The air blew across the roads and streets that burst into life as the morning sun drenched the world in color, chasing away th

The air blew across the roads and streets that burst into life as the morning sun drenched the world in color, chasing away the darkness. A plane, private as no commercial would fly this late or early with one passenger, came skidding down the runway into a private hanger where a car, yes you guessed right a private limo waited to take the single passenger away.

Jerry Salinger checked his wristwatch counting the minutes of the delayed flight, he was suppose to be home with his wife, cuddled into the sheets and resting for today's work, but he'd been called in at ten at night to be at the hanger and pick up the passenger by midnight only the plane was delayed by weather and had now gotten in by six in the morning. Rubbing his tired eyes, yawning and stretching he watched as the pilot lowered the stairs and stepped aside allowing the passenger off.

Seventeen year old Ashley Davies clad in high tops, tight fitting blue jeans and a red polo shirt matching the red streak in her bangs which swiped the left side of her face while the rest of the dark brown hair was pulled into a pony tail. Sun glasses covered tired hazelnut eyes glazed over from tears shed in her sleep, licking her lips she tugged her over night bag over her shoulder and descended the stairs walking toward Jerry.

"Miss. Ashley," the old man of forty nodding with a sad smile.

"Jerry," she breathed out, dropping her bag and throwing her arms around his broad shoulders, taking the warm strong arms encircling her waist. Jerry was her father's head of security and she hadn't seen him in so long, actually she saw him a year more than her father.

Raife Davies, rock legend, cheated on his wife when Ashley was three, in the divorce Christine who was a very loving mother got custody of the little girl. Raife moved out of their four bed room New Port house to live in Los Angeles where he felt he could spend all the money he wanted with out his wife nagging him so that's how he ended up in a three story mansion. Raife came and visited every once in awhile but after Ashley's tenth birthday he stopped, Jerry came by on her eleventh birthday to give her a present than he too never returned.

"You look exhausted," Jerry sighed running a hand through his graying red hair. He knew why the girl was sent to live with her father who she hardly knew and felt horrible for her, "Come on let's get going," he picked her bag up and put his hand around her shoulders leading her to the limo.

Once inside the tired teen laid her forehead against the glass window, glancing out at the scenery going by silently wishing she'd never laid eyes on it at all. She hated that she had to live here and go through her senior year in a new place but hated all the prying glares and judging words from those at her old school and town. Now was a time to start new, to make something of her self and try to be a good girl instead of the bad ass she was used to. Ashley knew it would be hard but she told her self she would at least try for his sake, she owned it to him.

"Miss. Ashley we're here," Jerry spoke softly in case the teenager was asleep. She removed her head from the window and nodded and climbed out.

In front of her was a large red bricked mansion with a perfectly mowed lawn and trees spaced evenly apart and a clean water fountain in the middle of the circular driveway, "I don't fit in," she whispered to her self before following Jerry into the house.

"Ashley welcome," Raife stood with arms wide open expecting the young girl to accept his embrace which had been held from her for so long. She looked him up and down, nothing really changed except for a few more wrinkles; he still sported his wild and crazy bleached blonde hair, dark eyeliner, tight clothes and a stud earring in his left ear.

"Raife," she spoke harshly crossing her arms she didn't care if this was the bad girl thing to do, what did he think would happen, she'd come in and they'd act like father and daughter again, yeah right!

Lowering his arms to his side she saw disappointment cross his features, "Let me show you to your room," he picked up her bag only to have her yank it back, he nodded in understanding and thanked Jerry and gave the guy the day off.

Leading Ashley up to the second floor he explained was the bed rooms while the third floor contained the in house gym and entertainment areas, as they passed the third door down it swung open allowing loud Kelly Clarkson music to echo off the walls, standing in the door way dressed in a mini skirt and tube top which barely covered a flat chest was Kyla Davies, half sister as she was conceived by the woman Raife cheated with, after the divorce he remarried the woman and moved her out with him to LA where he'd help raise their child, Ashley felt hatred for this younger version of her father and step mom due to the fact she got to spend time with their father while she and her mom only received checks.

"Kyla what are you wearing?" Raife questioned scratching his eyebrow.

The teenager tilted her head, "Oh this...bought it last month just thought I'd see if it fit still, I was invited to the end of summer bash tonight, you know the big party on the beach before school tomorrow,"

"Oh yes, well since it is a school night be back by midnight no..."

"Come on daddy," Kyla whined taking a step closer and wrapping her hands around his arm tugging a bit like a child who didn't get what she wanted, "I'm sixteen now,"

"Fine...fine one thirty no later I mean it Ky," he pointed a finger at her. She released his arm and squealed hugging her father quickly, "and maybe Ashley would like to go?"

His words drained the excitement out of the young girl's body, her brown eyes narrowing and swiping up and down Ashley. The two had only heard about each other and this was the first time meeting, Kyla had seen pictures but Ashley hadn't, due to the fact that Christine sent Raife pictures all the time trying to get him back into his daughter's life.

"I don't want to impose," Ashley spoke quickly wanting to diffuse the awkward situation.

"Nonsense honey," Raife wrapped his arm around Kyla's shoulder tugging her close, "Kyla here won't mind you tagging along."

Ashley didn't want to tag along, she was never one to be a follower, she was a leader and she didn't want to deal with Kyla really not wanting her there and ditching her at the party in a place she didn't know in a city she wasn't use too, "Nah," she gave a tight lipped smile, "I'm tired...just going to hang out here,"

", see you later daddy," Kyla stood on her tip toes kissing his cheek, gave a half hearted wave to her half sister before skipping down the stairs and out the door.

"Well that was Kyla," he said with a shrug his attention still on the door like he was far away shaking his head he stared back at his other daughter, "Your room is right down here..."

He opened the door and showered her the huge spacious room, definitely a step up from her New Port home but she still rather be sleeping in her warm comfortable familiar bed tonight inside of this un-slept guest bed rooms bed, dropping her bag she stared around, "It's big..."

"Yeah," he scratched the back of his head, "but's nice right cause I can get you another room if you want..."


"Dad please?" he begged.

"Raife...this room is fine," she tossed her bag onto the bed.

"Okay than um...get some rest you start school tomorrow at King High, the same school Kyla goes to," he went to shut the door before turning back around, "and I'm really glad you're here even under the circumstances," with out waiting for a response he left her in the room alone.

Sitting on the bed she sighed and flopped back, wondering how she ended up here and than pushing the thought away, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out some pajamas, quickly discarding her clothes and putting on the comfy nightwear on she snuggled into the king sized bed and wrapped the satin sheets around her tired body, whispering goodnight to him as she'd done every night since the incident before closing her eyes and passing out.



"Time to get up Ash," Raife yelled through the door.

Ashley groaned as she shifted beneath the covers, the night had been filled with tossing and turning and hardly any sleep but she was slowly getting used to not having a good nights rest any more with all the nightmares, "I'm up!" she called out so her father would stop pounding on the door.

"You have thirty to get dressed and ready," than he walked off to do the same to Kyla.

The brunette threw the covers off her and padded to the bathroom which lucky for her was inside her room so she didn't have to wait or share with anyone else. A quick shower and dressing comfortably in jeans, shoes and another polo shirt she trudged down stairs to the kitchen. Inside Kyla was shoveling cereal into her mouth quickly while Raife sat drinking his morning coffee and reading the paper, Veronica Davies the step mom was checking her Compaq mirror and dabbing powder on her face.

Rolling her eyes she made her way to the breakfast bar and poured her self some cereal, "G'morning sunshine," Raife beamed happy to have both his daughter's in the same place, "Have nice night?"

She sat down mixing the coco puffs around in the milk making it chocolate milk which she preferred and met his statement with a shrug, "Hurry up I don't want to be late?" Kyla spoke around her spoon.

Ashley glanced at her watch as far as she knew school didn't start till seven thirty and it was barely five thirty now, "Late for what...and why are we up so early?"

"Don't want to miss the bus now do you?" Veronica said as she stuffed the Compaq back into her purse and drank her coffee, brown orbs glaring for a second before turning to her section of the news paper laid out on the table.


"Yeah, I failed the test twice and daddy won't buy me a car till I get my license," Kyla slumped she'd worked hard at memorizing all the information but it just wouldn't stick.

"I have a license and a car," she offered.

"Yes but your car isn't due to arrive till Friday and your not insured for any of my vehicles," Raife chimed in standing up, "So get your book bags and out you go," he ushered them out the door with a hug and kiss good bye on the forehead.

The frigid morning air clung to their bodies as the ambled down the drive way and on to the side walk, Ashley could see a few more people waiting for the bus a few feet away, Kyla took off at a run and jumped on a boy's back, "Ahhhhh!" he yelled swinging her off him.

"Aiden!" she squealed happily as Ashley forced her cold hands into her pockets and stepped beside them.

"Kyla, babe, how you been?" he asked leaning down and placing a rough kiss on her cheek but she was used to it by now.

"Same old same old so how was the slopes in Switzerland?"

"Awesome, we skied all day and sipped coco at night, my parents even took us out on an overnight camp out, it was so beautiful, I wish you could have been there?" he pouted earning a swoon from Kyla.

"Aid that's so sweet," before it could get any more lovey dovey Ashley cleared her throat.

"And who is this pretty little thing?" he wondered in a thick husky voice, the brunette repressed an eye roll.

"Aiden this is my half sister Ashley, Ashley this is my boyfriend Aiden," she introduced blandly. Aiden smirked as he picked up her hand and kissed the back of it.

"Nice to meet you," this earned a smack from his girlfriend, he slung his arms around her pulling her body closer, "Aw baby you know I'm joking," he kissed her on the lips and the two hugged but Ashley saw the smirk and wink he sent her way, boys, she thought turning away.

The bus pulled up and everyone filed in, it wasn't to packed thank goodness so she sat in the front seat, "Uh Ash...what are you doing?" Kyla asked hesitantly leaning against the seat.


"No," Kyla pulled her up and started dragging her to the back, "If you want to be cool," she pushed her down into an empty seat, "Than sit back here...only nerds and retards sit up front...oh and speaking of, look who's back to riding the bus," Kyla nodded to the front and all the heads turned to look.

Ashley's sight settled on a head of blonde hair coming up the stairs and as the girl entered the bus her breath hitched inside her lungs, the girl was maybe an inch taller than her on a good day and had long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and a baby face that screamed innocent all over it, she wore pretty much the same as Ashley only a little bagger.

"Yo freak what's up?" a jock yelled a few seats down, the girl smiled and waved to the boy before sitting down, "God what a retard," the group laughed and went back to there conversations.

"Who is that?" Ashley wondered not liking what had just happened.

Kyla sighed, "Spencer Carlin...King High's resident loony, don't talk with her,"

The bus pulled up to the loading zone and Ashley stood up, "Ash wait," Kyla wrapped her fingers around the girl's wrists.

"What?" the other teen nodded to the front, the older brunette glanced up front and saw an African American teenage girl get on the bus and approach the blonde girl in the front seat, she smiled down and took her hand and led her off, "What was that?"

"That...nothing we just have to wait till she gets off before we can," Kyla shrugged as if it was no big deal and shuffled off with all the other students.

First...second...third period boring as usual, no matter what school you go to it doesn't matter the classes will put you to sleep, lunch time the best time of the day. Ashley got a soda from the vending machine than went to sit by her sister and her friends in the cafeteria but while walking down the hall way she heard sniffling. Frowning and furrowing her brows she walked the opposite way till the crying became louder, turning the corner she saw Spencer sitting on the ground with her back against the wall wiping her tears on her sleeve as she rocked back and forth.

Swallowing the brunette carefully made her way to the girl and sat down next to her, "Are you okay?" she asked causing the blonde to jump and try to stand but tripped over her shoe laces making her fall back to the ground, "Oh my god I'm so sorry I didn't mean to startle you,"

"L-l-leave me a-a-lo-ne," Spencer stuttered out as fresh tears threatened to fall.

"Spencer there you are," the African American girl who'd taken her off the bus came rushing down the hall, "Why did you leave the group huh?" she asked leaning down.

"M-y sh-o-oe," Spencer nodded down to her tennis shoes which were both untied.

"Remember you have to stay in line," she reprimanded while tugging on the blonde's leg so she could get better access to the shoe and started tying the shoes back up, "Better?" she asked after finishing the second one, Spencer nodded and wiped her nose on her shirt, "Okay sweetie let's go back to the line," she helped the girl up and pointed to another person at the end of the hall, "Go with Madison," the blonde nodded and walked off with one last look at the brunette who had sat by her, their eyes locked for a brief second causing butterflies in Ashley's stomach, "I'm Chelsea Lewis," she spoke sticking her hand out.

Ashley's attention brought back to the teen in front of her, "Ashley Davies," she responded shaking hands with Chelsea, "What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing," Chelsea answered.

"Kyla said the same thing"

"Look Ashley..." Chelsea started as she too sat down next to the girl, "Spencer is special...she has a hard time doing the little things and she doesn't need you messing with her."

"Messing with I was just trying to help, I heard her crying..."

"Save it, if your anything like your sister Kyla I don't want to hear about it,"

"How'd you know that me and Kyla are sisters?" she asked shocked that someone else knew.

"News travels fast around here especially if Kyla and Aiden are involved and they mess with Spencer and the other special students all the time and Spencer is a nice girl so don't mess with her, I've heard about you and your reputation, stay away," Chelsea growled standing up and walking away leaving a very confused and upset Ashley.

How can she escape her past if even here she was still deemed a bad girl? And what was the connection she felt for Spencer, was it cause she reminded her of him maybe if she got close to the blonde she could make up for all that she did in New Port, sighing she pushed her self up and headed into the cafeteria to see her sister and her friends laughing and joking around about cheerleading and other kids around the school, she just sat there in her own world desperately wanting to go back in time before the incident every happened.