AN: I am trying my hand at an all human story - not sure how it will pan out - but I've enjoyed reading everyone else's and had to try one. FYI : Bella and Emmett are cousins. Alice and Edward - siblings - Edward is older by a year. Rosalie and Jasper will make appearances - unrelated to each other or anyone else in the story.

Disclaimer - The Twilight series and it's characters are the creation of Stephenie Meyer. No infringement intended.

Chapter 1 A Little Party

I quickly checked myself over in the mirror before heading out of my room. I wasn't quite sure how dressed up I should be getting for this party. I had decided on some low slung jeans and a little black fitted tee. It was borderline sexy, but still casual, and definitely comfortable. I'd thrown a bit of make-up on as well - some extra liner to make my eyes look smoky and a deeper shade of gloss than I would wear to school. My deep brown eyes and my full pouty lips are my best features, so I tend to play them up. My thick brown hair was down and flowed around my shoulders. All in all I looked pretty good. Of course, I knew I was nothing spectacular, pretty much an average girl, but I had enough self-esteem to know I wasn't hideous or anything either. Of course I was going to a party at the home of my new best friend Alice, who was incredibly gorgeous, and that thought made me feel very "plain Jane" for a moment - but we can't all be that perfectly pretty. My mother calling up the stairs broke me out of my silly daydreaming. I may not be a truly typical seventeen year old girl - but I think we are all universally concerned with how we look to some extent - and in that way - I am the same as everyone else.

"I'll be right down, mom." I called. I flung my door open and nearly took a header down the stairs. There was a pile of boxes directly outside of my door, which I had not expected. I was lucky to grab the banister and right myself. We had only been in this house for a few weeks, and somehow new unpacked boxes kept magically appearing. These boxes, I was happy to see, actually contained a bunch of my CDs and mementos from my old room. I am sure my father dropped them by my door, which amazes me, seeing as how we are both incredibly clumsy. You'd think he would realize how hazardous they would be to my health on the floor outside of my door.

I scrambled down the stairs, anxious to head over to Alice's. My mom was in the kitchen. She was sitting at the table, drinking a cup of tea and nosing through a book. She set it down when I came in and I eagerly snatched it up to read the summary on the back. My mom and I were kindred spirits and best friends. She was the best mom I could ever hope for. She had given me a love of reading and language, she always reassured me that I was her beautiful daughter - inside and out, and she was always there for me, no matter how big or small the situation. She was a real mom, even though we were friends, she never let that interfere with the need to be a parent first. We didn't always agree or get along - but I would never trade her for anything. Her new book looked interesting.

"I want to read this when you're done." I told her.

"I assumed you would, it's pretty good so far." She looked over my outfit quickly. "You look very nice, honey. It's probably best that dad is out though - he'd be worried that your shirt is too short and your jeans are too tight and every boy at the party is going to fall madly in love with you." Our eyes met and we laughed hysterically.

I was definitely daddy's little girl - and even though I was going to be eighteen in a few weeks , my dad still saw me as a five year old in pig tails. He's a great dad, just a little blind to the fact that I've grown up. He is a well known forensics expert and is extremely serious about his work and his family. My parents have a wonderful marriage, my dad tends to be stoic and strict, but my mom is tender hearted and balances him nicely. His work brings us all over, and this is the fourth place we've lived in ten years. I was a bit upset to have to move halfway through my senior year - but my dad's work is important and I know it was hard for him to move us this time. He works in the city about an hour from here. He settled us in a little town south of the city, and it is a little town indeed. My first day of school was incredibly awkward. There were more kids in the graduating class of my old school then in the entire high school here. Luckily, Alice Cullen had befriended me right away, and I have to say that I was amazed at how quickly we became friends. She is the best friend I have ever had, and that is the biggest reason I no longer regret having had to move. Alice's family lives a little ways across town, her dad is a surgeon at the local hospital. Her parents are similar to my own, our mom's have met through all of their community service activities - and they have struck up a pretty good friendship as well.

"Remember, no drinking, Bella - and if things get out of hand - you know you can always call us." My mom reminded me. "You are also not to drive anyone anywhere in your car. Correct?"

"Yes mom - I know - Mr. and Mrs. Cullen will be home - and they won't allow drinking either. I'm just going to the party and then staying at Alice's for a sleepover. I promise not to take anyone anywhere in my car." My parents set rules and expected me to follow them - for the most part I was pretty compliant. They trusted me, and I felt the need to be worthy of that trust.

I gave my mom a quick kiss goodbye, grabbed my overnight stuff, made sure I had my phone - and grabbed my keys. "Bye mom - tell dad I said goodnight."

"Drive carefully, sweetie."

I dropped my stuff in the passenger seat of my new Jeep. Well, it wasn't brand new - but pretty close - and I loved it. It was a red Wrangler with an awesome stereo - I couldn't wait until the summer, when I could drive with the top off. My parents had gotten it for me when we moved out here, partly as a consolation for the whole move - and partly because most of the older kids drove to school here. My old school was so crowded that parking spots were given out to seniors only, in a type of lottery - and I hadn't been lucky enough to obtain one. It was a relief to drive to school like the rest of the kids here - not to mention the great feeling of freedom knowing I had my own car and could just go whenever I wanted.

I was about to head out of the driveway when I heard my phone. I knew it would be Alice - I was running late, and I am sure she wanted to know what was taking me so long. She was kind of throwing this party in my honor. I hadn't wanted her to, and I had secretly hoped if I got there a little late it would take me out of the spotlight a bit. I dreaded being the center of attention. It wasn't that I was terribly shy, or that I felt awkward - it's more that I liked to be more on the fringe of things - I was more of an observer by nature. I liked to sort of take everything in, instead of being the one to lead the crowd. Alice was more the leader type. She felt I needed to meet - pretty much the entire student body of the high school - and had decided a party was the best way to make that happen. Everyone at school had been talking about the party. Apparently, parties at the Cullen's are a thing of legend.


"Bella!? Where are you? People are already showing up, everyone wants to meet you."

"I'm leaving right now - I am in my car. Sorry about being late - I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Alright - but hurry. There is someone special you have to meet."

I cranked my radio and headed out of the driveway. I wondered who Alice might want me to meet. I had had a serious boyfriend where we used to live - but seeing that it was a three day drive from there to here - it seemed pointless to try to keep it up. We still talk on the phone a bit, and I plan to return and go to college there - we want to try to pick things up then. Jacob is such a sweetheart. If my friendship with Alice is the best thing about moving here - leaving Jacob was the worst thing about moving away. I really believe I was starting to fall in love with him. I had told Alice this, after she had tried to introduce me to every senior boy that she deemed worthy. That's why her remark surprised me. She knew I wasn't really interested in dating anyone right now - yet her comment sounded like she had a guy she wanted me to meet. Oh well - there is nothing I can do but go find out. I forgot about Alice's little puzzle and lost myself in the music and driving. Before I knew it - I was pulling down Alice's long windy drive. There were lots of cars, seemingly everywhere. Alice had already told me to park at the garage since I was staying over. It was not easy to maneuver through the cars, but I found the spot by the garage she had saved for me and jumped out. I took a deep breath to calm my nervous stomach and headed for her door.

I could hear the music a ways from the house. I had no idea how anyone would hear me knocking on the door. I decided to just let myself in. I'd only been in Alice's house once - and it had only been for a few minutes while she grabbed a book for me to borrow. Their house was lovely, bigger than ours, with a big porch along the front and beautiful landscaping . I'd only seen the front room - but could tell the house was decorated with an expert touch. It reminded me of those picture layouts in home magazines.

I had barely walked through the door when I felt someone throw their arms around me. I knew it was Alice.

"You're finally here! Come downstairs - everyone will be so excited that you're here."

I hugged her back and laughed at her enthusiasm. She led me down a staircase to a series of rooms. The entire basement section of the house, which was huge, was packed with people. There was a game room with a pool table and various games, all of which seemed to be in use. The music was blaring out of a huge juke-box in this room and a corner was being used as an impromptu dance floor. There was another large room that was more of a sitting area with a comfortable couch and chairs. The last room opened up to the backyard through a set of French doors. There was a huge television along the wall and there were a lot of guys in this room watching a basketball game - yelling at the screen and each other. Through the doors you could catch a glimpse of the backyard. It was too dark to tell much - but I could make out a beautiful inground pool and more incredible landscaping. Alice informed me that all the soda and drinks were outside the doors.

As we made our way through the crowd she stopped to introduce me to various people. Everyone was friendly and in the case of the guys - some were very friendly. I met up with the girls I usually have lunch with, we spent a while chatting - pointing out the guys that looked exceptionally good this evening. A boy named Mike, who is in a bunch of my classes asked if I would dance with him. It was fun - nothing hot and steamy - but fun all the same. He stayed by my side for a while, running to get me a drink and pointing out various people that Alice hadn't introduced yet. He told me his parent's owned a sporting goods store in town and he worked for them a few days a week. When Mike finally left my side, some junior girls came over to strike up a conversation - and this pattern continued for the next two hours. As soon as I was free of one group, someone else would claim my attention. It was nice in a way - that so many people wanted to say hello, but it was starting to get overwhelming. I hadn't seen Alice in the past twenty minutes, and when I saw her passing, out of the corner of my eye, I grabbed her arm. She looked apologetic.

"I'm sorry Bella. I want to hang out with you - but I need to be a good host too. You're not mad are you?"

"No! Not at all - I know we'll have lots of time to hang out later - I just need a break for a minute. Can you tell me where the bathroom is?"

She hesitated for a moment - which I found strange. Then she smiled and told me to go up two flights and use the bathroom that was the second door on the right.

"Up two flights - second door on the right?" I repeated back to her. She smiled and nodded. It seemed odd that I would need to head up all that way for a bathroom, but I really did need a bit of a break from all the noise and people. A little walk could be a good thing.

It took a few minutes to get to the stairs, more friendly people needed to say hi.

When I finally got to the top of the second flight of stairs, I slowed. The quiet and lack of people was a relief. I headed for the second door on the right. I knocked, as the door was closed. When no one answered, I opened the door. After taking two steps into the room I froze. This wasn't a bathroom! It was a bedroom and there on the bed with his eyes closed was the single hottest guy I had ever seen.