"Why did you do it?" Jennifer asked, shocked.

Ronon shook his head, getting used to the lightness of it.

"They got in the way," he explained, "besides, it's humiliating to be beaten by a Genii because they grabbed your hair."

"But they were so…" Jennifer searched for an adjective that could have described Ronon's now-absent dreds.

"Sexy?" Ronon grinned, sliding closer to her.

Jennifer smiled and ran her fingers through his now-cropped locks.

"Or something like that," she took a step back and looked critically at his altered appearance. "It makes you look less wild man. More… Bruce Wayne."

"Is that a good thing?"

"Oh yeah."

Ronon pulled her into his arms again.

"So do you like it?"

"Well it's different."

"But do you like it?" he asked, insecurity showing in his voice.

"Yeah. I like it." She didn't add it would take some getting used to, this shorn Ronon. His characteristic dreds gone, he looked like a different person. It made him more Earth handsome instead of wild, crazy, Pegasus Galaxy warrior handsome.

She caught the sounds of his heart close to her ear.

"Should I cut my hair?" she asked.

His only answer was a deep, rumbling laugh.

Author's Note: that's right, I finally tried my hand at a Ronon/Keller. What can I say? They're just too cute for words. This little drabble is 200 words, according to my word count on MS word. Whether FF. net says otherwise or not I cannot control.

Based on a snippet I read on Gateworld that Ronon will be cutting his dreadlocks off in the early part of season 5.