Hey everyone who patiently waited for this story! Here's the sequel to my story Almost. It takes place after the episode "Fresh Blood" hope you enjoy, reviews are always enjoyed!

Ticking Clock:


6 months 3 days 8 hours and 12 minutes.

The number of months, days hours and minutes since Dean Winchester had driven out of her life. That's how long Abigail had been sitting at the window bench of her room, watching and waiting for Dean Winchester to return to her. Spinning the sliver ring around the chain on her neck she craned her head at the sound of a car driving down the street. To her ear every car was his rumbling '67 Impala but it never was. Over the months they had spoken on the phone a few times, but Dean's calls became increasingly fewer after he and Sam had killed the yellow-eyed demon.

4 months 8 days and some odd hours ago

She remembered the call as clear in her mind as if it had happened yesterday, it had come ridiculously late on a Thursday night, probably already into Friday morning. Without giving any details Dean told her that the thing that killed their parents was dead.

"It's over Ab's; we finally killed the son of a bitch." Dean said matter of factly.

"Really, are you okay, tell me everything?" Abigail pressed on for details, she hadn't gotten much information from Dean in the last calls but this time there was actually something important to talk about.

"I'm still processing it all but we used the colt and shot the thing dead." Dean answered back.

"Wow that almost seems as if it were too easy." Abigail joked, half-heartedly.

"Not really, but I know what you mean." Dean said quickly, "look we're about to hit the road I'll call you later, let you get back to sleep." Without giving her much of a chance to respond, she heard the phone disconnect. In her mind the destruction of the demon meant Dean would be on his way back to her, back to Andover. But over the next few weeks she finally realized that just because the demon was dead didn't mean he was coming back, to Andover or to her. There were always going to be more demons to hunt and chase after. Abigail understood that, there would always be more things for Dean to chase after. It was just the life he was used to living.

Over the last 2 months she had only talked with Dean twice. Both had been short mostly one-sided conversations. During the last conversation he'd even passed the phone off onto Sam who awkwardly asked her about the weather and school. Whatever connection Dean and Abigail had shared in Andover, seemed to be forgotten by Dean. Abigail was the only one still holding on, though she didn't know why. Eva had, had many conversations with Abigail trying to convince her to move on and date some of the nice boys that were in her college classes, but the thought of dating anyone after the incident with Dominick changed her mind. Of course Eva didn't know all the details of it but she knew there was something she wasn't telling.

And so here she sat waiting. Continually playing with Dean's ring, waiting for him to come back and get it, and come back and get her.

6 months 3 days 8 hours and 15 minutes…and counting


7 months 23 days and a few hours

That was the ticking clock that was Dean Winchester's life. After making the deal with the crossroads demon Dean had been on a steady stream of hunting. This last hunt had been a really tuff one. Gordon as a human hunter was hard enough to face off, but Vamp Gordon was almost unbeatable. If it weren't for Sam's sudden burst of strength they would both probably be dead. And all he could think about while they sat on the side of the road fixing the Impala was rushing back to Abigail. That's all that he was able to think about over the last 6 months. Of course he hadn't let Sam know that fact, but it's what was constantly running through his head. It's what he thought about every time he looked down at his finger and the absence of his ring.

He hadn't called as much as he thought he would. Every time he heard her voice all he wanted to do was rush back to Andover and back into her arms. And his job and his life wouldn't allow him that pleasure, not now and probably never. The last conversation they had, had been short and without much context, basically what their relationship had come down to. But here sitting on the side of the road nursing a beer while showing his brother how to fix the Impala he knew he had to go back and see Abigail. At least to fill her in on what had happened, and what was going to happen. So many things had changed since he'd stood in her bedroom promising to come back.

Sam had died, he had sold his soul to the devil, he got the shock of a lifetime when he found out Ben was his son. And as much as he dreamed about one day retiring from hunting and settling down with the girl of his dreams, that reality quickly flew away.

7 months. That's all that was left of his time here on earth. He knew Sam was working on a miracle cure behind his back but it was a pretty hopeless task. He and Sam had both agreed that they needed some time to relax after the intense fight they had survived. So it was back to Andover. Sam would give Dean some time alone with Abigail while he would head further north to visit some friends from college. And Dean would try and forget about his impending death sentence.

It wasn't going to be easy.

"Are you going to tell her?" Sam asked as they crossed the border into New Hampshire.

"Why would I?" Dean asked as if it was the most absurd thing he had ever heard. "Telling hers not going to change anything?"

"Dean, this isn't like you're moving and not coming back, you're going to die." Sam reiterated. "If Abigail means as much to you as you act like she does she deserves to know."

"Don't you think I know that?" Dean said raising his voice, angrily hitting the steering wheel. "Me telling Abigail I'm dead in 7 months isn't going to do anything but upset her."

"She should be upset." Sam yelled back.

"Can we just drop this? I'm not telling Abigail and neither are you." Dean yelled back ending the conversation. "It's only a few hours until we reach Andover so why don't you take a nap or something."

Sam shifted towards the window ignoring Dean's off-key singing. Dean kept Sam's words running through his head. He knew that Abigail deserved to know the truth, "its better this way." Dean said out loud trying to rationalize with himself and his brother. "It's better if she just thinks I died on a hunt. That will be easier for everyone." Sam didn't respond, just letting his brother deal with his thoughts.

'Would it really be better?' Dean questioned in his head. This is why he didn't get attached to people, but Abigail had been such a force in his life he had no choice. No choice but to fall for her.

7 months, that would have to be enough. Enough time to tell Abigail the truth, enough time to figure this all out, it wasn't much but it's what he had.

7 months 23 days counting down…