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Megatron simply smiled as the rec. room door opened. As he had hoped, Grimlock was there, with Rumble riding him. The red Twin was there to, playing some game with Frenzy while Thundercracker had a quiet conversation with Prowl. Drag Strip was also in the room, sitting at a table and not not even trying to hide how he was watching Prowl. The various mechs all waved as Megatron walked in and deposited Optimus on the couch.

Waving back absently, Optimus snuggled himself into the couch, splayed out and not bothering to hide the fact that he was being lazy. "You Optimus get carried around all the time? You lazy bot!"

Grimlock's voice made the Autobot sit up, voice dry as he spoke. "Grimlock, I normally walk and I am normally not lazy… you should know that."

The dinobot didn't look convinced but let it drop, plopping himself down to sit on his back haunches. "You Prime no 'top dog' now, but you still act kinda like Prime, 'cept better… me Grimlock say that good, me Grimlock think you Prime too 'bitchy' before."

"Thanks Grimlock… I think." Optimus shook his head, looking over at Sideswipe, who was grinning as subtly as he could… which wasn't very subtle.

Moving closer, Grimlock sniffed his collar and made a face. "Me Grimlock's necklace prettier, you Prime not do good with challenge? You Optimus need to work harder!"

"Grimmy! A little warning before you sit down, we've been OVER this!" Rumble grumbled, having to clutch the leash slash harness he and his twin had made. Once he judged it safe, the cassette freed a hand to pet the dinobot, grinning at Optimus. "Yo there, Prime. See yer succumbing to our Great Leader's charms, NOT that I blame ya..." So he was showing Grimlock off a little, who cared? Rumble nodded a little at Megatron as the tyrant went to collect the energon, and probably to visit a little.

"Not me Grimlock's fault you tiny mech, me Grimlock keep trying to tell you Rumble to be careful." Grimlock said, moving a little bit to jostle the small cassette on his back… at least until Optimus told him to stop so that he could speak without having to say it again when Rumble WASN'T dizzy.

"Charms… if that's what you want to call them…" He smirked at Megatron before refocusing his attention on Grimlock's rider, not sure about what he should say.

"Me Grimlock think him Megatron strong, but him Megatron no beat me Grimlock!" The dinobot said suddenly, snorting but making no move to stand or anything. "And him Megatron no get pretty necklace or have challenge, challenge so fun!" Except the following orders part, but not having to fight anymore made up for all that.

Being one of Grimlock's Masters was certainly more trying than Rumble had expected. More trying, but... so very enjoyable! They tried not to require too much of the dinobot, and things were working out pretty well, for the most part. Every now and again, though, Grimlock would do something like that. "We TOLD ya, Grimmy, Decepticons don't WANT necklaces. We got our own challenges, though, we gotta take care of you lot." Smirking at Optimus, the cassette added, "'Least he thinks the 'challenge' is fun, though."

Fun… right… How in the world had they convinced Grimlock that being good was a fun challenge? Optimus shook his head, feeling the thin rubber on his neck even more from thinking of it. "Yes, Rumble, we're so hard to 'take care of', in fact…" Beckoning the dinobot closer Optimus whispered a few things, smirking at Rumble when he was finished and Grimlock had pulled away.

"Me Grimlock think that sounds FUN!" he cheered, tail whipping and body moving as he suddenly started jumping around. "So if him Rumble fall off and me Grimlock catch him me Grimlock win challenge!" Well, it seemed funny… and the Autobot leader chuckled at the looks he was getting, especially from Sideswipe, who looked like he wanted to clap.

If he could have spared the energy, Rumble would glare at Optimus. And then Frenzy decided to look at what had Sideswipe's attention and started cheering, "Yeah, Rumble! Ride him, cow-poke!" Rumble wrapped a hand around Grimlock's plating and made sure his twin knew JUST how annoyed he was right now, hanging on with a grim determination that almost hid how much FUN he was having.

Leaning over the couch Optimus was enjoying, Megatron dangled a cube in front of him. "You know, I've heard rumors about how they got Grimlock to obey them. Were you wanting to see it, or something? Since that does seem..."

Taking the cube with a small thanks Optimus smirked, sipping on it before speaking. "No, I just wanted to torture them, I figure if they can trick him into being 'good' then he should get a chance to be 'bad' without getting in trouble… plus it really is funny." And it REALLY was, especially when Grimlock took Frenzy's cue to start bucking even more, growling and purring happily.

"Encouraging your men to be bad... My my, Prime, I never thought I'd see the day. You've made me SO happy," Megatron drawled, grinning. That was almost as amusing as watching the dinobot behave as a... what was the term? Bucking bronco, yes... And Rumble was playing it up now as well, raising one hand over his head.

"Twenty cubes on the Autobot," Thundercracker offered suddenly. Unsurprisingly, Drag Strip took the bet, never one to ignore a challenge, even when it wasn't his skills being tested.

Optimus looked up at the Decepticon leader with a snort, shaking his head and gesturing to the dinotbot. "THIS isn't bad, Megatron, this is TAME compared to what they used to do on a daily basis, in fact if you wanted 'bad' there would be nothing left of this entire base." He shrugged and moved his legs out of the way of Grimlock's tail without looking down, privately entertaining the thought of encouraging his soldier to have real fun.

"You're going to loose if you… add onto the bet, 'Strip." Prowl murmured, pointing to the bucking dinobot subtly. "Grimlock won't stop until Rumble goes flying, and then he'll catch him with his tail. So add on another twenty cubes, for Grimlock, with the specifications and you'll have a ninety eight point fifty six percent chance of winning." Well, he couldn't help it… besides, what harm could a little bet do?

Drag Strip thought for a moment, then nodded, petting one of Prowl's wings gently. "Alright, twenty more cubes on Grimlock to catch Rumble with his tail after unseating him."

"You're on, though I should admonish you for having inside help," Thundercracker said, conveniently forgetting Sideswipe probably knew at least as much about what would happen as Prowl could be said to know. He hadn't heard what the black and white Autobot had said, though, and his own red 'Bot wasn't volunteering any information.

Dropping his head onto the back of the couch, Megatron answer Optimus, "Oh, Unmaker, no. I LIKE my base, thank you very much! I don't need you going about encouraging your friends to damage it!"

"Oh quit being such a big sissy, I didn't say I WOULD tell him to do it…" Optimus shrugged, grinning slightly as he moved closer to the Decepticon leader to avoid Grimlock's flailing tail again. "Besides, do I look like the type to do such a MEAN and CONNIVING thing?" The over the top innocence Optimus put on for a show was perfect… it was obvious Megatron knew it was an act too… and then yet again the Autobot had to move, pressing against Megatron to escape the dinobot's dangerous appendage. When Grimlock moved away he stayed in place though, laziness showing through again.

Knowing the outcome of the 'rodeo' that was happening allowed Prowl to study his leader, watching Optimus closely and without being seen. It was nice to see the large mech being able to let his mischievous side show through, and even nicer to watch Optimus move closer to a person without hesitation or worry. Before he'd always stay away, watching from the corners with the tactician himself… they were the loners but… Drag Strip's touch to one of Prowl's wings made him turn from the unpleasant thoughts, wing pressing against the nice feeling hand. Instead he focused on the way Optimus was so relaxed, armor clean and bright, matching Megatron's… until Grimlock jumped hard enough to make the ground shake.

Stroking Optimus' side, Megatron enjoyed the openness his Autobot was showing, though enjoyment turned to cursing as the base shook. It was enough to dislodge poor Rumble, who went flying with an, "Oh, SLAAAG!" Frenzy cackled madly, tossing Grimlock an energon goodie when the dinobot showed just how useful a tail could be.

Thundercracker growled, but handed over a token. He didn't have the cubes that Drag Strip had won, not on him, at least, and so he gave a promise-token and hoped to have all forty cubes by the time the Stunticons called in his debt.

Unlike Megatron, the Autobot leader was completely calm when the base shook, smirking at the sight of Grimlock happily munching down. The dinobot had forgotten that Rumble was firmly wrapped in his tail though, and was wagging it rapidly… "Grimlock." He pointed to the dinobot's tail and made a motion, chuckling when Grimlock lifted his tail and looked at the frazzled cassette. "You Rumble okay? you Rumble look sicky… me Grimlock get to play nurse like him Ratchet and him Blackout?"

"They don't PLAY nurse, Grimmy, they are nurses, and oh, so cute!" Sideswipe joked, ignoring the look Optimus shot him about not helping the joke by making fun of those who kept him in one piece. As he watched and listened Prowl shook his head, hitting the red twin lightly before leaving it to the others.

Glaring at Prowl for punishing another's Autobot, Drag Strip took almost all the heat out of the glare by grinning widely. And of course, the fact that he continued to rub the door wing made his feelings very clear, even if Prowl might object to such contact in public. It was fun to work him up...

"SURE, Grimmy! Play nurse," Frenzy encouraged, grinning. It would be fun to see... Yup, there went Grimlock, cradling Rumble and trying to croon a song. "Shall I get ya two some energon?" Oh, Rumble was not happy, though he kept his complaining silent.

Megatron had his face in Optimus' neck, shaking with laughter. "They wag... their tails...!" THAT was even more amusing than watching Grimlock buck and twist.

"Yes, Megatron, they wag their tails…" The Autobot leader gave Megatron a pat on the arm and smirked, watching Grimlock's antics only partially. He was also watching Prowl and Megatron both, though there wasn't much to see with the Decepticon leader hiding his laughter. No, most of what was to see was Prowl and the Stunticon, watching as his fellow Autobot tried to ignore what had to be a good feeling. Ignoring it didn't last long though and eventually the tactician moved closer, wing moving with the touch.

It was cute… nice to see Prowl relaxing enough to let another touch his lovely wings. It was also nice to watch Grimlock act his age, the dinobot was young and often forced to not act so young… but then Optimus couldn't have thought any different with the way Grimlock had sat down and with a purr started petting Rumble along with his croon. What could be cuter? Not much that was for sure.

Still cackling softly, Frenzy scittered up Grimlock to sit on his shoulder and grin down at Rumble. Rumble was glaring, but that couldn't hide the fact that he actually WAS enjoying the attention. Taking the discarded gamepad, Thundercracker sat next to Sideswipe, clearly offering another challenger in the game, if the Lamborghini wanted.

Drag Strip nuzzled Prowl slightly, kissing an audio. "Go on. No one here will mind if you go talk to him. And if you don't go talk to him, I'm going to drag you away and I can't promise we'll make our quarters before I have my way with you..." Gestalts really were quite the insatiable bunch.

"Yes, but... they WAG their... oh, YOU," Megatron grumbled, shifting so his back was against the arm of the couch and his legs were across Optimus' lap. "Drink your energon, we're still recovering, Optimus."

"I'm drinking, I'm drinking…" The Autobot grumbled, resting a hand over the legs that were laid in his lap. He took a sip but almost choked on it when Prowl appeared in front of them and lifted Megatron's legs roughly to move, sitting under them slightly too. It was a surprise and Optimus wasn't sure what to say… relieved when he didn't have to.

"You know… there was a negative forty eight percent chance that anything like THIS would happen… oh and that collar you're wearing is, ahem… 'pretty.'" There was sarcasm throughout what Prowl said, but at the same time it was trying to convey what observations he'd seen… if that made any sense. But it seemed that Optimus understood anyway.

"Says the one who never let anyone touch him but was practically in Drag Strip's lap… yeah, I saw your wings moving." Oh, yeah the mech understood perfectly.

Leering dramatically at Prowl, Megatron asked, "So you like my taste in adornment for your Prime? That's good to know." It was good. Optimus still worried for all his men, cared for them, but there had been a little more that normal worry when Prowl was mentioned. It was good that Prowl was here to soothe Optimus' fear.

-Tell them what you want, Pit Cat,- Drag Strip commed, grinning and turning to congratulate Grimlock on his 'new sparkling'. Rumble stuck out his glossa and deliberately clicked in irritation. Oh, yes, victory had its own rewards...

"Taste has nothing to do with it." Prowl growled, "Black rubber, wahoo, you're a genius, right." Wow he was brave… 'eh, actually, after being in Motormaster and Breakdown's rooms… he doubted Megatron could do too much more other then kill him and that really wasn't likely. No, the Decepticon was more interested in his fun with Optimus.

"What, you're not going to make him do actual work? You're not going to hound him until he gets stuff done? That's not fair… fragger," Optimus grumbled, showing another side of himself that was mostly hidden. Of course Prowl just glared at him for that, shaking his head as he watched Grimlock slip over to find a place to lay and relax while he continued his cuddling. Even he had to admit it was cute… but only to himself!

"I do work, I'm getting stuff done right now! I am reassuring my troops that I live, and I'm showing you off," Megatron protested, nodding a little. "And if you're going to hound anyone, hound Optimus to chose a more tasteful collar, since you don't seem to approve of black rubber." Later, he might ask just how the stoic tactician came to relax enough to treat him so disrespectfully. On the other hand, he didn't really care that much...

Prowl's optics narrowed, mouth twisting into a pert scowl. "THAT is not work, that is child's play and will cause you to get behind in both work and… you don't even care! It's no wonder Starscream tries to steal leadership from you!" The tactician almost jumped up, hissing wildly until Optimus pressed an arm over his chest and spoke quietly.

"Prowl, he's not like me, you can't snap at him and expect him to agree with you." Of course his second in command would be livid… "Plus, it's not your problem."

"'Not your problem'... Can it be? You LISTENED to me, my dear Optimus? So good to know, remind me to reward you later." That would be nice, fun, a little reward for his Autobot. Maybe he could convince Optimus to be bound again, he did look so good that way... No, he'd find out what Optimus really wanted.

Drag Strip sauntered over and helped Optimus hold Prowl down, grinning slightly. "Pit Cat... calm yourself. They're not used to seeing you like this. And... Optimus does have a point, it's not your problem."

Turning to glare at Megatron, the Autobot leader rolled his optics, keeping a firm hand on Prowl's arm. "Frag off, I just would rather not have to wrestle him to the ground when he tries to either attack you or go off to ask Starscream if he wants help in over throwing your sorry aft."

Prowl registered what was being said about him and huffed, not quite resisting the urge to snap and bite the Stunticon holding him down. "I'm not a cat! and how would YOU know, Optimus has seen me like this before! The twins have too! Stupid moronic…" Was it really so hard to understand? Oh well, Megatron wouldn't be able to keep control with his attitude any way…

"I meant Lord MEGATRON hasn't seen you like, Pit Cat. Hum..." Glancing at Megatron was enough to express his question, and Drag Strip reacted as soon as the silver mech moved his legs, hauling Prowl off the couch and claiming his seat, pulling the black and white Autobot to sit mostly on his lap. "There we go, now you can keep me warm," the Stunticon said, happily ignoring Prowl's struggles.

"Hum... Screamer is busy with Sam, I believe," Megatron answered Optimus thoughtfully. He did, however, make a mental note to keep Prowl AWAY from Starscream. The thought of those two pairing up was... NOT a pleasant one.

"Megatron can kiss my aft," Prowl snapped, twisting to cuddle into Drag Strip's lap despite his hostile words. He was annoyed at the way the Decepticon leader was so flippant with his responsibilities, glaring at everything that passed his optics. "And I'm NOT a fragging cat."

"We know that, Prowl… but you're supposed to humor those who don't care, remember?" Optimus shook his head, ignoring the sour look and dark growl he received. Prowl had never been so… vicious in anger, or rather so blatant and uncaring… it must have been the Stunticons that brought it out, but then it wasn't a bad thing either.

"If it wouldn't make the Stunticons jealous, I might JUST take you up on that," Megatron began. Both Drag Strip and Optimus glared at him, and he shut up quickly. He wasn't sure which thought was worse, his gestalt team angry with him, or his lover. Both would be very bad and uncomfortable, and... "Joking! Joking!"

Prowl was the only one who just looked over and gave the Decepticon leader a dry look, looping a hand around Drag Strip's waist. "Oh, that's too bad, I wouldn't have cared either way…" He smirked and leaned back, not being shy or worried about such trivial things was one good thing that came from being around the Stunticons. Plus the Autobot was calming down already, forcing his natural instincts away… "You two are WAY too protective, it's not like he was threatening to steal me away… Primus, Optimus are you that needy?"

The jibe was met with a fairly soft hit as Optimus glared at his tactician. "Is THAT what you think? Well then, maybe we should hold you down and let him, hm?"

"I am letting you get away with far too much, Optimus," Megatron muttered, putting his feet on the floor and pulling his Autobot onto his lap. In a voice pitched for only Optimus to hear, he asked, "Do you need to rest? Or anything else? We are still recovering from the virus..."

Licking a wing, Drag Strip purred softly. "I have every right to be protective of you, Pit Cat... even if he WAS offering to bottom..." He cackled at the affronted look Megatron shot him.

The care in Megatron's words and touch made the Autobot melt on the inside AND out, twisting so that he could look at the Decepticon and shake his head, voice equally soft. "No, if you want or need though… we can go if you want, but I'm fine…"

"If you say so." Prowl's words were an answer to the Stunticon holding onto him, watching his leader while trying not to smile, it was just so cute…

"I've been hiding you too long. But TELL me when you start to get tired," Megatron said, still softly. Louder, he commented, "And Prowl does have a point, I probably have LOTS of paperwork wait... oh, no, I shouldn't... Soundwave's been busy with Jazz, and Screamer's got Sam, and Barricade has... Bumblebee, so none of them should have had TIME to generate any paperwork for me."

Drag Strip growled a little, tweaking a line in Prowl's joint. "Keep squirming, Pit Cat, and I drag you off!"

"What if I don't let you, hm? What would you do? Interface with me right here on this spot?" Oh great… Prowl had just given the mech ideas… he mentally berated himself, keeping cool on the outside only because he was so stubborn in it.

But of course the Autobot leader saw through it… though he wisely kept quiet, only fixing Prowl with a stare and a raised optic ridge before turning to Megatron. "I'll tell you when I'm in recharge," he muttered, shaking his head at the comment about his paperwork as he moved towards Prowl and motioned for Drag Strip to come closer for a moment. It was the perfect opportunity to drop a hint about the tactician getting time to speak to Jazz about certain 'things'… and Optimus wasn't about to waste it.

"Of course," Drag Strip answered calmly. Looking at Optimus curiously, the yellow mech leaned forward, trapping Prowl further in the process. Just what did the Autobot leader want to tell him?

Megatron also wondered what Optimus wanted to say, but he did his best not to listen in. Prowl was not his to care for, after all. And... Optimus' movements ground the Autobot's aft into his lap so VERY nicely, mm... Oh, very distracting, but very nice!

As he whispered his advice, Optimus ignored the glares that his second gave him, knowing all to well that Prowl wasn't happy. The tactician would know exactly what was being said and would hate the thought of ANYONE knowing. But it couldn't be helped… no, it would help Prowl relax too much to be helped! That didn't stop Prowl from glaring though… but thankfully he was easy to block out.

"Hum... right then," Drag Strip said, nodding a little. Pushing Prowl off his lap, the Stunticon stood, making a show of stretching and watching his Autobot from the corner of his optic. Turning the stretch into a sweeping bow and ignoring the fact that it was rather unlike him, Drag Strip nodded at Megatron and Optimus. "My Lord, Optimus, I believe I must be off." Grabbing Prowl's arm, he hurried out, cackling.

Megatron watched this all fairly blankly, finally turning to Optimus. "Prowl CIVILIZED him!" he gasped, as though there were something wrong. Well, it had been rather disconcerting to see the Stunticon willingly bowing, let alone to someone other than Motormaster...

"Prowl can civilize anyone, I told you… he needs the logic of being organized and proper… but he also needs some sort of mind numbing illogical babble… so I told Drag Strip to take him to see Jazz." Optimus gave the Decepticon leader a pat, chuckling and shaking his head. It was entertaining to see Megatron so surprised… but not as much as he expected or wanted.

"Ah... I wondered." Megatron growled a little at Optimus' patronizing pat, but, well... truth was, he was too tired to do anything about it. "Mm... Recharge. Too tired to carry your lazy aft back to the room." The exhaustion had hit him fairly suddenly... Without waiting for a reply, the Decepticon did exactly as he'd mentioned, dropping into recharge right there on the rec room couch.

Watching Megatron in recharge without any pain in the grey features was interesting… there was so much peace, a relaxation that wasn't seen often. Optimus leaned back and just watched, glaring at any mech who came to wake or in Sideswipe's case, prank the decepticon leader. Maybe he'd recharge too, it was a comfy spot after all… but only after the twins stopped 'accidentally' strolling by the rec. room doors and peaking in.