The days began to fly by, Ashley got her car on Friday and started picking up Spencer and taking her home where the two would

The days began to fly by, Ashley got her car on Friday and started picking up Spencer and taking her home where the two would just hang out and talk, laugh, eat and watch television until Arthur came home, than Ashley would head back to her own house. She was getting along with her father and step mom and at home Kyla was totally different than at school so the two were becoming good friends even if her sister had a hard time with her being friends with Spencer, Ashley couldn't understand why all she knew was an incident happened and it tore Kyla, Spencer and Aiden up.

So the month flew by and now it was the middle of her second month being in LA.

"Hey Ash?" Kyla knocked quietly on her sister's door, peeking in to make sure it was okay to enter; Ashley put her science book down and nodded her head for her sister to enter.

"What's up?" she asked patting the edge of her bed, her sister gladly took the seat.

" we have to go to Spencer's for dinner tomorrow," she said quietly and unsure of her self, scratching the back of her neck.

"Arthur told me a while ago that you guys had dinner with them,"

"Yeah so don't make plans," she nodded and got up to leave, Ashley grabbed her wrist and yanked her back down on, "What?"

"Can I ask why you don't like Spencer?" Ashley raised an eye brow questioningly, usually she skated around the issue, if she hung with Kyla they didn't talk about the blonde and vice a versa when she hung out with Spencer she didn't talk about Kyla but it was getting old fast she wanted her sister and best friend to like each other or at least tolerate each other for the sake of hanging out once in a while so she didn't feel like she was choosing sides.

Kyla shrugged and tried to leave but Ashley kept her hand around her wrist, "Kyla come on, I've been here for like two months and I'm tired of choosing between you two when we could all just hang out,"

Sighing she sat down by her self, "I do like her I just...I don't know,"

"What is this incident I've been hearing about?" Ashley prodded further; Spencer would clam up when ever the subject was brought up and if she pushed it well the girl would get mad and they ended up not talking for about a full day, a day that killed Ashley not to wake up and pick Spencer up, a day when the blonde's smiling face didn't greet her and make the thump noise inside her chest, the day she sat with Kyla and Aiden instead of in the special ed classroom with Spencer and the rest of the kids, the day well you get the picture it really sucked.

"Ashley just forget about it okay?" Kyla warned starting to stand up but was yanked back down again, "What Ashley what?"

"I want to know," she said sternly but her sister just shook her head and stood up quickly.

"If I tell you than you tell me about your incident back home," she shot back staring daggers at the older girl who shifted nervously back and forth now wishing she'd never brought up the whole thing.

"Look Ky..."

"No don't pussy foot around the subject Ash you want me to tell you about something that I don't want to well it goes both ways so back off or get the courage to tell me about yours!" Kyla screamed and stormed out of the room.

Ashley flopped back on her bed wishing she had the guts to tell her sister but more importantly to tell Spencer who really should know the kind of person she is before becoming any more connected but she was scared that she'd lose the blonde who'd become her best friend the one person she could tell anything to except the thing that mattered most, she'd been looking forward to the dinner cause Arthur told her about it like two weeks ago but now she was dreading it wondering if her sister will bring up the incident involving the Ashley who lived back with her mom.