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His back and side felt like it was on fire… his shoulder too, for that matter... Optimus groaned, feeling every bump on the rocky, stick laden path. Some one was dragging him along, some one that was not one of his troops…

A small cry of pain escaped the large mech when a exceptionally large bump sent him flying up in the air. The sound alerted his captor, who spun around and back handed the Prime, sending him back into a relatively welcome darkness.

Megatron wasn't really surprised when he heard Prime cry out. Optimus was a hard mech to keep down... which was why the Decepticon was so thrilled to be finally dragging him home. With a quick turn and blow, Megatron remedied the problem of Optimus' consciousness. Hopefully he would stay out this time...

Much to Megatron's delight, Optimus DID stay unconscious for the rest of the trip back to base. The Decepticon tyrant even have time to chain his enemy down, spread on the ground... he left Optimus' legs free, if the mech was able to fight him off using only his legs in his already-injured condition... Well, if he managed that, then Megatron DESERVED to be beaten!

"Oh Primus…" Now his head hurt! Waking, Optimus found he was chained and unable to move, what the slag was going on? And why was… "M-M-Megatron? What are you doing?!" he squeaked, tugging and twisting as he tried to free himself, tried to move… and get away from the Decepticon, whose stare was freaking him out.

Crouching by Optimus' head, Megatron stroked him tenderly. "Ah, Optimus... What do you think I'm doing? I caught you... And soon I'll have won this war... mmm, won this war, and more..." A dark hunger flicked in red optics, but Megatron never stopped the soft, gentle petting. He knew what it was doing to Optimus... that was reason enough to continue.

"You'll never win! You can't!" The Autobot pulled at his bonds harder, struggling to get free. "You're insane!" he snapped, fear spiking at the touch that was being given to his helm and the horrible look on Megatron's face… the mech looked so… lust-filled that Optimus just wanted to escape and run… and then ignore the consequences of the actions.

Shaking his head slowly while softly chuckling, Megatron patted Optimus. "So foolish... or is it denial? I have you, Optimus! You are mine...! Soon, in more ways than one... Your Autobots won't dare attack, won't dare risk you. I bet I could even make them surrender to save your life.. and even if they don't, well... Oh, trust me, Optimus... this war is won."

Fear washed over Optimus in wave after wave, "You, you… slagger!" He kicked out feebly. "They won't! They'll never give into you, you haven't won anything and no matter what, you never will!" The Autobot hated feeling so… helpless as he was touched again, being pet as if he was a pet to his enemy. Megatron's optics hadn't changed, they were locked onto him as if Optimus was prey… a very scared and weak prey… "My men will defeat you even without me!" He covered up that intense fear with a low growl and words that even he didn't believe. "You're going to LOOSE Megatron."

"You really... don't know your own Autobots very well, do you, Optimus?" Megatron purred, easily evading the kiss and bending low to trail glossa against the frightened Prime's face. "Or you know them too well, you don't believe your own words... No matter. It isn't them you should be thinking about anyway. No..." He took another lick, moaning softly from the taste, "It's yourself you should be thinking about. Yourself... and me."

The Autobot jerked back as if Megatron's touch burned, fear spiking right into terror as he felt a slick glossa caress his face. With a low strangled sound he snapped his head around and lashed out again with as much strength as he could. The jolt let his feet hit Megatron squarely on the chest plate, sending him falling back. "You'll never win Megatron, no matter what you do to me!" Optimus declared, again covering up his shaking voice with false bravado.

He had gotten careless, underestimating Optimus' determination. Megatron fought down the anger he felt, he didn't want to give the Autobot the satisfaction of knowing he was angry. "Oh, but Optimus..." he loved using the name, loved drawling it out as though the thing it designated was already his, "I AM winning. I have you... And honestly, the war can continue 'till Unmaker comes, I don't care." He approached the Autobot again, moving quickly and pinning him to the floor before licking him again. The angry, fearful disgust in the blue optics made the action so worth it, even without the lovely taste.

He couldn't even struggle properly… the pain lancing through his entire frame just made him cry out as he kicked and twisted… the kicks not even half Optimus' normal strength. "Get-Get off!" The Autobot shrieked, panic finally starting to get to him as he felt the unmovable body sitting on him.

"I like being here, though," Megatron declared, stroking Optimus languidly. Slipping deceptively narrow digits under red and blue armor, the Decepticon began to gently fondle wires and cabling, bringing his other hand up to again trace faceplates. Red optics glowed darker as Megatron's pleasure began to burn away his control.

"No! No, no, no, no!!" Optimus shrieked, his cry was a half moan. His enemy's touch shouldn't have felt so… so good, especially not Megatron's! The mech's arm gave another twinge of pain as he tried desperately to pull away, escape and run, and then keep on running. "For the love of Primus, stop! Please, just stop!"

"'For the love of Primus'?" Megatron echoed in a disbelieving sing-song. "We are his despised creations... why should we show love for him? Why should we search for his love? No, Optimus... I won't stop. I have no reason to stop..." He grinned, stroked the wires again and purred softly in the Autobot's audio, but the Decepticon didn't say the other words in his processor. No, it was too soon to taunt Optimus with the obvious face that he was enjoying this, as much as he might protest it.

A shiver wracked the Autobot's frame and he fought to hold back his moans from the feel… the oh so wonderful feel… Optimus was disgusted with himself, he shouldn't be enjoying having that wire touched! Especially not by HIM… "That's not true!" He protested, "It's not… it…not…" Optimus couldn't deny Megatron's thoughts… after all, Primus HAD practically abandoned them when things had grown bad…

He stroked again, trailing his hand all the way down, as far as he could reach, humming softly in arousal. "You persist in speaking words you don't believe... how fascinating. Why... I suspect you'll even deny that you're enjoying this. Enjoying my touch... I wonder if you're even enjoying you own helplessness..." This time he licked the Autobot's neck, threading his glossa into the vulnerable joint.

Optimus froze, he couldn't move, couldn't think… his CPU had promptly entered a recession that left him feeling utterly helpless… He couldn't believe what Megatron was implying, it was horrible, the pleasure… The Autobot whimpered as he felt disgusting pleasure in his captor's touch, forcing himself to not scream in terror. He knew his enemy was ruthless and if the mech wanted Optimus to suffer, he would suffer… but this was different, it was a gentle and loving touch and Optimus yearned for more… even as he tried to think he didn't.

"There's nothing wrong in taking pleasure when it's offered... Optimus," Megatron forced the Autobot to look at him, to meet his optics. Oh, there was such shame in the blue optics, such disgust and fear...! Megatron tried to convince himself that he liked that expression, that he wanted to see... "You. Are. Mine. No-one is going to stop me from doing ANYTHING I want to do. Do I make myself understood?" The hand that was not on Optimus' face had never stopped moving, never stopped offering pleasurable, soft touches with just a hint of steel in them.

"Mpth!" Optimus bit his glossa to keep from making any noise of pleasure or pain that could cause Megatron satisfaction… while internally more and more fear was breaking down his barriers, slamming his CPU away from coherent thoughts… and straight to basic survival as well as the need to panic more. "No...! please no! Stop, you haven't… you haven't won, you'll never win. EVER." Optimus screamed, twisting more in a extra effort to escape.

He didn't even try to stop the growl that originated low in his chest. Megatron's voice was light when he spoke, however, forced as the lightness was, "You just keep telling yourself that, Optimus. Keep telling yourself, and I'll keep doing this... I don't want to make you hurt, you know. I don't like hurting my possessions." The desperation... now that was arousing, to see the strong Prime so easily giving in to despair... Megatron wasn't fond of the self deceit, and made a note to work on that in the future.

As he bit back more sounds that threatened to escape his vocalizer, the Autobot leader stared, optics wide. Hurt him? That wasn't what he was scared of! Well… not mostly, he was more scared of the fact that his enemy was touching him in places that made him feel good… so disgustingly good… It was easy to see what Megatron wanted now and it sent Optimus into a near frenzy. "I'm-I'm NOT your fragging possession!" he snarled, loathing the mere thought of it and wishing desperately that he was somewhere… anywhere other then in the hands of his enemy.

Returning his hand to Optimus' torso, Megatron continued growling as his hand picks out wires, stroked higher and deeper... "At one time, you were willing to sacrifice this spark to end the war," he murmured as his digits stroked around the object. And then he pulled his fingers out, he didn't want to hurt the Autobot, and this comment was so likely to anger him... "I wonder what changed?"

Optimus squeaked when the touches traveled too near his spark chamber, the feeling and cutting words fueled his desire to escape… it drove away the pain just long enough for him to kick out one last time. "Back then YOU weren't touching me, you fragging psycho!" The satisfaction of the sound of metal crunching and seeing his captor fall backwards was short lived when Megatron snarled and stood… practically radiating anger.

Good thing he HAD moved his hand... Megatron glared at his captive, one hand across his own chest where the blow had landed. "Psycho...?" he repeated the word, vents whirring as anger and arousal heated him. With another snarl, he threw himself on top of Optimus, straddling him and digging his fingers into the chest seams. "I told you I don't like hurting my possessions... You don't want to be my possession? You'd prefer if I forced you? So be it, Prime... So be it!" He pull and tore, if Optimus wanted to be his enemy now, his enemy he would be!

Agony tore through the Autobot, resonating from his chest, and Optimus screamed, bucking even more, desperately trying to get away. Lubricants and coolants spilled from broken wires as the pain traveled even deeper, his screams grew louder… echoed until the mech couldn't tell when one ended and one began… Primus did it hurt! It hurt so much that Optimus was nearly sobbing, almost wishing that he hadn't put up so much of a fight…

Oh, those screams were nice, so very loud... Megatron would have preferred that they be screams of pleasure... or perhaps the pain of someone who wanted it. That thought calmed Megatron, Optimus HAD asked for it, what else did he think would happen by attacking like that? Finally, the Decepticon reached his goal, taking a moment to stare at the beautiful orb that Optimus had been so willing to destroy... "You prefer it this way, Prime?" Megatron asked again. Rhetorically, as he didn't give Optimus time to answer, baring his own spark and pressing it against his enemy's, hissing in pleasure.

If it was possible, the pain grew worse when Optimus' spark was bared…but when his captor pressed them together… beneath all the pain was an underlying current of pleasure. His screams turned halfway to moans as Megatron's spark pressed deeper into his own. The pressure was rough and demanding but not enough to seriously hurt the Prime, showing that his captor didn't want him to break… yet. "Please! Primus please! I-I… can't…" He couldn't finish, couldn't understand as the pleasure and pain over whelmed the Prime.

Megatron let his spark soothe Optimus, giving a taste of the pure pleasure he had wanted to give the Prime. The pleasure he WOULD give the Prime, just as soon as Optimus broke, accepted that he WAS only Megatron's possession. Optimus felt so good against him... The Decepticon moaned, pressing closer in passion... oh, Optimus really had no clue what he did to him.

Oh Primus! His moans must have been pleasing to Megatron, who smirked and increased the pressure, pleasure shot through Optimus and he started screaming again, begging for release... needing the overload that was threatening him. The Autobot couldn't take much more, with the pleasured pain coursing through him… "Please! Please don't… don't stop… PLEASE."

THOSE were the screams he wanted, screams of pleasure, of want... Megatron lay a kiss against Optimus' faceplates, licking tenderly. "You are so beautiful in your need... so lovely. Overload for me, Optimus... I say it again, there's nothing wrong with taking pleasure when it's offered." He was close to overloading himself, but he wanted Optimus to go first... wanted to allow the Autobot the small power of 'forcing' an overload in this manner.

Optimus couldn't take it anymore with one last scream he overloaded, pleasure slamming into him… chasing away the pain for a split second as he went limp, whimpering. The Autobot turned away from his captor, wounds from his chest plates weakening him until he couldn't move… and pushing him into recharge. Drifting off the last thing he saw was Megatron's… surprisingly gentle and caring face.

Megatron gave Optimus the overload that the Autobot's own pleasure had earned, moaning and growling in a feral manner. Oh, it was going to be so good when his captive fully accepted his position... "Mine... you ARE mine, Optimus... you'll learn that soon," the Decepticon murmured as the Autobot succumbed to recharge. He'd better fix up that damage while the Prime was out... get as much done as he could.

What… was going on? Why was… oh… Optimus on-lined his optics, not quite 'awake' he ran internal scans as the fog from his processor cleared… and surprised to find that some of the damage Megatron had caused was fixed. And then he felt a chill go through to his spark noticing that a mech… no, Megatron was staring at him, just staring and making no movement at all. The Prime felt his spark retract again, he felt tainted and unclean and it HURT horribly, as if small knives were pricking him.

"Back with us? Want to try again, without the pain? Or are you still denying the truth?" Megatron asked, idly looking at his hands and cleaning off a bit of Optimus' energon. "You know, you're every bit as beautiful when you online as you are in your passion..." Sadly, the dazed and unguarded look which had been so beautiful had morphed into the usual hard wariness that Optimus expressed every time he looked at Megatron.

The Prime stared and remained silent, ashamed that he actually wanted to just let his enemy have his way. He didn't want to be in any more pain and he defiantly didn't want to have that… that feeling in his spark anymore, the feeling of total helplessness… plus it had felt good under the pain, had felt incredible really…

Seeing that he wasn't going to get an answer, Megatron sighed, a soft whir of vents. It was probably too soon for him to expect an answer, really... but he could always hope! Saying nothing, the Decepticon walked over and freed Optimus from the floor, keeping a hold on the chains that still bound the Autobot's wrists, and began dragging him out of the room.

When he was grabbed, Optimus' first instinct was to struggle and fight back, fight and escape, but he repressed it… maybe if he could wait until he was in the hall… wait until Megatron let his guard down thinking he was going to cooperate… The Autobot tried to walk, but found himself half dragged, his energy levels had sunk and were still sinking too much to truly do much but pull at his bonds.

Hum, Optimus was being obedient... far too obedient, he hadn't broken to this level yet... "Don't try escaping. You're in my base, you're low on energy... you WILL get caught. I really don't want to hurt you again, but you know that I will, Optimus. And there's more than one way I could choose to punish you..." Megatron tugged the Autobot forward in response to the weak pulling, watching carefully. He should be able to reach Megatron's quarters just fine.

Realization hit the mech hard and he frowned, feeling his hope drain out, thoughts stilling as he was dragged down the halls, frown deepening. He could hear a familiar sound, a VERY familiar sound… Straining his audios the prime found the sounds growing louder and louder and to his horror within seconds he knew what they were. Human screams… horrible pained, agonized human screams.

Megatron frowned and made a note to chide Starscream later. In fact... He sent a quick message to the seeker, reminding him that there would be no fun in having their toys so broken they lost all of the personality which made them so interesting in the first place. "Seems Starscream is having fun..." was all he explained to Optimus, trying to hurry past as Starscream angrily replied that he already knew.

Primus! As they walked past the metal doors of what had to be Starscream's private quarters, Optimus recognized the voice as Sam's, the human was probably being tortured for helping them, he realized guiltily… guilt growing as he heard the screams grow even louder and then suddenly weaken.

Aah, much better. Putting aside his concern for the human for now, Megatron returned his attention to Optimus. "Not far now, and then we can get you some energon. And then... hmmm..." Megatron trailed off with an expressive shrug.

When the sounds faded, Optimus felt his strength fade as well, making him feel even weaker then before. Closing his optics he tried to summon the strength to fight, to bring back what strength he had… and… The mech knew it wouldn't work, he was in one of the most guarded parts of the base by the look of the halls… and even if he did escape he would never make it out, there were just too many Decepticons around him… and he was completely helpless in his situation after all…

Megatron was actually concerned for Optimus, though he didn't let it show. The Autobot was far to weak, physically yes, but emotionally as well. Was it concern over the human boy? That would fit with the Prime's personality... well, he could deal with that later, it might prove a useful leverage... Reaching his quarters, Megatron had to half drag Optimus to the berth, chaining him but leaving the Autobot a little more room to move than last time. He was behaving himself, and so he got a reward, as minute as it may be. "I'll be right back, Optimus... You just relax, hmm?"

Optimus could have kicked himself, he was alone and couldn't even TRY to escape… Closing his optics the mech focused on cycling air through his systems and running diagnostics, hoping to find some sliver of hope from them… what he found wasn't though, and when Megatron came back he didn't even bother opening his optics, too tired to do so.

Carrying energon for both himself and his hungry captive, Megatron stopped when he walked back into his room, looking at Optimus with a surprisingly tender look. Such a pity he'd had to hurt him, Optimus had lost so much energy from that, needlessly! And now he didn't even have the energy to move from where he'd been placed, or even to look about... The tender look morphed into a smirk as Megatron moved to the berth, placing the cubes were they couldn't be accidentally spilled. "Optimus," he purred, warning, before taking a mouthful of energon and bending to his possession's dermaplates.

"Mnnn!" Optimus' optics flew open at the same moment his mouth did, allowing the warm energon to run in. A choked scream forced its way out before the mech gaped when his captor pulled away… what was Megatron doing? Why was he… why was he giving him fuel...? why…? His gaping allowed the Decepticon to take another drink and press their mouths together, only this time his glossa followed the energon and kept Optimus' mouth open… and he didn't even bother trying to struggle.

Oh, this was good, it allowed Optimus to get his fuel without expending much energy... yes, Megatron was pleased with the results of this. And the lovely way that Optimus simply accepted the feeding... The Decepticon greedily took advantage of Optimus' temporary surrender, enjoying the taste of what would soon be common. By the end, Megatron was laying across the red and blue chassis, relaxed an at ease.

The entire process of fueling him that way left Optimus ready to purge his tanks, and he would've… if he didn't need the fuel so desperately. Even worse was the fact that Megatron was lying on top of him, and he had enjoyed the strange way of refueling… had enjoyed it and wished for more… But then the feeling of being laid on, being relatively safe was wonderful too… and was surprisingly comforting.

"Do I have to tell you AGAIN, Optimus?" Megatron asked softly, a note of disappointment in his voice. He could see, feel, that the Autobot was enjoying the attention... and that he was disgusted by the fact. Softly, he started rubbing Optimus again, "Eventually you'll stop denying how you feel... I don't like my possessions lying to me... or to themselves."

"I'll… I'll n-never... be you-your possession!" Optimus ground out, clenching his derma plates, in truth he was actually enjoying the use of force... But even then it would take more to completely break him… a lot more to make him stop protesting that he wasn't a possession… but he could feel in his spark that he wouldn't last forever and would fail in this one task.

Once again, Megatron tasted Optimus' face, he was doing it a lot but Unmaker take it... he tasted good! "But Optimus... you already are. You'll admit it soon enough, and then just think of all the fun things we can do. And I don't mean just this..." Yes... fun... Conversations with the Autobot, quiet times of cuddling... ...since when had Megatron wanted those? And yet... he did.

Biting back the moans, the mech flinched away from his captor's touch, "No, I'm n-not!" Internally he lied to himself as well, or tried to. It was maddening, not being able to move, or get away… and even worse… through his internal and external lies, deep down, he knew he was enjoying it more than he'd even admitted to himself. And that fact kept hitting him over and over and over… "I-I… no! I c-cant!!"

"...Can't?" the word was repeated in a questioning tone as Megatron returned to stroking wires that had gotten such a nice reaction last time... "Tell me, Optimus... What do you need to admit it? What do you need from me to admit you enjoy my touch, that you are my possession? If it is tenderness, I'll give... force? I'll give that too. Just let me know what you need... and even what you want." His voice was a gentle, insistent purr.

It shouldn't feel good, it shouldn't! The part of his CPU that was protesting was being blocked out by Megatron's skillful fingers and glossa too… Forcing back a low moan Optimus held back his body's arching… "I… no! my-my men… c-can't give up for them!" Steeling his words, the Autobot growled at Megatron, "N-nothing...! Please, just let me go!"

"For your men..." Megatron didn't betray by either tone or actions that Optimus had no men left, none free. It was enough that Optimus had answered, even better that he wasn't denying his emotions or his status, he wasn't admitting it yet, but he wasn't DENYING it. "For MY men, Prime, I can't let you go," and his voice was the harsher one so muchly used in battle, though the hand against Optimus' wires remained gentle.

A moan slipped out and Optimus instantly regretted it, seeing the mech above him smirk and continue playing with his wires. Megatron's words were cold, ruthless, but his touch… it felt so exquisite! He tried to answer, to snap at his enemy but all that came out of his mouth were more moans and a low whimper. Something told him there was more to the Decepticon's words… something that he truly didn't want to hear…

"Your moans... they are so good, Optimus..." Megatron said, his words also a moan. He made his touches a little firmer, more sensual... Optimus wasn't exactly co-operating, but he was still behaving himself, and Megatron knew that the pleasure he was giving the Autobot wasn't fully a reward.

This time the Autobot leader couldn't help but arch into his enemies touch, moaning again loudly. His wounds and disgust forgotten he squirmed, trying desperately to not like the touches that were being given even as they made him want more. "No… don't… stop please…" Optimus begged through his sounds of pleasure, squirming against Megatron's body.

That could be taken in two ways... "Don't...? Or don't stop?" Not that Megatron intended to stop, no... Optimus was so beautiful like this, straining for pleasure... He had to be getting close to an overload, Megatron very much wanted to see that.

"I-I don't… I d-don't KNOW!" Optimus cried out, he wanted the touches desperately but didn't want to admit it… he'd never be able to live it down if he did! "Please… I don't know… I don't… please!" He knew he didn't make any sense and was close to overload but his CPU wasn't controlling his mouth anymore, more pleas spilling out of it.

Such beautiful pleading. Optimus was desperate, almost terrified that Megatron wouldn't believe him, would stop... "You don't know," Megatron agreed, he would let it go for now. Slipping his hand further under armor, he began manipulating the wires right around the spark, not quite touching yet. His control broke slightly as Optimus arched up, causing Megatron's optics to flicker and a soft moan to come from him at the contact.

The Autobot couldn't answer when his captor's hands dug even deeper near his spark, touching the delicate casing when he arched up. He couldn't help but shudder, begging to what ever deity that was listening, whether it be Primus or the humans' god, to help him… to make the pleasure stop! But no help came and the mech found himself being driven closer and closer to overload by his enemy.

"Take it, Optimus," Megatron urged. "Take pleasure when it's offered..." Red optics watched avidly, Optimus was bending so well to the Decepticon's desires... and learning, hopefully, a degree of selfishness, something which would make him all the more pliable to Megatron's whims. "Beautiful... let me see it!"

He couldn't believe Megatron was winning… was… not quite breaking him, but… was making him feel so… not in control. Arching into his enemy's touch one last time Optimus overloaded, screaming and tugging at the chains his wrists were wrapped in before collapsing. His vents worked overtime and he sobbed brokenly, trying to curl up and hide from the lust filled optics that were watching him… with surprising care.

Cupping Optimus' face in his hand, Megatron moaned again, he couldn't help it, Optimus was just so desirable like this. "Beautiful, Optimus, so beautiful... I'm glad you're not making me hurt you... That felt good, didn't it? You can admit that, no one could blame you for enjoying an overload..."

Optimus twisted his head, breaking free and looking away, trying desperately to block out what had just happened. He refused to answer, refused to admit that he HAD liked it… and he wanted more… he wanted to touch back, to cause equal pleasure as what he was getting. It was sickening to the Autobot, horrible and disgusting to want such a thing! And yet, he did anyway.

Considering for a moment, Megatron reached up and freed one of Optimus' hands. It was a whim, really, he didn't know why he did it, but then, Optimus hadn't even tried to fight since... since they'd first merged. It was a reward... and, well... Smiling, the Decepticon moved his hand from Optimus' face to his chest, gently unlatching the clasps and laying the Autobot open again.

Had he actually noticed… noticed the want? but how? The Autobot mewled and used his newly freed hand to run across Megatron's back, latching on. He needed the touch, even if he hated the need… Closing his optics tightly he relaxed, not wanting to feel the agony of being forced again. It had hurt so much! But submitting wouldn't be as bad and DEFINITELY not as painful. Optimus wanted desperately to fight back… and knew deep in his spark he couldn't, it was just so much easier to give in and take care of his upfront desires.

Oh, and such a NICE response to his reward, Optimus really was submitting so well... His hand felt... well, divine, there was just no other word for it, divine against his back. Stroking the spark casing with one long finger, Megatron watched the Autobot's reaction.

He couldn't believe he was giving… but at the same time Optimus selfishly wanted something to ease the pain in his spark. And as Megatron pulled his chest plates further apart, delicately stroking the casing around his spark… "Don't… don't… st-stop! Please, just don't stop!" he begged, holding onto the Decepticon tighter, trying to press his fingers in and cause the pleasure he was getting.

Megatron's face softened in the most gratified shock he had ever felt. Optimus was begging... for more. Begging so sweetly... Megatron had had no desire to stop, but if he had, it would be gone from the effect of that sweet begging... He stroked the casing again, moaned, "You have a hand free... Why don't you open me up, my beautiful Optimus...?"

"I-I can?" Optimus whimpered, writhing and pushing himself against his captor's hands while at the same time trying his luck. He couldn't help it, he wanted the touch, wanted to do as Megatron said and open the Decepticon… it was a surprising admission, but a welcome one that the Autobot found he held dearly.

"Of course, I told you too... oooh! Optimus...!" Careful purring control shattered into a deep moan of desire, Megatron's red optics glowing like embers. "Yesss... Like that, ooh... you ARE mine, Optimus, and so good..." He wasn't sure if the trembling was his, or his Autobot's, the faint shivers of desire, of need, racking through their frames...

"Not yours!" Optimus squirmed desperately… as if on instinct his optics flew open and stared at his captors, "Don't stop! don't stop PLEASE don't stop!!" It was a total contradiction, one that he hated making… yet didn't even try and stop it, needing the overload again, wanting it, the pleasure… who knew Megatron could be so… wonderful interfacing? Could cause so much pleasure in him?

"Mine," Megatron contradicted, taking Optimus' dermaplates in a kiss. He leaned forward, slowly bringing the spark that Optimus had bared to the spark he had bared. Optimus had no idea, no idea at all... Megatron was incapable of resisting him when the Autobot looked at him like that, used that tone of voice, all pure, sweet need.

All coherent thought left Optimus when his spark touched the Decepticon leader's… he screamed, arching and writhing while his hand practically ripped into Megatron's shoulder. He needed the touch, to touch the wires and gain purchase… "Nnnn! Megatron!"

Megatron joined Optimus in screaming, pleasure from the deepening merge mixing with the shivers of pain the Autobot unintentionally caused. It WAS purely unintentional, pleasure destroying his Autobot's control, and so Megatron took no offense at the damage, simply pulling Optimus closer.

It felt so unimaginably wonderful… Optimus cried out as his hand dug into the Decepticon more, begging for more. He was so close! With a groan of need he pressed against the spark that was so pit bent on forcing his overload... not that he minded that part, wanting it desperately enough to start begging again.

The merge-link was deep enough that Megatron could feel Optimus' enjoyment, feel his desperation and that bare hint of surrender. Gently, Megatron coaxed at the surrender, letting Optimus see how proud he was of it, raising a hand to stroke the Autobot's face. He felt so good beneath him, just like he'd always known the Prime would feel... MUST feel!

Groaning, Optimus rubbed against the touch and licked the bigger mech's hand, completely giving in when he felt Megatron's pride from it. He couldn't help his getting pleasure from Megatron's own… and was almost sobbing when he started begging for the overload that he was so close to.

Megatron whimpered, actually whimpered. The sweet surrender, the gentle glossa at his wrist and the beautiful begging, so very beautiful... There was just one more thing he had to do. "You are mine, Optimus. You ARE mine." Optimus only had to say it, admit it, however quietly, for Megatron to give him what he was so sweetly begging for.

The Autobot leader couldn't help it, he licked Megatron's hand again and moaned… he was tired of fighting… tired and unable to continue denying the comfort of being owned… "Please… I… I am… yours, use me as you will." Optimus whispered, arching up as his spark pressed against Megatron's.

Optics offlined in delight as Megatron savored the surrender, the admittance. "Optimus..." Megatron moaned, his spark pulsing in the merge, caressing his Autobot's with pleasure. His next words were a scream, of ownership and pleasure, "Optimus! Mine, so good, you feel..." He stroked the Autobot with slightly clumsy digits, releasing his other hand on a whim.

Screaming his proof of pleasure, Optimus instantly let his newly freed hand latch onto the Decepticon's waist, his other hand still digging into Megatron's shoulder. "Megatron… please?" Hadn't his enemy… owner, master? Agreed he could overload? He needed it! Spark clenching in sweet pain as it was held back from its needed ecstasy.

"Yess...! Yes, Optimus! Overload, overload us both... Make me feel good, like only you can..." Snaking his hand up THROUGH Optimus' body, Megatron was able to reach their conjoined sparks, his own nearly enveloping his sweet Autobot's. He liked, he decided, letting Optimus' overload pull his own from him, liked the hint of... helplessness it made him feel.

Oh Primus! Optimus screamed one last time, going limp while licking weakly at his captor's face, hands delving into Megatron's seams as he held on for the ride. It was so good, so wonderful… and he didn't even feel bad about ripping into the Decepticon's armor, unable to control himself.

It was impossible to stave off his own overload, not when Optimus was providing him with such a total sensory feast! His sound, his feel, his appearance, even his emotions, so pleasing and open, the Autobot was leaving himself bare, to pleasure and to Megatron. Megatron reciprocated, screaming out his possession's name and clutching him closer before likewise going limp, barely keeping himself from crushing Optimus. His beautiful Optimus... Licking back, he shifted position a little before collapsing. "Did you enjoy that, my Optimus?" Megatron asked softly.

"Y-yes," Optimus answered ashamed. Now that he wasn't overrun by pleasure he was… horrified that he had willingly participated in interfacing with his greatest enemy… yet it was still so comforting…. It still felt too good through his systems that he couldn't even protest.

"Good," Megatron purred. And then he clicked, a soft reproving sound, "No, no shame, Optimus. You'll like it here, I promise you. And I'm not needlessly cruel, I'll let you know how your men are doing, when you please me. For example, Sam. I told Starscream to go gentle on him. He'll bend like you did, but he'll be fine, just like you are." He WOULD tell Optimus about the other Autobots... slowly, as would best server Megatron's desires.

Turning away, Optimus focused on not retching, only the words of his enemy… no, no longer was Megatron his enemy, the Decepticon was more like his owner… and he felt his spark clench at the very thought… only Megatron's words kept him from breaking completely, even though he knew his reprieve wouldn't last. It was just too… NICE, surprisingly nice to be owned, to not have to choose any more… and it still terrified him to think that he was liking it, that he'd given up completely.

Stroking idly up and down the chassis of his Autobot, Megatron purred a little, a low rumbling of contentment. "Relax, recharge. You're safe here, you're mine and that means I keep you safe. Relax, my beautiful." Recharge, yes... that sounded like a good idea, but first, he needed to make sure Optimus was recharging, taking care of himself.

Releasing his arms from Megatron's waist and shoulder, the Autobot automatically relaxed, enjoying the soft pleasure from being free of his bonds. He was quite… embarrassed at Megatron's calling him beautiful, his wanting to protect. It was strange, yet added another layer of comfort, letting him slip into recharge fairly quickly.

So beautiful... Laying a soft kiss against the armor, Megatron kept his optics on Optimus, simply watching him for a while. He felt no hesitation about recharging next to his one-time enemy, even when the Autobot was completely free... physically free. After all, Optimus wasn't his enemy any longer, was simply... his. Smiling in contentment, Megatron followed the Autobot leader into recharge.