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Summary: It's not what it looks like.

A.N.: A little oneshot I came up with yesterday. Roxas is such an adorably aggressive uke.


He let the box fall from his hands unto the tiled floor, the nerves of his hands shaking in subdued shock.

"Shit, shit, shit." He mimicked himself as he ran out the kitchen door and down the suburban driveway.

"Hello Roxas." Mr. Ferk, the neighbor, called pleasantly.

"Shit." Roxas responded, more to himself than to his now shocked neighbor.

He ran up the hill at a jogger's speed, too completely self-involved to realize he had passed Kairi and Selphie making out.


They broke apart, recognizing his voice, but all they saw was his retreating back. "Roxas! Think he saw us?" Selphie hissed, scandalized.

"Does it matter?" Kairi replied in a sultry voice. "He seems a little busy at the moment anyways, where were we?" She leaned in to the responsive body.

"…After the beep."


He put the phone in his pocket as he kept moving down avenues.

"Maybe we could call up Kairi and Naminé, Selphie too! It'll be the best surprise party yet!"

"Sora, don't get ahead of yourself. Maybe Roxas just wants a quiet evening alone with Axel."

"Yeah right. I'm his brother, I always know what he" At this point the groceries from Sora's hands fell to the ground as he was shoved out of the way by an oblivious blonde.

Riku offered him a hand that wasn't packed with party favors, but Sora was dazed.

"Was that…Roxas?" His eyes widened in comprehension of the situation. "Do you think he heard?" He slapped a hand over his mouth; the cake the hand had been holding splattered on it's side in the plastic container. Riku rolled his eyes.

Roxas managed to get a handle on the fire escape; it was much quicker.

Naminé looked through her window and saw Roxas stumbling up the many stairs to the eighth floor. She smiled secretively as she finished wrapping up the painting she had just completed of a young soon to be wed couple.

He stared at the window incomprehensibly. The window was locked. The window was never locked. Axel never locked his window. He might close it, from time to time, when the singing cats got the best of him, but he never locked it. He liked strays. He was a stray.


"Hey Roxie! Come and catch me!"

His head shot up and he turned red at the name.

"Shithead." Was what he managed to gasp out when he finally climbed to the top.

"Did you already eat all your icecream?"

"What type of asshole proposes in the form of a surprise toy in a box of seasalt icecream?"

"The creative kind?"

Roxas fisted his hands into Axel's hair and their lips met in the midst of the January sun.