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CHAPTER 1 "What Miss Swann Deserves"

Mid-AWE . The story starts two weeks after the escape from Davy Jones' Locker. The Black Pearl is heading to Port Royal to drop off Elizabeth and William, before moving on to Shipwreck Cove where pirates are gathering to free the goddess Calypso and fight against EITC.

"But at least, Lizzie has risked her life by journeying to World's End to rescue you from the Locker! She wanted to save you from your grim fate, eh?" a miniature version of Jack pleaded as it sat comfortably on Captain Sparrow's right shoulder.

"Aye…but it doesn't change the fact, that she did murder you! That cold-blooded wench tricked you with a passionate kiss and shackled you to the mast! Don't you hate her for that, Jackie?" asked another mini Jack swinging on the Captain's beaded braid.

"A bloody pirate she is..." Captain Sparrow grumbled angrily as he dug a fork in his food. "Merciless…no heart at all..."

As Jack sat alone in the galley deep in thought, the annoying voices continued to argue. He stared aimlessly at his full plate in efforts to ignore the voices of his conscience. They were driving him mad and he couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh will you shut it!" he yelled silencing them for a moment. "Buggering bastards..."

He had looked somberly around the room, and he'd noticed that everyone had left long ago. He was the only one there. He purposely stayed, hoping to come across Elizabeth to have a much needed talk with her. For some time now, he'd been dining early; only because trustworthy Mr. Gibbs had informed him, that Elizabeth did the same. Lizzie was always the first person to eat dinner. Apparently, she must have changed her eating habits because now she was no longer sitting at the dining table when he was there.

"Perhaps she did that on purpose? Who knows?" Jack looked at the door and realized that she wouldn't come now… or even later.

A fat cook rolled a cart into the galley to collect all the dirty plates and carry them to the washroom. Jack handed him his plate. He couldn't enjoy his food anymore, and it was all her fault.

"Tell me Ben, has Miss Swann eaten at all these past weeks? I've not seen her in the galley for ages."

"No, Captain. She doesn't eat here nowadays. Why are you asking, sir?"

He opened his mouth to answer but then shut it. He didn't want anyone knowing that he was grieving over some woman… After all, he had to protect his reputation.

"Well, as slim as the lass is, I don't think she needs to get any thinner than she is. God forbid, if we have a strong gust of wind the poor lass will be blown into the unforgiving sea. That would be no good, mate."

The cook flashed the Captain a toothless grin and nodded. "You're right sir, a bag of bones she is. But no worries, Captain. I catch her sneaking into the kitchen at least once a day."

"Are you telling me that she takes her meals elsewhere instead of staying in here?"

"Miss Elizabeth takes her food rations into her cabin, sir. At least she told me so."

"So she's avoiding me to that extent..." Jack shook his head in disbelief. He looked pleadingly at a rum bottle and raised it to his lips. He stuck his tongue inside in order to get the last few drops of the precious liquor. It was his last bottle, which meant that there would be no rum until they reached Port Royal tomorrow.

"Why is the rum always gone..." he wondered. "...when I need it most?"

Excluding Gibbs, rum was his only friend. It was always there to cheer him up. Rum would keep him warm during cold nights. It would comfort him during stormy weather. It always made him feel so content and carefree. It made all of his problems in life disappear.

He turned the bottle upside down, checking if it was really completely empty. There was not a single drop that came out. Ben looked at the Captain with deep concern and took it from his hand. With a heavy load of plates, cutlery and bottles, he disappeared from the galley, leaving Jack alone with his distressing thoughts.

Jack heard voices again, but decided it was best not to join the conversation. He slowly stood up, put his hat on and moved towards Lizzie's cabin. He stood at her door for what seemed like endless hours. There was no sound coming from her quarters. He didn't want to knock on her door for two reasons. One, he didn't want her to see that he gave a damn about wanting to speak with her. She was the one who was supposed to make the first move and be graced by his presence. Two, he knew very well that she wouldn't open the door for anyone…not even the whelp.

One day as he was eavesdropping at her door, he noticed William rushing down the stairs, heading towards her cabin. Jack chose to hide in the storage nearby, eager to see the drama unfold. The whelp persisted with his knocking, repeating the same words: "It's me, Elizabeth. It's William. Please, open the door." He never got an answer.

"It's apparent that she wishes to see no one…not even her fiancé."

Jack needed to calm down. He entered his quarters and sat at the table filled with maps and navigator tools. He opened his compass and wasn't all too surprised to see that it was spinning again. He sighed and threw the useless contraption back onto the table.

"That blasted woman is killing me..."

"See Jackie? Told you she's a heartless murderess!" a tiny annoying voice said. Jack looked at his left shoulder and saw to his dismay, his conscience, rubbing its hands in satisfaction. Jack sighed and rolled his eyes in defeat.

"Oi! What about the kiss you two shared?" another voice chimed in. Once again, Jack sighed, looked at his right shoulder and found the other hallucination sitting down with his legs crossed.

"Did it really mean nothing to you? You can't convince me to believe that you have no special feelings for Lizzie. Is she not the reason why your compass doesn't work? It's been finicky for how long now? A year and a half, I believe. Remember what Tia Dalma had said? It spins because Jack Sparrow does not know what he wants or, rather he knows, but is loath to claim it as his own!"

"Don't even think of her that way, Jackie. You fancied her before, but that's in the past. She's fed you to the Kraken, mate!!!"

Jack didn't answer. He was too confused, his eyes aimlessly tracing the black ink drawings of his self-made maps. Familiar islands and ports forced him to think of her once again.

"Port Royal ...'It's Miss Swann!' " he smiled.

"Isla de Muerta ...poor Lizzie."

"Rum runners' island ...damn you, Elizabeth!"

"Tortuga... and here we meet again..."

"Isla Cruces... and the bloody whelp appears. Then I get her long awaited kiss, get swallowed by the mucus spitting beastie, and…'Welcome to hell' Captain Sparrow!"

"Yes, mate! She's your doom. Don't you ever think of revenge? Are you the legendary infamous pirate or not!" the left-shoulder-Jack said angrily as his voice grew louder.

"I thought... I hoped..." Jack mumbled as he rubbed his forehead with his right hand.

"Actually, I was sure beyond any reasonable doubt that Lizzie would apologize to me. That she would tell me how sorry she was and ask me to forgive her. But it seems that I was wrong all along. She's nothing but a black-hearted, deceitful witch!"

"Take revenge then! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!" the left shoulder hallucination pleaded as he climbed up Jack's beads to get closer to his left ear.

"No! For heaven's sake! Forget the venegance and forgive her !" the right sided delusion yelled into his right ear. "She doesn't speak to the whelp anymore. This is the opportune moment to win her heart! Fight for her, mate! Come on, you know that she desires you!"

Jack couldn't help but to agree with the quirky illusion.

"Oh, but I do know..." he replied with a wistful smile. "She wants me badly and I assume that's one of the reasons why she wanted me dead. To get rid of the temptation so that she could concentrate on that eunuch! I remember the day we were on me Pearl, searching for the chest, that something was stirring inside her. She suddenly forgot about the whelp…and it only took one day, maybe a few hours if that, for her to fall for me. God, she couldn't resist me... And the kiss...Oh bugger, she was burning just like me. And I wanted more but in the end, she changed her mind. Pity, 'cos I was ready. Bloody ready to do anything…even though I was in shackles..."

His eyes were half closed with a devilish grin etched across his handsome face as he recalled the infamous kiss.

"Oh shut it! Are you out of your mind?" a familiar voice brought him back to reality.

"She kissed you in order to rescue Will! That charming seductress couldn't get you out of her mind so she had to get you out of sight! One more time she sacrificed you for that whelp…as always! In fact, Jackie, you are always the one suffering and he is the one landing in her arms. Or have you forgotten the rum runners' island, eh? What are you still waiting for? It's the right time to pay her back!"

"No worries, mates. I can assure you that she will get what she deserves!" Captain Sparrow said with a diabolic smile, embers of fire smoldering in his chocolate brown eyes.

He picked up his magical, however utterly useless compass, and quickly abandoned his cabin. He desperately needed fresh air from all of the ruthless debating he was doing with his illusions. His mind was all a mess and what he needed now was to look at the waves to calm his nerves. The evening sun was slowly setting over the horizon, disappearing behind a rather small, but lengthy bushy island. A deserted island, familiar to Jack. He had been there on several occasions. Hiding from the Royal Navy, looking for water in vain; he had plenty of painful memories of what he'd done there.

"A God forsaken spit of land." he thought

Most of the crewmen were resting after dinner, enjoying the cool ocean breeze. Barbossa and Tia Dalma were sleeping in their hammocks under deck. They had insisted on getting a night watch as usual, and Jack didn't have anything against it. At first, he couldn't believe that she fancied that abomination, but on the other hand, with her ink stained teeth and bloodshot eyes she wasn't less macabre than her admirer. During the day, when Hector was asleep, Jack was the captain of the ship and enjoyed being the only person to give orders. So far, everything looked like a pleasant ending of a peaceful day.

And then she emerged from the lower deck, carefully scanning the main deck for any sign of Jack. Lizzie didn't spot him and so she decided to stay. Resting her body against the railing, she admired the dark waters painted gold and purple by the blood red sun. William followed her as usual, not caring at all that for long months now she didn't want his company. Yet he still didn't give up and was always around her. Even though he could tell by her demeanor that she didn't want to be bothered, Will ignored her request to be alone. He would only leave her when she told him to. This time it was no different. After getting an icy look from Elizabeth, he ran off like a punished dog, and resumed his duty at the stern of the ship.

Jack, who stood behind the main mast, decided to take advantage of the situation and rushed towards her. She suddenly noticed him moving quickly in her direction and immediately turned away. She needed to get to the staircase to hide under deck, but before she could reach the first stair, she heard his resonant voice.

"Miss Swann! I think we need to talk."

This time there was no way to hide from him; no chance to avoid speaking to Jack.

"I've noticed that you are avoiding me since my rescue or, to be correct and exact, since I rescued all of you from the Locker. You don't have anything to say to me, Elizabeth?"

She was indeed avoiding him right from the time they met again in the Locker. She has change a lot since the day she had left him for the Kraken. Regretting deeply what she had done, she became absent minded, refused to talk to anybody and stayed alone.

Jack waited patiently for her answer, not sure of what she was going to say. Elizabeth was speechless. She couldn't find the right words to express how awfully sorry she was for her betrayal. She wanted him to know that she had deep regret for everything that has happened between them. Everything except for the kiss... She wanted to ask Jack for forgiveness, wanted to let him know what he and the kiss meant to her. Upon all this, Elizabeth couldn't force a single word out of her mouth. She was overwhelmed with guilt, her eyes welling up with tears that were about to trickle down her fave. Too frightened of his stern gaze, she couldn't look into his gorgeous eyes. She chose to focus her attention on the illustrious sea and remained silent.

Jack stared scornfully at his beautiful murderess for a long time. He couldn't believe that the lass who sentenced him to death had no intentions of apologizing to him. His stay in the Locker was like a never-ending nightmare, but even there he couldn't erase her from his mind. His body and soul seemed to be possessed by her. Ironically, the many dreams he had had about his assassin saved him from an unavoidable fate of irreversible madness. Jack Sparrow spent almost six months in hell, which caused him to lose his senses at times. Thank God, he didn't get to the point where he became insane.

"It's alright, Miss Swann. You may remain silent as the grave if it's right by you. But as for me... I've had it!!"

Jack grabbed her wrist with a firm grip and dragged her away to the back of the ship.

"What are you doing?! Jack!" She asked fearfully. She had a gut wrenching feeling that something terrible was about to happen.

At that very moment, Jack set up the plank with one quick movement of his hand. It was the same plank Elizabeth was forced to walk before when Barbossa marooned her and Jack on a small island about a year and a half ago. She started shaking uncontrollably as icy chills ran through her body.

"No! It's not really happening!" she whispered to herself.

She finally looked at Jack, and immediately noticed something peculiar in those beautiful, infinitely dark eyes that she'd never seen before.

It was fury. Or was it hatred?

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