Author's note: This story was originally intended as a fluffy oneshot, but then my imagination got the better of me. Funny how that happens, isn't it? I may still write that version if anyone's interested. Anyway, here it is; my very first attempt at fanfiction. It may be short, but I'm actually quite proud of it. I already have a few chapters written, but I want to see other people's opinions before posting them. So, if you wouldn't mind...? (nudges the review button) ...Also, I don't own Yugioh, though that should've been obvious already.

Chapter one:

Boredom and homework

Yami sighed as he paced the floor of his soul room, trying to ignore the tension building up inside of him.

Tonight, he was bored and not enjoying any of it.

"Why is there never anything to do around here?" muttered the spiky haired spirit, placing a hand upon his hips and frowning. "At this rate, I might as well go to bed early."

Turning to open a nearby door, Yami entered a small, candle lit room and fell upon the bed in its center, body relaxing slightly as pale skin hit red silk.

His bedroom was his private sanctuary; the only place where Yami could truly be alone. Not even Yugi knew and in a way, Yami preferred it like that.

The spirit lay there for a few minutes, arms wrapped around his pillow like a sulking teenager.

"If this was ancient Egypt, I'm sure there would be at least something to do." he muttered, violet eyes staring into the wall ahead. "Of course, seeing as I was pharaoh, that would mean paperwork and lots of it."

Frustrated, Yami reached up a hand to ruffle his hair, smiling as he felt blonde spikes recoil from his touch.

The spirit's hair was made up of six, black hued triangle like points, each framed by a crimson hue along their edges. Four blonde bangs, looking more like lightning bolts, spiked their way up each, "triangle", except for the two that were on the outermost sides. Two more, on the right, went directly to the right, while the two on the left, went south.

All around him, Yami could smell the soft scent of lavender, its soothing aroma reminding the spirit of the boy whose body he shared.


Violet eyes drifted over to where a golden, heart shaped frame rested on a nearby desk, its pictured inhabitant smiling cheerfully at the outside world.

Yugi looked almost exactly the same as Yami, except he was a bit shorter and his gentle eyes were more rounded compared to Yami's less trusting gaze. The young boy didn't have yellow spikes going all the way up his hair either, only to the side, along with one small spike that rested over his forehead.

There were other pictures, mostly of friends Yugi had introduced the spirit to, but none were held so dear as that grinning little figure.

Yami was secretly relived to find that, for being nearly identical, him and Yugi weren't as closely related as he feared, though the reason why was something the spirit would never reveal.

"It would be too awkward for me to tell him, let alone having to hear Yugi's reaction, but still..."

The spirit's eyes flashed as a thought suddenly entered his mind.

"Perhaps I'll go see what Yugi is doing?"

Nodding to himself, Yami slowly faded from the room, soon reappearing in another.

This room was small, its empty walls painted a gentle blue, but still, Yami liked it.

He suspected it had something to do with who owned the room.

A bed was in the left corner, directly under a skylight leading to the roof.

Next to it was a desk, where a teenage boy, roughly the age of sixteen, was working on tonight's homework.

"Oh, he's busy."

Yami couldn't help but smile at the confused face his little aibou was making.

"Now I know if you divide these two..." muttered the lavender eyed boy, pencil tapping the desk in concentration. "But wait? Wouldn't that be...?"

Yugi suddenly groaned, hands raised in frustration. "I hate math!"

"You may not like it, but you still need to study." chastised Yami, a slight smile on his lips as he watched his twin from the shadows. "You could always think of it as a game."

Suddenly feeling self conscious, the spirit took a step back as Yugi turned to face his direction.

"Is someone there? Hello?"

Blinking in confusion, Yugi rose from his desk and walked out into the hallway, blonde bangs bouncing slightly with every step he took. "Grandfather? Did you call me?"

"No, my boy. I didn't." replied the old man's voice from down the hall.

"Weird. I could've sworn I heard someone, unless..."

Yugi's gaze turned to where a golden, triangle shaped object, was resting on his bed, a thick chain connected to it.

Yugi had been given the object by his grandfather, who called it the Millennium Puzzle, because in order for a person to use the magical artifact, they had to first put it together, just like a puzzle. When completed, the golden item looked just like an upside down pyramid, with the all seeing eye of Amon Ra upon it.

At first, Yami didn't know how to react to the one that had rescued him from his lonely prison, so he spent most of his time lurking inside the Puzzle, though Yugi managed to coax the reluctant spirit into talking further after introductions were made.

"He has been awfully quiet this evening." muttered Yugi, frowning as he returned to his seat. "I wonder if something's wrong?"

Yugi knew his twin never had much to say, preferring to find a quiet place to think then converse with the others.

Usually, Yugi was the only one who could get him to open up, a fact the young boy was secretly proud of.

"It means he trusts me." muttered Yugi to the supposedly empty room. "Me more then anyone else."

Still watching from the shadows, Yami tilted his head and smiled; a thoughtful expression on his face as the spirit turned to leave.

"He's studying; I shouldn't bother him."

"Yami..." started Yugi tentatively. "I know you're there. Come out, please?"

The spirit paused, caught off guard.

"You have homework to do; go finish it." he replied, still facing the wall.

"I know, but..."

"I won't have you getting bad grades because of me."

Yugi sighed as he watched his double vanish into the air, knowing the other was already gone.

"But, Yami, I'm worried about you."

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the first chapter as much as I did writing it. I know its short, but I couldn't find a more fitting way to end the thing. This was written with all the poise and grace of an over obsessive fangirl who just happens to use spellcheck. (grins) Now review! ...Please?