I thought about what they were thinking and their long war he only laughed at me . . . Hhh like so many others. Why should he believe me? . . . None of that stuff 'really happened' right? What was the point of speaking of these things to anyone ever again when they would just laugh?

Steven spent the rest of the day with me and the next day as well to make sure I could handle things. I grew tired of him babying me and so I asked him to leave. He abode by my wish and did.

"I just want you to be safe Alexis," he said placing his hands on his little sister's shoulders. "You're all I have left."

"I know," said Alexis inclining her head. "It's just I'm not a little girl anymore Steven. I can handle things myself."

"Yes, but you're still my little sister," said Steven. "And I'm your big brother. What are brothers for than to look after their siblings?"

"Steven," smiled Alexis twisting her shoulders back and forth.

"Dad made me promise to watch after you Alexis," smiled Steven.

"I know," shook Alexis.

"'Kay," smiled Steven. "Bye sis."

"Bye," waved Alexis watching her brother drive off.

Steven, my brother, and last living relative left. I enjoyed the rest of the day to myself. I sat out on my balcony on my bench just gazing at the waves as they massaged the golden shores. They were always the calmest at the end of the day. My father said I enjoyed watched the waves almost as much as my mother did.

I smile at that and soon my dreams take me. It isn't often I sleep out under the stars but on occasions I do. When I awoke the sun was already high in the sky. I got up and refresh myself with a swim and then breakfast and a bath.

After my bath I decide to practice my steps even though the show was canceled due to the . . . 'incident'. I don't care. I love to dance. It is another thing that helps me through the days.

It brightens my spirit and makes me feel happy and lighthearted. It always did . . . just like my mother. I was like her in so many ways and yet I never saw it. I have her spirit.

As I practiced a sudden change of wind came and caught my attention. My chimes chimed, the waves cried out, and the sun beat down on something coming. I stopped everything and went out to my balcony to see what caused the disturbances. I looked around and see nothing, but I can hear it.

I heard the sound of some engine . . . to a jet maybe. Then across the ocean, low, comes flying that same jet! I knew it was the same one for why would a jet like that is alone and so far away from the base or fly so low to the water? I gasped as it passed over me in a gust of wind.

I tuned my head and watched it . . . strangely . . . turn around and fly back to me. Could it have known I recognized him? Human brains are like computers. They never really forget anything.

I gasped once more . . . as he landed.