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The story evolves five years after the destruction of sunnydale and the L.A. fight. Giles is in England with Dawn. Buffy has Angel's son Liam,Angel is dead. Spike lives with Buffy. They all together run a school for potentials in New York.

Where fairytales end and life begins? Can anyone draw a line? Is there something or someone that can help us make the right decisions, so that we can live our one true-life fairytale or are we all doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again and watch as our happiness pass us by without having the strength to reach out and grab it. Is there an end to fighting? And is a slayer always alone?

These thoughts were passing through Buffy's mind when she heard her sister calling out her name.

"Buffy. Are you here? I am home" Dawn asked.

"Yes, Dawnie" she replied exiting her room and running towards the source of the voice. At the sight of her sister her heart nearly broke. She had grown so much in the past years, after the closing of the Hellmouth and the destruction of Sunnydale.

"So, I am here. Is everything alright you sounded weird on the phone."

Buffy seemed stressed these days her mind was wondering off a lot more than usual and that scared Dawn a bit, because her sister wouldn't tell her what was bothering her.

Just then Liam started crying so Buffy told Dawn to do whatever she wished until she put the baby back to sleep. Dawn made her way to the kitchen to get something to eat; she was hungry from the journey. Liam had grown up so much. He was 5 years old already. What a pity he wouldn't remember his father . . . she should spent more time with Buffy and the boy.

As soon as this idea crossed her mind Buffy entered with a sleepy Liam in her arms.

"Look who is here baby."Liam lifted his head from his mothers embrace and smiled at the sight of his aunt. "Look, aunt Dawn is here. Would you like to go in her arms?"

Liam was to sleep to speak, but responded to his mother, by stretching his arms towards his favorite aunt. Dawn took him in her embrace and whispered in his ear.

"I love you, so much" she sat on a chair with the boy on her lap

"My boy has woken up all hungry. Would you like me to fix something for you too Dawn?"

"That would be perfect, because I am starving. You know the journey and all."

Spike had entered the room and looked at their lovely intercourse taking place; he stood at the door not wanting to ruin the picture. He loved these women so much, and one of them didn't even know how much.

"Well niblet, aren't you a sight for sore eyes? It has been ages since the last time we saw you. What school is too demanding you forget family?"

She shivered at the sound of his voice, hopefully he didn't see that.

"No school has been ok. I just had some tests to give this month and couldn't steal some time to come here."

"Did Liam wake you up Spike? I am so sorry. Would you like a warm cup of blood, to make up to you?"

"You always have your way with me slayer, and no Liam did not wake me up, Dawnie here did with all her welling". He tried to sound upset, the truth is that it was the best he had for weeks now.

Buffy warmed Liam's milk, Spike's blood and made some pancakes for here and Dawn.

"Well sis, your cooking has definitely improved from the last time you cooked me dinner."

"I had to learn; with Angel gone we had to feed on something." Sadness crept in her face. There he was again, her angel. His death was her death. The only thing keeping her alive was Liam, and the thought of these 4 perfect years she had spent with him.

Dawn saw her sister slowly drowning in her own sorrow, and shutting everybody out.

"So…"Spike said sensing the sadness of the moment. "How long are you going to stay, love?"

It was now or never. Dawn had thought about it many times, but now she was sure she had made the right decision. She put Liam in the Baby seat.

"To tell you the truth forever." She said with a smile.

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