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He turned her around so she was under him. He moved from her mouth to her ear and nibbled lightly, sucking and teasing. She let out an involuntary moan. She could feel him smile against her skin as he left her ear to trail kisses down her neck. He went back and forth on her collar bone before pulling her bra up over her head. A slight breeze made her nipples jump to attention. He drew circles around one of her light peach nipples, before taking it in his mouth.

"Sam." She breathed. One of his hands held her hip, as the other massaged the breast that he wasn't attacking with his mouth. Where did he know all this from? Is this what Heather got too? He brought his head up to meet her gaze for a minute.

"Gaia, I'm I …. I'm I doing this right? I've, never done this before." He looked to sexy for words, and he was asking her input. She pulled his face closer and kissed him.

"This is amazing." She almost panted. He smiled before he kissed her again, then moved to the next awaiting mound. Again she moaned and could feel his smile. He made his way down her stomach, nipping and flicking his tongue. He got down to her pant line and un-buttoned her cargos, and pulled them down to reveal blue fruit-of-the-loom underpants. He sat up to toss the pants on the floor. He bent back down and traced the top of her panties with his tongue, before pulling them off.

He spread her legs gently, and looked up. "I might not be very good at this part. It's new to me." he confessed.

"Well, I have nothing to compare it too." Great. Sarcasm. He is about to give her one of the greatest pleasures a girl can receive, and brilliant Gaia is being sarcastic.

He smiled wildly. Before his head dipped down. He gently parted her wet folds with his fingers, the touch making her jump. He ran his tongue from the opening to the tip of her clit. She moaned loudly. He repeated the action. Then he let his tongue linger on the swollen nub that brought her so much pleasure. He sucked on it and nibbled lightly, and inserted his index and middle fingers, and started pumping slowly. The combination was explosive. She felt the warm liquid seep from her as he pulled his fingers out and licked them. Then he put his tongue where his fingers had been and lapped up the remander of the hot come.

He pulled back up to her. She could feel herself sweating. He was smiling, looking very proud of himself. He went to say something, but she pulled his head down to meet hers and kissed him hard. She could taste herself on his tongue, which turned her on even more.

She pulled at his pants and he shredded them along with his boxers. Gaia's eyes searched eagerly for a box of condoms. Perfect! They where on the night stand.

He grabbed them first and rolled one on. She spread her legs and he came between them.

"Are you sure?" He asked, cautiously.

"Yes." She replied. She lifted her hips up slightly to meet him. The tip of him grazed her swollen entrance, and she sighed heavily. He pushed into her, slowly. She felt the wall break, and yelped a little bit.

"It will stop hurting in a second." He whispered into the hollow beneath her ear. And he was right, it did. She grabbed his ass to pull him into her deeper. He began sucking on her neck as he pulled out. She moaned. Then he thrust back into her, with more speed and strength. She moaned louder and pulled her knee up to his hip, he grabbed on and continued to fuck her harder and faster at her demands. She grabbed on to what ever she could, then she felt her walls tighten. He placed his mouth over hers to muffle her climax, as he thrust into her one last hard time, as he climaxed too.

They laid like that, both drenched in sweet sweat. He went soft inside of her and pulled out. He stood and walked over to the trash can, removed the condom, tied it off, and threw it away. He laid back down on the bed next to her. Gaia climbed on top of him and just laid there kissing his shoulder. He wrapped his arms tightly around her. She lifted her face to his.

"I love you." She said against his lips.

"I love you too." He said into her mouth.