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Chapter eight:

I knew I loved you

Yami yawned as he opened his eyes and stretched.

Today was going to be a good day, but for some reason, he couldn't explain why.

"Perhaps I'm just in a good mood? Been a while since I've had one of those; almost forgot what it felt like."

Arms extending further; they were suddenly forced to stop; soft blonde bangs blocking their path.

"Yugi? What is he...?"

The spirit's mind suddenly returned to memories of what had occurred the previous night.

"Yugi slept in my bed and I had no idea. Well, not like I would've done anything. Not with his mother guarding her bundle of joy like a hawk. Still..."

Yami chuckled as he eyed his little aibou.

Yugi was curled up next to him, seemly without a care in the world.

The boy's smile held a happy glow, along with an innocence Yami didn't have the heart to take away.

"I tell them its because of his mother. Ra, I even tell myself that, but in all honesty, I would never want to do anything that would take that smile away from me. Gods know I could never live without it."

Hearing a sleepy yawn emit from the figure next to him, Yami lay back down and feigned sleep; secretly curious as to what Yugi would do.

"Oh, I'm still here? Guess I must've dozed off. Well, at least I'm actually up."

Yami suppressed his urge to pounce upon the boy and tickle him silly.

"Lazy Yami." whispered Yugi with a giggle. "My lazy Yami."

"He's lucky I'm sleeping."

"Oh, you'd want me to think that, wouldn't you? You can't fool me, Yami; I know all your tricks."

"Fine, you got me." muttered the spirit with a dramatic sigh.

"Don't I always?"

Yami smiled as he felt two small hands forcing him up into a sitting position.

"Morning, little one."

Lavender eyes blinked then frowned.

"I may be short but I am not little." pouted Yugi, arms crossed to show he was serious.

"I suppose. Not with the way you're dressed anyway."

"Exactly. Children don't run around in silk, not unless their parents are stinkin' rich."

Yami simply smiled, a hint of amusement in his violet eyes.

Yugi couldn't help notice that the spirit's tender gaze was directed at him; like a cat content to simply watch its prey scurry about undisturbed.

The young boy's mind finally realized the gravity of the situation.

Simply sleeping in the bed of another leads others to think sleeping wasn't the only thing happening.

"Uh, Yami?"

"Yes?" came the purred reply, adding to Yugi's cat theory.

"You really are very nice, but there's someone else I have to talk to first. I don't know who, but he spent a lot of money on my White day gift and..."

"You want to explain things to him?" asked Yami, trying to keep the happy bubble inside of him from getting out.

"Oh, my little angel. You really are a sweet one."

"Yeah. I have to thank him for the nice pajamas. Its only fair, not to mention good manners. These things are expensive, you know."

Yami just chuckled.

"Glad to see you like my gift. No, it wasn't cheap, but your worth every penny I dug up in that old couch of yours."

Yugi simply stared; his nose was twitching in protest though; Yami could tell.

"That couch is not old! My grandpa bought it when we move...Okay, maybe you're right, but still, I..."

The boy's voice trailed off as if finally understanding the words of his twin.

"Yami? It was you?" he gasped, mouth open in shock. "You're the guy who...?"

"Of course. You were the only one I ever wanted; both in bed and out of it."

"Short, but it gets the meaning across." said a voice as a violet eyed boy appeared at the foot of the bed. "Better then what I was hoping for too."

"Yugi, who is this?"

Yami could've sworn he was looking into a mirror of his past.

This stranger could have easily passed for a younger version of him, minus the fact the newcomer was wearing a simple black shirt and jeans, not the apparel of ancient Egypt.

"I've met someone while you were away." announced Yugi as he motioned the figure to sit by him on the bed. "Come on; don't be shy."

Now that Yami could get a closer look, he quickly came to a startling conclusion.

"By the gods! Yugi, is that supposed to be me!?"

"Yeah. He likes to cuddle, but sometimes gets into mischief. Same with yours?"

The older Yugi suddenly snickered from where he was standing in the doorway.

"I'm not saying anything." he said, hands crossed in a sign of refusal.

"Um, Yugi, I'm not exactly the cuddling type." replied Yami, a slightly nervous expression on his face.

"Yami said you weren't."



Yugi pointed a finger at the young clone sitting next to him. "You really surprise me sometimes, you know that?"

"Meaning?" asked Yami, watching this apparent clone out of the corner of his eyes.

"Here I was pulling my hair out thinking you were going to drop dead at any second, yet now I learn you're just fine. Not to mention gay."

"Yeah. Yugi, about that. I understand if you..."

"He's still here, you know." hissed the younger Yami, annoyed at having to point out what should be obvious. "Yugi stayed all night and held you."

"He...did?" asked Yami, watching as his clone promptly nodded.

"Yeah. He was worried you'd start crying again if he left. There; clear enough for you?"

"I just have to say..." muttered Yami, an eyebrow raised in mild surprise. "Yugi, that really does sound like me, if I was a spoiled brat used to getting his way that is."

"You aren't?" asked the older Yugi with a chuckle. "I have personal proof that you like people doing what you say."


"The bruise on my back from where you were digging into me for one. And you wonder why I like taking a break from you. You hurt!"

If Yami's face was red from embarrassment, Yugi's was quite the opposite.

"Oh my." said the boy, a hand covering his mouth to keep the giggles at bay. "You weren't kidding about not being the cuddling type, were you?"


Even if he was currently unsure of how to respond, Yami was not to be outdone by his aibou; no, not in the least. "And what about you? Hmm?"

The spirit frowned as he gestured to his younger self. "What were you doing with a clone of me?"

"Homework, usually." replied the younger Yami, a taunting look on his face; one that was just begging Yami to ask further.

"Yeah. I'm taking a history course this semester and since we're covering ancient Egypt right now..."

Yugi chuckled thoughtfully. "I thought I'd ask someone who was actually there for help."


Yami's eyes fell to the silk sheets wrapped around him, suddenly feeling guilty.

"Hey, I'm not mad at you. I'm actually getting a good grade in that class, amazingly enough."

"Hey! I've helped!" protested the younger Yami. "...Kind of. I think."

"Don't start feeling sorry for yourself." chided Yugi. "Stress relief is helping."

Yami gave his twin an intrigued glance.

"Stress relief?" he asked. "What kind of stress relief?"

"Oh, a kind." replied Yugi, doing his best to avoid giving a complete answer.

Yami just frowned.

"Right." he muttered, a slightly hurt expression on his face.

"You know somethings wrong when they aren't giving you a straight answer." said the younger Yami, speaking more to Yugi then to his original self. "But I understand if you don't want to tell him."

"Tell me what?" asked Yami, eyes shifting between his younger self and Yugi.

His clone suddenly chuckled, a devious expression in his violet eyes.

"Careful, he bites."

"He what?!" cried Yami, turning to face his younger self.

The violet eyed clone simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Sometimes I just forget and bite him, hard." replied Yugi with a sheepish smile. "But he doesn't mind. In fact, I think he enjoys it."

Yami looked to be in shock.

"By the gods of Egypt. Yugi, you are a little beast."

"Beast? How? I just like chewing on his shoulders."

"Shoulders? Oh. For a second there I thought..."

"Thought what? I was biting him somewhere else?"

Yami nodded.

"Please. Do you know how nasty that is? Not to mention, where do people think those things have been?! Certainly not a sanitation factory. I'm surprised people haven't died, let alone end up in the hospital."

"Glad to see we agree."

"Good. Now kiss me before mom finds out I'm not doing my homework."

The spirit frowned.

"You have homework?"

"Yami." whined Yugi, crossing his arms and pouting. "Don't make me go!"

Yami thought for a moment.

"If she asks, tell her you were studying."

"Studying? Studying what?"

"Love is a very intricate subject, Yugi. It might take me all day to teach it to you."

Yugi frowned, his lavender eyes showing confusion.

"I thought you were a virgin?"

"I am, but it doesn't mean I haven't been practicing."

Yami motioned to the older Yugi watching from the doorway.

"Oh. Just don't hurt me. I've seen what you can do when you're excited, though that was only when we were dueling."

"You should probably be on top then. In fact, I insist."

"Why?" asked Yugi, noticing the thoughtful expression on his twin's face.

"Because that was what I saw when I first entered this world. Two curious eyes and a mouth full of smiles."

"Not to mention it will be the best way to honor his mother's wishes. After all, she only told me to behave, not Yugi."

Yugi tried his hardest not to laugh.

"You are such a romantic."

"We'll leave you two alone." said the older Yugi, motioning for the younger Yami to follow him out of the room.

"As long as you do the same for us!" added the violet eyed boy, an almost feral look in his eyes as he darted out the door.

"You know, I think they're actually going to do something." murmured Yugi.

He suddenly grinned. "Want to go watch?"

"What?!" cried Yami, mouth open in shock. "Does your mother know about this?"

"Does she know about the gay porn stash I have on my computer?"

Yami stared then burst out in laughter as Yugi flashed him an impish smile.

"I swear, if I didn't know any better, Yugi, I would be thinking you planned this."

"Who says I didn't?"

The twins eyed each other skeptically, before both burst out in another round of delirious laughter.

"Why are we watching this?" asked Yami a few minutes later, him and Yugi observing their clones happily making out on the hallway floor.

"Who knows." replied Yugi, a small grin on his face. "Popcorn?"

"Thank you."

"Any time, dear. Any time."

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