As Limburger and Karbunkle picked carefully along the rubble their eyes scanning for any useful technology, Limburger demanded, "How long before can you whip up a radio transmitter, Karbunkle?"

"Five minutes. I only hope it's long enough. But surely Wensleydale with have turned off the transporter?"

"He'll have it in a secure area for emergency incoming. Makes sure that any enemy teleport will arrive there. He's smart, and will be considering the possibility that the enemy captured intact teleporters."

Aboard the flagship of the Plutarkian fleet there was a flash of light and the Earth based group fell out the teleporter. Charley looked at her companions, so far they had made it, and undoubtedly Plutarkians might be coming to investigate. Alternatively all they might need to do is pump out gas. The sooner they got out of there the better. Charley nodded and the boys blasted the door and ran off.

"And Let slip the Hogs of War."

Charley glares at Lt. William Wensleydale, the joke was not funny. The boys did make a good distraction though, but knowing how over-enthusiastic they got she hoped they remembered the main part of the plan. Plant bombs with timer and radio detonators(designed so that that could be both primed and detonated by radio) near critical points. Plan was to set the detonators to go off on timed, but if necessary blow them up early via radio. The alarms had been set off when the boys had blasted into the ship. Still that only meant more and heavier company was on the way now.

On the bridge. Admiral Wensleydale heard the alarms. How should he organise he defences? This was always going to be difficult. If it was just mice they tended to be rather direct. However humans were working with them, and they generally had a sneakier mind set. Now was the attack on the ship real or a distraction. That he wouldn't know until he got to Earth Orbit, but he had better treat it as real until he knew otherwise.

"Enemy Special Forces have boarded. Contain them. Mix of Mice and Humans. Be careful neither may be behaving as expected." Admiral Wensleydale stated. Normally the Mice would be the loud obnoxious distraction for the humans' sneakiness. But since both were Special Forces, the Mice could be quiet, even if it was against their nature.

The Plutarkians on board armed themselves quickly or sealed their cabins depending upon the actual duties they were supposed to be doing. Some of the ground soldiers were used to beef up security. The fact was that even if this was a distraction it could end up being the main attack. Humans liked redundancy. But each plan would be independent and simple, and maybe adaptable.

Meanwhile, Stoker landed his ship in Chicago without crashing it. This new invention of his had to be done somewhere safe and the only possibility was Earth. They had the resources that Mars no longer did. He knew it could be used as a weapon. Still it was time to talk to the people who were funding it. Hem entered the safe house that he had been given directions to.

"Welcome Stoker." Brough stated. "You'll be working with Ronald Rump."

Stoker shivered. Ronald seemed too much like a Plutarkian by anyone's standards. He only hoped he'd be able to avoid some of the problems that might occur. Still he wouldn't be made a prisoner immediately - not in Chicago where a giant anthromorphic mouse might raise a few eyebrows, but be accepted as human - for want of a better word..

"So you're saying this regenerator can alter is a true matter transformer, but why use hydrocarbons? Surely there's a less polluting fuel source."

"I made it use hydrocarbons because it's the fuel source you use, but I really wanted to use a different fuel, though it would be nowhere near as effective. So as long as it's some sort of petroleum derivative it will run.

"And, yes, Mars gets the first one if nothing goes wrong." Brough stated. "Understandable, you need it more than us."

Back on the Plutarkian flagship, Admiral Wensleydale's men were slowly getting the chaos under control, and the Admiral was starting to realise that this had been the attack, not merely a distraction. This meant the humans were desperate. Still it would not do to underestimate them. He sent out combat engineers immediatley.

Deep in the bowels Carbine listenedfor a comminication, worried. The bombs could not be set off unless Charley confirmed she her Task force had planted he bombs. Charley's voice crackled. across the radio. "Done here."

"Bombs around teleporters." Carbine confirmed.

"Bombs at vital spots." Throttle responed.

"We can't get to Wensleydale he's to well guarded." Throttle stated.

"I think we have a route." Charley stated.

After switching off the radio Carbine commanded. "Time for us to leave. Withdraw to teleporter."

At this moment the Plutarkian ships reverted, to see the wreckage of their first attack tier, and Mars ships also reverting from space. Thinking "Sorry, Charley." Carbine activates the bombs. This was their only chance for a real victory. It would prevent both enemies from ever getting a foothold, yet even as she pressed the button, she knew that though Charley would understand and forgive if she survived, her love, Throttle would do neither. Then the teleporter flares taking the mice to the safety of the Mars fleet.