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Chapter 4

Okay. Ren thought as she sat on her bed, still confused. What the hell just happened? Alan likes me? Good God Ren, you are a smart girl. How in the hell did you not figure out that it was you that Louis was talking about? She lay back in her bed and closed her eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly. He had to have known. That's probably why he was stuttering when I asked him who the girl was. Ren rolled over onto her side, searching for a more comfortable position. I wonder how long Alan has felt this way about me. I wonder why he didn't say anything before. I mean, he is kind of cute, and that song was really amazing. No one has ever written me a song before. How could he be so sweet?

Ren rolled again, still unable to control her thoughts. Alan has potential. Like I said, he's cute and sweet, but he's also sensitive and even kind of smart. Why can't I get that kiss out of my head? If I don't get some sleep, I'm never going to be able to get up to go meet Jason ……..Jason. I've spent all this time lying here thinking about Alan, and I just now think about my boyfriend? Why hadn't I thought about him before now? I really love him don't I? Of course I do. He's hot, sweet, and charming. Oh, and did I mention he is hot? Great. Now I am even more confused.

Ren sighed. She crawled out of bed, giving up on the idea of getting any sleep. She put on her blue robe and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Alan or Jason? Jason or Alan? Her mind continued to race with thoughts of the two suitors.

"What are you doing here?" Ren asked, coming to a halt when she spotted the figure sitting at the counter.

"Louis asked me to spend the night," Twitty answered, peering up at her.

"I know that. I meant, what are you doing in the kitchen?"

"I couldn't sleep." He answered. "You?"

"The same," Ren shrugged, now standing on the opposite side of the counter from him.

"Look, Ren. I didn't mean to race out on you like I did. I just……I don't know…….I got nervous. I didn't want to face rejection. I just wanted to let you know how I felt. Louis said that you told him that I should tell the girl I liked about my feelings, so I did. It was your advice, so you really can't be mad at me." Twiity rambled, causing Ren to smile. He's so cute when he does that?

"Alan!" She quietly shouted at him. "Relax. I'm not mad at you. You're right. It was my advice. It's just that, I'm confused."

Twitty hung his head. "I didn't mean to confuse you."

Ren sighed, "Alan, how long have you felt this way?"

"You'll laugh."

"No I won't." Ren smiled, sitting down next to him.

He turned to look her in the eyes. "Remember when Louis and I were prank calling and we called you pretending to be Bobby?" Ren nodded. "I've felt this way ever since you caught us, sprayed us with the water gun, and called us cuddle muffins. You looked really hot when you were angry."

"I did not call you guys cuddle muffins." Ren protested. Did I?

"I believe you're exact words were, 'if you little cuddle muffins ever, EVER, prank call me again you won't be eating solid food for a week.' Then you put your hands on your hips and stormed off."

Ren smiled, blushing. "You remember that?"

"Like I said, you looked really hot." Twitty smiled back.

"Alan, why didn't you tell me before?" Ren asked.

"I was afraid of how you would react. And I guess I was afraid of how Louis would react."

"But you told Louis now?" Ren raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, he took it better than I expected him to." Twitty told her, looking down at the counter. "I guess I should have told you sooner. I may have had a shot then."

"Alan, it's not that I don't think you're great. It's just that Jason and I….I love him…..But your kiss was….amazing….and confusing and I'm just not sure what I want right now. I just need some time to think and process everything." Ren explained and then kissed him on the cheek before heading back upstairs.

Great. Alan thought. She loves him. And to add insult to injury, it's my fault she even met him to start with. Stupid. Twitty pounded his head against the counter. At least she said that she had to think about some things. Maybe that gives me a slim chance. Stupid.