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Buffy woke up, she looked at the clock in her nightstand it was 3 o'clock. She had taken up the habit of waking up in the middle of the night since Angel died. She stood up and went into her son's room, she tucked him in, studied his face in the moonlight stroking his brown hair, she was happy he took after his father. She kissed him in the head and headed to make herself a cup if tea.

"Damn you Giles." He had taught her the pleasure of a good cup of tea and now she took up drinking one alone in the dark every night.

She sat in the living room couch watching aimlessly at the full moon outside. Memories began to drift in.

"I love you, with all my heart I always had. Take care of our son." He jumped.

"Noooo…" Buffy was screaming at the top of her lungs at him. A pair of hands grabbed her, before she had the time to jump after him.

Faith her sister-slayer was dragging her out of the building and was ordering everyone to get out. They barely managed when the explosion happened. Buffy was motionless, just like that he was gone.

"Do you need company, love." Spike's voice brought her back from her daydreaming

"Sure, why not." She smiled for him, he sat next to her. Thank God he had stayed with her.

"Buffy… for how long are you going to punish yourself about what happened. Four years have passed, you have to move on. Angel would have wanted you to move on."

"I know the only problem is that I don't know how to move on without him. I couldn't do it the first time how am I supposed to do it now that I have known how our life together could have been like." She lied in his arms, he could always comfort her.

Spike hugged her not knowing what to say. Buffy let herself take comfort in the arms of her friend, tears came to her eyes but she wiped them off before Spike could see them

"I am the slayer, well not the only, but surely the oldest I am not going to break down I can't too much depends on me." She told herself for the hundredth time.

Spike was puzzled. Buffy had only sed a single tear and nothing else. When Dawn was taken from Glory she was in haze for some time, until Willow brought her back. For four years that peaches was gone she hadn't burst at all, she simply woke up every night and sat in the couch for an hour or then kissed her son and went back to sleep. Every night it was the same routine.

"I am going to sleep; we have a long day ahead of us. I have to contact Faith and Xander they haven't been in touch with me for too long now. Good night Spike. Get some sleep."

"Night, slayer." He was worried but what could he do. He drunk the rest of his blood and went to rest they had a long day ahead and Dawn's distractions wouldn't make things easier.

The morning came; Dawn was still jet lagged and woke up too early. Her sister and Spike were still sleeping, so she decided to make breakfast.

"I'll make them a true English breakfast, with tost, egg and bacon." She thought.

Dawn turned the radio on; she always cooked with music on, and started making the grand breakfast. First she made the tost, and then she put to fry the bacon and the eggs.

Buffy woke up, with a strange sent coming from downstairs.

"Oh, my God Dawn is making breakfast. That always leads to disaster I better go check." She put on her slippers and a robe and headed to the kitchen.

Everyone was there. Dawn was pouring Liam some milk, while Spike asked him to compete to see who would end up first. He his blood or Liam his milk?

"Well, good morning sleepy head. It is 9 o'clock and I made breakfast." She smiled at her. Dawn had the most beautiful smile Buffy had seen.

"England changed you a lot." She said as she sat in a chair next to Spike. Dawn kissed her on the cheek and handed her a plate.

"A girl has got to eat and as much as I love Giles he is not the best cook in the world, but never tell him I said that or I am dead." She giggled.

"So what is on today's program?" Spike asked, he wanted to spend some time with Dawn to catch up.

"First we have to go to Willow; she will be thrilled with your return. I have some classes to teach until two and we have to practice with the girls in the afternoon. I think it is from five till seven."

"So as I see nothing has changed around here." Dawn said.

"Nope, niblet. Your sister still thinks that she can win me, so we dance every afternoon and then she makes me work with the other slayers who I can easily bit the crap out of."

"Watch your language in front of Liam." Buffy said and smacked him in the arm. Actually she didn't worry about her son. He saw so many evil things each day, that cursing seemed nothing.

They discussed about this and that. Then Buffy had to go, taking Liam with her. They had a child care center at the school for the slayers kids. Liam was their only kid but Buffy hoped that her slayers would make families eventually and have kids of their own.

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