Grace entered the apartment, carelessly slamming the door behind her.

"Will! I'm home!" She called. "And hungry," she added.

She frowned at the lack of response. It wasn't like Will to ignore anyone, especially someone who could so easily beat him up.

Grace went up to his door, knocking and yelling at him to get up. When even that didn't work, she opened the door abruptly.

It became very obvious why Will hadn't answered her. For starters he was under what looked like every warm blanket the apartment contained. Wrapped around him and under barely any covers at all was Jack.

Grace stared transfixed at the bed. As she watched, Jack started to move. His eyes opened slowly and met Grace's.

"Grace? What are you doing in my apartm-oh."

Jack had turned slightly seeing Will next to him. He looked at Grace sideways and then got off the bed. He stretched slowly and then went to move past her into the hall.

"Wait. What's wrong with Will? Is it the flu or just a cold?"

Remembering that despite everything, Grace was Will's best friend, Jack replied.

"Just a small stomach bug. He wasn't feeling well yesterday but didn't throw up. He slept a lot. I think he's fine now."

He glanced back at Will then, suppressing the urge to climb right back into bed with him. The opportunity was lost as Will moved and shook off a couple blankets. Jack bit his tongue to hide his smile.

Shortly, Will was sitting up in bed looking like a nervous child in front of his parents.

"How do you feel, Will?" Grace asked gently.


He cleared his throat slightly and looked at Jack. He took the hint and excused himself to the kitchen so Will and Grace could talk.

"Grace, I know this seems sudden and-"

He was surprised by her wide smile.

"But it doesn't. Come on Will, you know the only person surprised by this is you. Everyone else saw this coming."

Will sputtered for a second.

"Oh come on now. He makes you happy…and you him. You're good for each other. Any fool can see that."

Will nodded. It was true. He was happy Grace approved, but he still needed to talk things over with Jack.

"I need to talk to him."

He made to get up, but Grace in an uncharacteristically gentle moment, stopped him.

"I'll get him," she said as she pushed him back and walked into the kitchen.

Jack was staring at the refrigerator with absolutely apathy. He hadn't even bothered to open it.

"Did you forget how the ice cube maker works again?" Grace said not unkindly.

Jack started slightly at her words.

"Um…no. Well, actually yes."

He furrowed his brow before continuing.

"But I don't need ice. In fact, I was just going."

"Oh, don't you dare." Grace challenged him. "Besides he wants to see you. Once I'm done with you, of course."

She sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her. It would've seemed like a friendly gesture, if you overlooked the slightly manic smile. He sat down.

Jack should have expected this. The endless questions, critiques, and then after comparing notes with Will, the inevitable end of their "relationship." Unknown to him, Grace had just one question for Jack…maybe two.

"I'm happy you were here to take care of Will, Jack. He really needs someone to do that for him."

After she finished, she studied his face.

"It wasn't really a big deal, I'm just glad he went along with it…for once."

"Did you spend all weekend here?"

"Saturday and Sunday."

He briefly thought about Friday's one night stand.

"But you were here when he got sick. And you stayed with him." She cocked her head at him. "I guess my question is what are you going to do the next time he gets sick?"

Jack was confused for a second, wondering if it was some type of trick question. Was she messing with him? Did she think he had taken advantage of Will or something?

"I guess I'd do pretty much what I did this weekend," he said slowly. "I'd be here if he needed anything. I'd try to make him feel better physically obviously but also…emotionally."

He knew that sounded stupid but that was all he wanted to do for Will; take care of him and not just when he was sick either.

Grace nodded; there was a genuine smile on her face.

"Well, you should probably go talk to him then. If he hasn't fallen back asleep or something."

Jack looked at her incredulous.

"That's it? The famous Adler screening process for Will's life mate? 'What will you do when he's sick?'"

Grace grinned.

"It's the special McFarland abbreviated edition. Now get!"

She pretended to throw a punch at him. He scrambled away, hurrying into Will's room.

"Sorry for the delay. Grace and I were…chatting."

Will grimaced.

"I'm sorry. Hope she wasn't too rough on you."

Typical Will, thinking of everyone else even as he was sick in bed.

Jack shrugged; he still couldn't believe he had gotten off that easily with Grace and part of him was waiting for the other shoe to drop."

"Well. Anyway, I was just thinking. I'm feeling a lot better. Do you want to get dinner tomorrow? Maybe at that Italian a couple blocks over?"

"Why, Mr. Truman…are you asking me out on a date?"

He smiled and quickly responded before Will could get too nervous.

"Of course, Will. Anything you want."

Jack leaned over and quickly kissed Will, catching him off guard.

He pulled back after a few seconds, reluctantly checking the time.

"I've got to go now. Work. See you tomorrow."

"Now?" Will pouted, sorely tempting Jack. "Alright. See you tomorrow sweetie."

The word slipped out before Will could think about it.

Jack grinned for a second. After a couple of seconds, he responded.

"Until tomorrow, sexy," and left with a quick wink.

A/N: Wanted to keep it cute, sweet and innocent. They're dating! Grace is okay with it! Yay! Thanks for reading!