Alrighty well I was just looking through the files on my laptop and I found this sitting in one of my folders and I laughed my head off at not only the poor grammer but what was written. And so me being the nice person I am I decided to share this with you. This was posted once before when I first joined ff but for some reason it got taken off. (shrugs) So i'm putting it back on, (grins) cos I can.

Dedication: This is dedicated to all those who love stripey socks haha.

Max: (bounces) I got new socks.

Phoenix: (rolls eyes) We know Max. Go forth and read while I try to find out what happened to MY stripey socks.

"I brought new stripey socks today!!"

Max laughed as he looked down at his feet encased in the stripey socks.

They were orange and green.

He left his room and ran around slipping and sliding on the floor of the dojo in his stripey socks.

Max giggled wildly and ran into the kitchen.

"TYSON!!" Max smiled as Tyson turned to him forkful of food halfway to his mouth.

He smiled back at me. "Hey Maxie whats up?"

Max just smiled and held out his foot pointing to the socks the stripey ones.

Tyson looked at Max and broke out into a huge grin, "cool!"

"I know" Max replied with a smile, he turned and ran from the kitchen hoping to find someone else to show his new socks to. He ran into the lounge were kenny and ray were working on something on dizi.

"Hey guys."

They looked up at Max. "Hey Max!" They said at the same time.

"Look" He held out his foot and pointed to the stripey sock.

They both smiled at Max and said they were cool

Max nodded back enthusiastically in response and ran out of the room. Max ran aorund the corner and ran straight smack into their fearless leader kai.

"Hey Kai!"

Kai raised an eyebrow as he leant casually against the wall. Max stuck out his foot, yup the stripy sock was showing.

Kai rolled his eyes, pushed himself off the wall and pushed past Max.

"Nice socks Max."

Alright so tell me what you though Lol (giggles) Oh and I found my stripey socks complete with holes in the soles Lmao!

Max: (whistles) It wasn't me.

Phoenix: No it was me, (cries)

Tala: Reviews will make her feel better so review before I set Wolborg on you. (comforts Phoenix, glares at everyone still staring) Go Now!