Total Eradication: RuneScape Wars

Chapter III – Oubliette

As the group was tossed into a bare yet dirty dungeon and their blindfolds were ripped off their faces, Py yelped upon landing on the hard ground.

"Damn it, can't believe this happened to us," he complained. "Boo-meister, you better explain just what we've got ourselves into."

Booman sighed. "You're right; I owe you guys an explanation. Well, as you all know, our land of Gielinor has been in turmoil for many past moons; Misthalin, with Varrock as its capitol, has been fighting with Asgarnia, and more importantly, Falador, in hopes of complete invasion under the rule of King Roald III. This has been an issue for many reasons, and although trade has halted little, many lives have been claimed in fights, both of soldiers and civilians living in the country between the two kingdoms.

"And that's where I – and you guys – come in."

"Wait, what?!" Lengm roared. "Why drag us into this war? What if we're neutral? Or we've already pledged our loyalty to an alliance?"

"Then at least hear me out, my good friends. Last week, I received an anonymous message, hiring me to assassinate King Vallance."

"So obviously it was Misthalin who-"

"At first I thought so too," Booman interrupted Leor. "But if it was, why'd I call you guys? Besides, it would make more sense for a third party to do it, right? After all, I'm a wanted man in both Lumbridge and Draynor for minor thieving."

"So who was your hirer? And was he a neutral, or…?"

"That's the interesting part – he's on Falador's side; or at least living there. That is why I took residence in Varrock last night, to try staying farther away from him. After days of researching and following clues, I found my client's name: Cujo Springs. After that, I grew curious why he'd betray his own kingdom, and I discovered he actually-"

Suddenly, an enormous explosion sounded from the floor above the group, cutting Booman's narrative short. Fire inexplicably erupted from the ceiling, and flames flickered and licked across the top before signs of the ceiling's crumbling manifested.

"Watch out!" Lengm sounded, thrusting Doomster out of the way of the falling slab of rock, mere seconds before it would have made impact with his head.

"What happened up there?" Laterdaze mumbled, still shocked at the near death of one of his acquaintances. As if replying, a hand wearing safety gloves emerged from the hole of light above their heads.

"Story time's over," remarked Lengm. "Let's ditch this dump."

Once Py finally managed to scramble out of the hole – he never really was superb at climbing – he instantly rubbed his wrists gently. "Thanks for helping pull me up…" he trailed purposefully, expecting a response and a name.

"Manta. Debant Manta. Were you the last of your group?"

"Uh, yeah, he was. Thanks for freeing all of us," Leor responded, "but why'd you do it? Why save us if you don't know – or possibly can't trust – us?"

Booman elbowed him in the ribs lightly. "Now's really not the time to be asking that. We should be escaping, correct?"

"Yes, we should. But to satisfy your curiosity," the savior said while leading them around a corner, "all I care is that Springs locked you guys up. The only people he doesn't kill are those that he feels could be more beneficial than threatening to him, and that means strong, negotiable guys."

"Sorry for interrupting, but shouldn't we get back our armor?" Lengm suggested.

"Yeah, that's where I'm heading right now. Those bastards working for Cujo took all my warrior armor except for these gloves, which is the only reason we're walking out and about right now." Just as the stranger finished his sentence, the small team arrived at what seemed to be an armory. "Here, everyone find your armor and weapons – but quickly. If you can't find them, just pick something up for protection."

Leor instantly spotted his signature Skull Scepter and TokTz-Ket-Xi and grabbed them. He quickly found and donned his Fire Cape as well. Everyone else found their armors just as easily save for Py, who lost his gold-trimmed Rune armor and instead used Saradomin armor.

"And… now what?" Laterdaze asked. He was as impatient to leave as a mouse from a science experiment.

"Well, that's up to you guys," Debant replied, "though I'm itching to find a way outta here."

"Alright then. Booman, any ideas?"

"Uh, I already told you guys; this is the place I've been trying to find. It's my first time in here, how the hell would I know?"

"Okay, who's got suggestions?" Doomster boomed.

Leor offered, "Well, we could split up…"

"But that increases the chance of discovery. Definitely not." Lengm frowned. "Unless we do it in groups… Nah, it's still too risky."

"Yeah, but no one else has a better idea." Py frowned as well. "There's really no other choice."

"Okay then, let's go!"

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