so here it is. the final chapter. to all of you who stuck with it, thanks for that. I don't know if I'm completely happy with how it's ended but I knew that it had to be finished. the story got so far from the reality that the show is. Hope you don't feel like i let you down, and hope you enjoy!

Abigail stood in front of the mirror, she had been standing there for the last 20 minutes contemplating the black dress that she currently wore, and all the extra mirror time was starting to give her a headache. It was the third little black dress she had put on in the last twenty minutes. The first was too short, the second showed too much cleavage and this one currently made her look like she was trying to be a nun. Which lets face it, since the birth of Emiline two years ago, she had been. With the exception of a few first dates there were no repeat appearances. Something that Rebecca had been more than happy to point out during their phone calls.

Rebecca is a desperate act to find some normalcy went off to the University of New Hampshire oddly enough studying to be a lawyer, the thing Sam had wanted to do with his life. With a few phone calls to Sam Rebecca was currently making progress in the pre-law subject matter hoping to graduate from her undergrad in the coming months.

Abigail was just glad her professors had given her time off for the funeral; she wasn't sure she could do this alone. "The last two dresses looked fine." Rebecca said coming to stand in the door jam; she too was wearing a simple black dress.

"I just want to make sure I look respectable." Abigail said running her fingers over the smooth material. "Remind me to take some aspirin I have this annoying beginning of a headache; that I think is just going to get worse.

"You look fine, we're just waiting on you."

"Yeah, it's as good as I'm going to get." Abigail whispered taking one last sad glance at the image in the mirror before continuing on after her friend. Emi was waiting for them both on the other side of the child gate.

"Mommy look pretty." The four year old said reaching her arms up to be picked up.

"Thanks sweetheart, you look very beautiful too." Abigail smiled placing a small kiss on the little girl's forehead, her sandy blonde hair just reaching her shoulders.

"You look sad mommy."

"I know sweetie, it's kind of a sad day. Today we're going to say goodbye to great gran Eva." Abigail explained again.

"Cause she's in heaven with grandma and grandpa Matchlock." The little girl repeated.


"And Daddy." The little girl whispered unsure.

"No Emiline, Daddy's not in heaven, remember daddy's like a superhero, so he can't be with us cause he's off saving people who really need his help." She smiled looking up at Rebecca's disapproving glance.

"But we need his help, mommy you're sad,"

"I'll be fine Emi." She whispered standing and taking Emiline's hand in her own, using the other hand to rub her temple. "Okay, let's go guys."

Once in the car, Emiline strapped into her car seat happily singing along to the kids bop CD in the backseat Abigail tried to focus all her attention on the road and not on the awkward conversation that she knew would soon be coming.

"So lying to a four year old?" Rebecca said bitterly. "Did you lie to Eva too?"

"Eva knew, I never even had to say anything, she's always known, even before Emi was born. And what did you want me to say? Sorry Emi you're D-A-D-D-Y is a man W-H-O-R-E?"

"Still, have you not seen him with Ben? He's a good father Ab's."

"Please don't call me that." She bit back. "I'm doing what's best for my family, and not having them involved is really for the best."

Rebecca let the conversation die there, hopefully Abigail would still be speaking to her after she discovered the mysteriously misplaced Winchester brother's at the funeral.

Rebecca was sitting with Emi on one of the couch's along the wall. While Abigail stood shaking hands and taking condolences from the many people who loved her grandmother. She was holding it together fine, until a pair of brothers soon appeared at the entrance. The double take causing Rebecca to notice their entrance bringing a small but sad smile to her face.

After she decided she wanted to go to college and try and have a normal life Sam and her decided to part ways; romantically that is. They still talked and shared that aspect of a friendship but all other emotions were put on the back burner; a decision that was easier to live with only because of the added distance, but seeing him took her back to those emotions years ago.

"Emi why don't you go give this to mommy." She said handing her a small bottle of water.

"Okay auntie Bexs." The 4-year-old said hopping of the couch and walking through the small group of people towards her mother. If Abigail wasn't going to be brave Rebecca would just have to give the needed push.

Standing she smoothed out the black skirt and walked towards the brothers smiling as her eyes met Sam's.

"Hey stranger." She said reaching out to hug the taller Winchester.

"Rebecca you look good." Sam said holding the hug a few moments longer than necessary. "So—does Abigail know?"

"She does now." She said looking over at Dean who stood awkwardly moving from foot to foot. "Dean, glad to see you in one piece, Sam told me about that—"

"We're just here to pay our respects—no need to get personal." Dean said leaving his brother and Rebecca standing behind while he moved towards the casket in the front of the room his eyes quickly finding Abigail's as he watched her pick up a small child with Sandy blonde hair. As quick as he entered the room he exited.

"Well I guess it's time for the fireworks." Rebecca said watching Sam turn and watch his brother's exit.

"What's going on?" Sam asked confused.

"The truth."

Abigail did her best to put a smile on her face, at least for her daughters sake. She wasn't sure how this had happened but her well intentioned lie was quickly spiraling out of control and there was only one person to blame.


"Sam it was so nice of you to come." Abigail said holding her daughter tightly in her arms, "Emiline can you say hi to Sam?"

"Hi Sam, I have a teddy bear named Sammy." She said pointing at him.

"Well it must be a very special bear then huh?" Sam smiled at the little girl.

"Sam would you mind sitting with Emi for a minute while I have a word with Rebecca?" She said smiling as her little girl gripped tighter to her shoulders.

"Sure." Sam said waiting for Abigail to set the tiny girl down before taking her hand and being led over to where her toys sat.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Abigail whispered harshly. "This is my life, you had no right too—"

"TO what!" Rebecca responded with just as much intensity. "Abigail you may be fine pretending that everything is okay with your life but you are hurting Emiline. You know what it's like to grow up without your parents especially without a father and you are hurting Emi in the long run."

Abigail just wiped her hand across his face wishing that this day would just be over already. Her headache was back, and now accompanied by a ringing for her eyes only.

"Either you tell him today, or I will." Rebecca said before walking away seeing Dean standing behind them, he seemed to have eagerly been waiting for an answer to whatever it was that had them both upset.

"Abigail." Dean said keeping a few feet between them.

"Hey Dean, thanks for coming. Eva would think it was crazy for you to drive cross country just to come to her viewing but—she would have liked it."

"Well, she always kept me well feed; that makes her well worth the trip." He laughed, putting his hands into the jacket pockets. "Is everything okay with you and Rebecca?"

"Uh—there's just some stuff—"

"About your kid? She's cute, what is she like three?"

"She's 4, she's the best part of my life." Abigail smiled thinking about her little angel with the golden hair and the half smile just like her fathers.

"Her father?" Dean asked interrupting her thoughts.

"He's—he's not in the picture."Abigail said suddenly the strange ringing noise increasing.

"That must be tough." The noise persistently louder this time.

"We, uh—we manage." Giving her head a little shake to try and rid her head of the noise.

"Well I guess I should go find Sam we have to get back on the road for another job." Dean smiled reaching an arm out to give a quick squeeze of comfort.

"Dean, I should tell you—" She started before clutching her head the noise was getting too loud. "Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" He said stepping a few feet closer, to help brace her. "Abs are you okay."

"There's just this noise." She said leaning her head against his shoulder trying to concentrate on her thinking instead of the noise that seemed to be growing in intensity and volume.

"Why don't you sit down, I'll get you some water." He said practically dragging her over towards a chair in the lobby.


"Dean she's yours!" Abigail said practically lurching forward in the hospital bed. The sudden burst of energy begin too much movement, she was laying back down as quickly as she had sat up. "God my head."

"Abigail are you okay?" Dean said leaning over the bed his hands steadying her.

"I—" She stammered.

"You're going to be okay." Dean said, "You and the baby—which by the way I know is mine but that's for clearing that up." He smirked trying to lighten the seriousness of the conversation.

"She's okay—I mean the demon?"

"You're fine, although I'm a little worried about whatever kind of dream you were just having."

"It—uh it doesn't matter. I kinda love you, I hope you know that."

2 years in the future:

"Babe we have to go," Abigail called up the stairs. Dean came down the stairs his well worn jeans laying snuggly on his hips a shirt in his hands, his body still wet from his shower. "Gosh my husband is hot." She said balancing Emiline on her hip and the picnic basket in the other.

"Well I try, plus I have this wife she keeps me pretty active, always up for new things—especially in bed." Dean smiled seductively coming towards his girls and kissing Emiline on the cheek before giving Abigail a too quick kiss on the lips.

"Dad." A nearly 11 year old Ben said coming down the stairs baseball bat over his shoulder.

"Sorry bud, I just can't help myself." Dean smiled pulling his shirt over his head before moving to the front door. "Alright clan lets get out of here. Ben, you're mom's meeting us at the field right?"

"Yep she and Jeff got back last night." He smiled talking about his new step-father. After a year of dating Jeff proposed at an ecstatic Lisa and soon a wedding was planned and honeymoon completed. "I'm kind of excited for a sleepover with Kyle tonight."

"I bet you are, ready to get away from all these girls?"

"They're not so bad." Ben smiled tickling Emiline's feet before moving out the door.

Dean locked the house up before moving towards the Impala car seats and all.

It was still weird to Abigail how everything had somehow fit together after all these years. After the final showdown with Lilith Dean had decided it was time to retire. That is with the occasional weekend trip. Sam spent the better part of a year training Rebecca in all the ways he knew before the two of them drove off in one of the many cars from Bobby's yard; choosing to take over the family business together.

Dean on the other hand took the lifestyle his father had once lived, choosing to open a shop in town so he could be there for both of his children, and his wife. While still in the hospital recovering from the gunshot wound they called in a priest and got married promising to love honor and protect each other and their children.

"So just so you know, tonight, after we put Emi to bed, I plan on getting you out of those clothes again."

"You won't have to fight me on that, I promise." He said leaning over to kiss her again.


"Alright kid we're going."

"Don't worry Mr. Winchester—tonight."

"Whatever you like Mrs. Winchester."

"Only 4 hours to go."

"Trust me, the clock is ticking."

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