Twenty Things
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She could tell you twenty or more things he does that makes her want to rip her hair out.

One: When she needed backup, he gave it to Starling instead.

Two: He's such a boy, at times (which annoys her to death).

Three: He never did do her plan correctly…

Four: His mood can change from a determination to a dark and sinister one in less than a second.

Five: "Yeah, Radarr can be a handful sometimes…but what can you do?" Aerrow had asked, and Piper felt like strangling him.

Six: Whenever she's not by his side, he starts getting nervous (which shouldn't happen, considering she needs to leave the nest sometime…)

Seven: When she said she was fine, he never believed her.

Eight: He gets too mad at most her idols. He needs to stop that…

Nine: Every time Starling came over, she made herself look like a fool and he would just ignore, talking to Starling instead. The jerk.

Ten: He tries cheering her up too often! It shouldn't be allowed.

Eleven: She let him in her room and when she came back to it, it was destroyed. Again.

Twelve: That scary boyish look in his eyes makes her own eye twitch.

Thirteen: "Aerrow, tell Finn we listen to my music," she shouted from across the room, and Aerrow only stared.

Fourteen: All right. Does he always have to stare at her with those big…green…beautiful…erm…annoying eyes?!

Fifteen: When she went to save that poor girl from being shot down by a Cyclonian, then came back to the Condor, he yelled at her.

Sixteen: She wasn't his pet. So why did he keep putting that hand on her shoulder after a battle like she was?

Seventeen: "Do you have to have so many books?" he asked when he tried to come into her room again; she only smiled when he gave up; he would never adapt…

Eighteen: He listens to every word she says…and then forgets them.

Nineteen: "I don't really think it matters…" Aerrow struggled to say after Piper asked what he wanted for dinner; what? Was she intimidating him tonight? Fine! She liked Radarr's opinion better, anyway.

Twenty: He takes her side on every…single…thing… That alone shouldn't be allowed.


Piper threw the book down to the bed. After considering it for a few more moments, she picked it up and tore out the page that had been recently written on. Her golden eyes scanned the page carefully.

Then, as if she hadn't put all her time and thoughts into it (which she had), Piper tore it to shreds and let the paper float into the trash can, a satisfied grin on her features.

Piper could tell you twenty or more things Aerrow does that makes her want to rip her hair out.

But over her dead body would she tell it to the world.


The idea came to me…a long time ago. And since I was in a good mood (le gasp! The world's going to end!) I decided to finish it.

Number one: I made that one up (It didn't actually happen).
Number two: Seriously, Aerrow seems to never grow up.
Number three: episode "Storm Warning". Self-explanatory there.
Number four: episode three, when Dark Ace was mentioned, Piper looked over to Aerrow, worried, finding he had already snapped into a sinister mood. Number five: episode four "The Code", when they were dining with the Rex Guardians.
Number six: All right. Has anyone else noticed this? He's always getting all nervous if she's not even standing by him.
Number seven: C'mon, people. "Best Friends Forever", when he came to her room.
Number eight: Aerrow seems to want to kill all her idols.
Number nine: Just look at every episode Starling comes in.
Number ten: …he's like the therapist from hell.
Number eleven: I made that one up. But it seemed like something he would do.
Number twelve: Has anyone else noticed that scary boyish look in his eyes? It scares me…
Number thirteen: :lol: Can you picture Aerrow just blinking at her statement. Blink. Blink, blink. "Huh? What was that, Piper? Too busy staring at you." Number fourteen: …eyes…must…get…away…
Number fifteen: no comment…
Number sixteen: Aww…let's watch the show more to see if he actually pets her! (Sarcasm totally intended…)
Number seventeen: I made that one up.
Number eighteen: It's true.
Number nineteen: Aerrow nervous? We all knew that one… Guess Piper has to asked Radarr again what she should cook for dinner. Again!
Number twenty: It shouldn't. But then again…I would kill to have that attention… Anyone would. Piper's too lucky.

Hopefully, the story wasn't a waste of time for you.

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