Hot Shot's girl: Well the movie that sort of inspired this was The Phantom Of The Opera. The song All I Ask Of You inspired this. It was sadish and so gave me the idea to kill of Alexis like this and of course Learn To Be Lonely reminded me so much of Starscream and so I put it in here. Well Hope you enjoyed it and hope you know I had to listen to sad songs to get in the mood for this last chp. If you want to cry play sad music. Well enjoy the last chp.

Jenny came over and helped Steven get Alexis ready for her last dance. It was one of the most saddest things she had ever done. As Jenny dressed her she couldn't help but cry. She knew that after this dance Alexis was simply going to give up and she'd never see her again.

"Please don't mourn for me," said Alexis bowing her head as Jenny tightened her laces. "Take care of yourself when I'm gone. You'll need it more than me."

"Oh Alexis!" cried Jenny as she hugged her as tightly as she thought possible for her frail body.

The two shared a number of tears. Alexis kissed Jenny on the cheek and pretty much wished her good-bye. Soon after that she came out to Steven who was waiting with a wheelchair for his sister. Jenny held Alexis up as they came over to the chair.

Starscream usually would watch but he didn't want to this time. He just stood outside and waited for them to exit the beach house. He just couldn't stand seeing Alexis like this. He couldn't stand the thought of her knowing this is the last day . . . and the last dance.

She was going to be gone forever. The flaw of human beings—they lived too short. He still did not regret the choice of not taking her and forcing her to become a transformer. He respected her decision and admired that she wanted to live her life out like this. He had never met anyone who wanted to die or not become immortal.

She was always the different one. Never again would there be one like her. She would be leaving soon and Starscream fought with himself to stay with her till the end and tough out her death. He was a powerful and feared warrior and now he couldn't bare the thought of a loved one's death.

It could be that, perhaps, since he's never had a loved one it seemed so different. He knew exactly where Alexis was going to dance and he promised her he'd be there to see her dance. He knew where he would stay to watch her at without drawing attention. There was a small alley way next to the building no one hardly uses and so there'd he'd stay and watch her through the building with his sensitive optics.

Seeing through walls could come in handy at this time and for once he was glad he was a robot. As he sighed he heard the door open and so stood up straight to greet her. Steven led her outside in the wheelchair. She looked around slowly and found herself gazing up at Starscream.

She gave him a smile and so caused him to smile back. It may have been one of the last smiles he'd ever do. As Steven put her in his car Starscream just sighed once again. She was so beautiful now even though she was deathly sick.

Jenny really did a good job with her make-up and clothing. For once Starscream didn't care if she was wearing one of those ridiculous outfits she was perfect the way she was. Once Steven started the car up he looked at Starscream, nodded, and said—

"I'll see you at the studio."

"Yea," said Starscream nodding to him.

And so he watched them drive off. Starscream waited a while know he'd get their before they did if he took off right now. This time he just waited for the sun to go down and once he readied to take off he heard a familiar voice.

"You've changed you know Starscream?" came Barricade's voice over the comlink.

"Why is my conscience telling me something I already know?" said Starscream with a hint of a grin.

"So will you be joining us soon in our trip back to cybertron?" asked Barricade.

"Yea," sighed Starscream casting his optics down. "I have to say though . . . I will miss this place. Not earth, but this . . . place."

"I see," said Barricade. "Well I shall ready the ship for your return."

"You do that," said Starscream. "But don't expect me to come back as your once leader Starscream."

"I understand," said Barricade. "Just go see that last dance."

"I will," said Starscream transforming and taking off.

The night was still young and full of light as the stars danced with the bright and full moon. Starscream forced himself to go down to the studio no matter how much he didn't want to see Alexis' last dance. He transformed and landed silently in the small alley way. Luckily it was just slim enough for him.

He looked around and saw he was near the side exit of the studio. That was where Steven and Jenny were taking Alexis through so she could go right through to the stage. They were helping her get up the small case of stairs when he landed. She turned and smiled again at Starscream signaling for Jenny and Steven to stop and let her stand there.

"Starscream . . . you were able to make it," she smiled ever so weakly.

"I promised you I would," he said extending his hand to her.

Alexis touched his finger but could not grasp it like she used to her. Her strength in her hands was all but spent. She just sighed and began to speak, but it was quite silent and so Starscream leaned in to listen.

"Then I will dance for you," she whispered leaning her head against his cheek.

She then slowly turned her head and met her lips with his metallic cheek. She kissed him softly and weakly. She then turned to her brother and Jenny and so let them help her back in. Starscream stood there for a little while and waited till she came on stage.

He could hear the announcer now—

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to introduce one of our best dancers dancing a solo to one of the violinist Steven Chandler's melodies. We regret to announce this will be her last dance and so are honored she chose this studio to dance her last. We give you Alexis Chandler!"

Starscream pricked his head up and watched through the walls to see Alexis slowly walk up on stage and her brother Steven strike his instrument and play a tune so sad and beautiful it reflected Alexis' feelings towards her last dance for this world.

/Child of the wilderness/

/Born into emptiness/

Alexis started her dance with a graceful trot across the stage. Starscream couldn't believe that she had enough strength to even do that. It was like she was saving all her strength for this last moment . . . as if she knew she was going to dance this final dance.

/Learn to be lonely/

/Learn to find your way in darkness/

All her friends watched in awe as she gracefully did what she loved most—dance. All had at least one tear in their eyes, if no many. They were all honoring their friend's last wish.

/Who will be there for you/

/Comfort and care for you/

Starscream knew now that fact of reality. He knew once she died he's pretty much go back to his normal self. A self whom no one cared or would think twice of to help. He thanked Alexis she was the one person who was different.

/Learn to be lonely/

/Learn to be your one companion/

It was time for Starscream to learn that he had to be lonely the rest of his life. No one else but her would ever make him feel wanted. It was his curse of life now. Still though . . . he never thought in this world, this planet there was someone like her—someone waiting to care for him . . . and love him.

/Never dreamed out in the world/

/There are arms to hold you/

It was something he had to get used to and he did, but now the hard part was getting used to going back to his old ways and his old self. He always knew things like this couldn't happen to mechs like him . . . good things that is. He was always on his own since the day of his creation.

/You've always known/

/Your heart was on its own/

At least he got to see her dance and Primus he wouldn't want to be anywhere else than there right now. She did dance for him. He could tell by the way she lifted herself and gracefully twirled across the stage to the music of the saddened violin. At the very end she used the last of her strength to lift herself up and twirl on one leg.

This was what she loved and adored and now was going to die doing what she loved. After the twirl her dance had been danced and so bowed. The whole crowd got up and clapped up a storm and Alexis . . . she just smiled and bowed like she had so many times in her dreams. It was over—she—was over.

After the dance Steven and Jenny went to get her but found she wasn't behind stage. They looked all over for her, but soon ran outside to see she had placed herself in Starscream's arms, her life spent. She was breathing so soft and weak it was hard to look at her, but they did and so did Starscream. He soon found himself pleading for her life.

"Please Alexis, don't die, please," he cried his optics showing the pain of sadness.

She just smiled and shook her head as she felt Starscream hold her close. She then whispered out so faint and small—

"I'm sorry Starscream, but I have to."

"But I . . . I love you!" cried Starscream his lips trembling as he spoke that word for the first time to her.

She smiled as she touched the side of his face with her pale arm and said—

"I already knew."

She then looked down and took of her bracelet and said to him—

"Here Starscream . . . take back your spark. I told you I'd give it back."

"No," said Starscream. "I gave it to you and want you to hold onto it."

She just smiled and weakly and sadly said with tears in her eyes—

"But I'm afraid . . . I'm too weak to hold onto it anymore."

Starscream grasp her small hand with his fingers and looked down to see she had placed the bracelet in his grasp. Once done he looked back at her smile at him. Her last smile was given to him whom she loved the most. He then gasped as he felt her body go limp in his grasp . . . she had gone.

"No, no!" he cried his whole body trembling.

Steven and Jenny burst into tears at the passing of Alexis Chandler. Steven could now see how much Starscream actually loved her. He saw his mourning and now he regretted treating him so wrongly. Starscream gently placed her body down trembling all over.

He couldn't stand this place anymore. He needed to leave and never come back. Oh Alexis, oh HIS Alexis! Holding onto her bracelet for dear life he cried out a loud cry up to the heavens and took off in great haste. He transformed and broke through the atmosphere to get back to the Nemesis and hopefully . . . never see earth again.

It had been years now since she had died. 50 to be exact. Steven always tended to her grave even in his old age. He never heard of the transformers again but later on strange things had occurred pointing that they had returned.

Steven didn't care though. They had long left his life and so he was not to meddle in their affairs if they were back. Every weekend he would come to his sister's grave and tend to it. Sometimes even take his family with him to show them their once beloved aunt.

/So laugh in your loneliness/

/Child of the wilderness/

This day was different though. Once there Steven gasped seeing upon Alexis' tombstone, which read Alexis Chandler Beloved sister and friend 1987-2007, was placed atop a bracelet he never thought he'd see again. On it was a single glowing fragment showing him that he wasn't the only one who came to her. His heart only sank as he saw the lonely bracelet . . . it was all that was left of that bond of love.

/Learn to be lonely/

/Learn how to love life that is lived alone/

/Learn to be lonely/

/Life can be lived/

/Life can be loved/


The End