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Summary: Twitty likes Ren, but Ren loves Jason. Twitty gets advice from Louis. So what should Louis do to help his friend? Sabotage his sister's relationship of course.

"What's wrong with you man?" Louis asked his best friend. "You look like you lost your best friend."

"Nothing man,"

"Come on Dude, you can tell me anything."

"Not this." Twitty answered. He couldn't tell his best friend that he was in love with his sister. Louis has a tendency to have temper tantrums and this news could defiantly send him into a big one.

"Why not?" Louis asked, already becoming frustrated.

"You wouldn't like this." Twitty answered, hoping Louis wouldn't push the subject.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"I'm in love," Twitty answered.

"So," Louis answered. "You've been in love before. Why wouldn't I like it? I have grown up a lot since seventh grade, at least in that area."

"With your sister," Twitty finished, waiting for Louis to blow a gasket.

"Ren?" Louis questioned.

"Do you hate me?"

"Hate you? Dude, this is great." Louis answered.

"It is?" Twitty questioned, confused by his friends support.

"We could be brother's one day man. That would be so cool." Louis started on his rant about how "cool" it would be if Ren married Twitty.

"Louis! Louis! Slow down man, there is one little thing you are forgetting." Twiity put his hand over Louis' mouth to keep him from speaking. "Ren already has a boyfriend."

"Yeah, I'd say that is a major problem." Louis answered. "Ren and Jason are nearly inseparable."

"Do you really have to remind me of that?" Twitty asked, annoyed that Louis had mentioned the enemy by name.

"Don't worry about him. We are going to get rid of him."

"Get rid of him? How?"

"I don't know yet." Louis answered. "You just worry about telling Ren how you feel."

"Wait a minute, telling Ren?"

"Yeah, you tell her how you feel and then we will get rid of Jason."

"No way. I can't tell her while Jason is still in the picture." Twitty stuttered.

"If you wait until after Jason is gone, then you'll have to wait on her to get over Jason before you will have a shot at her."

"Wouldn't I have to anyway?" Twitty asked.

"No, if you do it before, then when we make Jason look like an ass, you'll be right there to run in and steal her heart away."

"What? Like rescue her?"


"I guess, but are you sure this will work?"

"It's fool proof."

"Okay, but what if she completely freaks out?

"Okay, here's what you do," Louis started. "Go up to her and ask her what to do when you like a girl who already has a boyfriend. Should you tell her or not? After Ren gives you her advice, just do whatever she says."

"I can't do that?"

"And why not?"

"I would be too nervous. Ren is smart; she would figure it out easily."

"Fine," Louis sighed. "I'll ask her, but you are doing whatever she says."

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